Friday, November 27, 2009

Tagged by Michelle + late bday dinner

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These pics were taken last week but I was too lazy to resize and edit pics. Belated birthday dinner with my closest medschool buddies.
Fun night -- my favorite sushi + favorite people in medschool!
Get Laud multiway dress; Jacket: Archae0logy @ Powerplant; Australian Shoes; Rings: Junkfood and SM
Haha told them I want a full skirt shot so I kept twirling and twirling and I actually got dizzy and almost lost my balance because I was laughing. Passersby probably thought I'm some crazy girl haha
I love this jacket because the fabric is very unique. It looks like the fabric used by old people's pants. Kinda feels like a cousin of the wool/houndstooth fabric. Love the surprising blue piping detail.

With my friends Ninoy, Caps and Nsh (aka inukit na manika!)

The cutie Michelle from glisterandblisters tagged me to find 7 purple things in my room . At first I thought I wasn't going to complete the 7 things because I'm not really a purple person. (I think I only have 2 purple pieces of clothing) After looking a little harder, I actually found 8. yey! Thank you Michelle for this fun tag! Go check out her blog and drool over her yummy bags and other accessories!=)
Dress from my friend's bazaar.
Love the tie-dye/feathery-ish print of the dress!

Wanted to show you what's inside my Histopath book.
The print would look great on a dress right?

I want to tag Leah, Denise, Hanh, Giovanna, Mike, Qin, Raisa to find 7 RED things inside their room or house. (I used to have a red phase highschool/early college days) Hope you'll have fun doing the tag!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!
Hope you have a good one..
Thank you for continuously reading and stopping by my blog.=)
Hope my blog brings a smile in your face somehow.

and oh, for those in the US: Have you joined my Perricone MD Cold Plasma giveaway?
Check out my previous post if you haven't yet.


  1. Hi Mads! You have a purple jumping rope? Hahaha!

    Love your dress! Where is this sushi place?

    I've been tagged with the 7 things before and the tag is red also. I wasn't able to do it yet kasi wala naman ako masyado red things around me. Now that nakatayo na Xmas tree ko at mga decors dito, ayan magagawa ko na yung tag.

  2. Hey lady! You look so pretty in that dress! Fun tag! I actually am not sure if I have 7 purple items in my room either.

    Hope you're doing well!

    xo, Becs

  3. love your photos. Sure looks fun. I miss my friends tuloy.

    sige ill do the red thing. hihihi.

    have a great day!.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  4. that sandals is adorable. you look so happy in the pics. thanks for sharing your purples with us.

  5. nice dress, super nice dress !!mind exchange link ? ive linked you :D anyway i need your help on my blog , thanks !

  6. ohh yesh that thing from ur study book would look great as a print on a dress ! plus its purple too :D

    i love those caution pictures . the jacket is awesome !
    and the sushi got me drooling :)

  7. i love the first pic!!! victim ka ba jan? or suspect? lmao. ^^

    gosh! i wanna do the tag thing pero vaket pula? huhuhu. manghahalungkat muna ako...

  8. Who says fashion and medicine can't go hand in hand? :D pretty interesting stuff. ;)

  9. The purple dress looks so pretty, lets see what it looks like on!

  10. Beautiful purple things you have as well!! I love love your dress very much!

    And the dress you wore with that blazer is really beautiful:)

  11. Mads Gurl,

    Love the first pic!~ hehehe very editorial! :D

    And I love sushi too! The salmon sushi looks so delicious! Yummie


  12. Hey hey mads,

    Thanks for the TAG! I'm working on it. I thought I have a lot of RED stuffs to share, turns out I don't. Ugh! still diggin the closet.

    And oh, I must say I love the dress too much! It looks like a bustier on the top part, and the bottom part is playful. <3 lastly, the purple dress is LOVE. I smell some tie dye DIY! I'm currently diggin the trend!


  13. Mads, I have teenage boys already. Hahaha! Palagi ko claim, I got pregnant when I was 13 para if they count the years, di mabilang ang real age ko.

    We have to check out Red Kimono. My boys and I love sushi to death.

  14. Great shots! you look amazing in that dress!!!!
    and I loooooove sushi too!!!!


  15. i love your dress girl, very elegant ;)

  16. Cute pics! love the sushi! and that print would be fun haha gotta love anatomy!

  17. thanks for your comments dear :D

  18. lol the first picture is really funny love it !

  19. Love that jacket- looks nice and cozy! Fun photos- that sushi is making me hungryyy! xo, mel

  20. Hi Mad,
    your pics are so cute!!love your jacket too!and your purple dress ;-)

    The tag is fun. I will do it. Thank you, sweetie!

  21. fun photos! the late dinner date with friends sounds fun. and that twirly dress looks really great esp paired with that jacket. and i love love your shoes here!

    i just ate Japanese a while ago! but im still craving for salmon sushi, ha! :)

  22. mads- the gray and blue jacket is just too cute!!

    huh! saw the photo of pancit and adobo?
    makes me hungry! now, i;m screaming for food early this morning!

  23. Amazing pictures! I really like your shoes, too. x

  24. I want your shoes & I am craving for sushi :D

  25. Love the dress and especially the shoes ... <33
    The color of the eyeliner is awesome !! (:



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