Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bandage Dress from SM dept. store (!?!)

So cute!

Wore this bandage dress on my graduation yesterday. The bandage dress is probably one of my favorite trends recently and I don't mind trying it especially if the dress is so cheap..=) I bought this dress in SM department store for 1,100 pesos ($25). I was surprised that SM had these kind of designs.. I was so giddy after accidentally discovering this dress!! "We've got it all for you!" indeed!! (For non-Manila readers: That is the SM's jingle hehe)

After graduation, the whole family + BF ate dinner. I was so full it was showing in the dress!!

Note to self: Bandage dress + Buffet = not a good idea haha!!=P

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My GradBall Gown

Please ignore the severe looking hair color!! I'll have it repaired in a few months haha..
Oh, whatevs it's just HURR..

This is the gown I was talking about in other posts.. I think it turned out nice.. You know where I got the inspiration right? I almost panicked because I went to the seamstress last Friday and the gown didn't have any beads or those criss cross things yet!! But good thing it was finished on time.. My gradball was Monday and I had the gown picked up at 2pm on the same day! Buzzer beater!!

Our graduation ball had an awards night/red carpet theme. They were giving out awards like future secretary of health, future doctor to the barrio, loveteam of the year, nottie to hottie among others.. And I won Fashionista award!!=)

(with the coolest people in Medschool=P)
After the program we wanted to go to Luneta (uhmmm, how do I describe it.. a national park? a park with Jose Rizal's statue? haha) and take pictures.. trip lang! The 2 BFs don't approve of the idea but 3 camwhores vs 2 camera shy.. Majority wins! But there were no parking spaces nearby so we ended up in Manila Bay area.. Camwhoring is always fun!

After camwhoring in Manila Bay, my friend Maneesh wanted to drink again (because the open bar had diluted shots!).. So off we went to a diner in Makati Avenue in our gowns!! Drank and talked about our favorite childhood games. So fun! Went home at 530 am..
My graduation is today!! Yey for me! haha..
Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Bryanboy dress + Gradball jitters!

BB picture:

I styled the boy. Who says you can't wear a printed tie with a pinstriped suit?
It blends so well, IMO
(People are People dress; Celine shoes; Vintage Nina Ricci bag)

I bought that jacket/dress last July 2008. As usual, when I went home I went online to check out my favorite blogs and to my surprise Bryanboy was also wearing that dress! I was so delighted I blogged about it in my old multiply blog hehe..=P Yesterday, the boy and I went to the mall to look for a tie and afterwards I had eyelash extensions. Ahhh gradball preparations are killing me! I made a list because there's just so much to do. I'm nervous about my dress because although I saw it on the fitting day there weren't beads yet at that time..

Stop by my blog soon, I''ll be doing a post about my gradball gown in the next few days..=)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Collage Love

Night of tong-its (card game) and strawberry kool-aid gin concoctions..
We were gambling with a 15 peso pot haha..=) I won 63 pesos yey!!
so fun the night ended at 5am..

The view near the cliff was breathtaking. I wish that balcony was mine.
My friends went cliff jumping, too bad I can't join because I don't know how to swim!

Playing with the self-timer while waiting for my friend to wake up..

I recently learned how to make collage pictures (yeah, I made that banner myself=p) and I am getting collage crazy!! These pictures are from an impromptu overnight beach trip the other day with my med school friends. It was so fun we were like little kids!You wouldn't understand a thing because we were always screaming and laughing..=P Stupid me I forgot to bring the battery charger and when we were about to go to the beach the following morning the camera decided to die on me..=(

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poor Girl's Balmain

Ooops!! Good thing I knowhow to edit a little.. haha
(Thrifted Blazer;Topshop Tank; Bayo tights; Centropel suede ankle boots; Forever 21 sunglasses)

This blazer is inspired by Balmain (again). I LOOOVVEEE Balmain!! Bought this blazer last year in the Summer Capital/Thrifting capital of the Philippines --Baguio City for 50 pesos ($1). Yes for a dollar!! Initially this was a blouse but I had it reworked into a blazer.

Which look do you like more the one with the tights or bare legs? I personally like the one with tights because my legs look uugggss plus the tights adds drama to the outfit but the bare look is more suitable in Manila's tropical weather.

Styled and produced by: Me
Photographed by: Rosemarie our househelp (Yey for her!!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cubao X: See/Eat/Buy

As promised..=) My sisters and I are not photographers so please bear with the quality of pics..=) I do not know how to put a cut so this will be a long but interesting post.. Keep on scrolling!!=)

Art galleries/Vintage Shops/Amazing window displays

Authentic Italian food at Bellini's /Drink Coffee at Halo Cafe

I believe almost everything they put on display are for sale here..
All the pictures below plus lovely vintage chandeliers/vintage clothes/pictures of Filipino actors and actresses from the 50's to the 80's/paintings and all vintage appliances imaginable!=)

And yes, the horse is for sale too!!

I asked them if they had Sweet Valley pocketbooks. I was only testing them and didn't expect them to be familiar with it. After a few minutes the sales girl showed me these SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! I wish they had SV Kids and Twins though because I never got to read High or University.. I wanted to buy SVK and SVT wherein the stories were more about Lila or Jessica (Team Unicorns!!) but they had none..=(


(Gray and White wooden necklace; Ethnic bangle; Leopard print plastic bangle;
(My sister's tiger print cuff and earrings)
My sister's purchase:
(photography book featuring Local celebrities and models; very glamorous 70's picture book;
the other book is filled with amazing black and white photos)
An "authentic" Beatles "Tape" made in the 60's (?)
We are a big Beatles fan so we bought it!! Haha silly scotch tape!!

My sister's LPs
I want to make a photo wall with these LPs!! Got them for 30 pesos each (less than $1)

Amazing graphics plus the girl in black with red nails is very fasyon no?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nonito Donaire is the sh*t + failed attempt at sporty dressing

Did you watch how Nonito Donaire box the life out of Martinez? Ok, I'm exaggerating but Martinez got hit HARD!! It was my first time to watch a live boxing match and I super enjoyed it.. Plus both Brian Villoria and Nonito Donaire won!! Yey! Times like these makes me more proud of being Filipino..=)

I'm so glad my dad borrowed my boxing gloves a few months ago (YES THE PINK ONE I posted earlier here!! haha) because he saw Donaire at the boxing gym and yey for me I have a signed Donaire gloves..

(Bayo vest, Forever 21 tank, bayo pants, Crossings heels, Louis Vuitton bag)

Earlier that day I wanted to wear something sporty.. Not hardcore sporty but just some sporty inspired outfit but I didn't manage to find anything in my closet so I settled with a jersey tank and a colorful vest with Red and Blue.. I have always associated Red and blue with boxing because those are the most common color of shorts and gloves I see.. =)

After the match, my whole family went to eat at a Japanese Restaurant named Sachi located around Araneta Coliseum.. If you're from Manila try it they have the BEST SALMON SASHIMI!!! Then my siblings and I went to Cubao X (formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo).. Cubao X is an old street with thrift stores, Italian restaurant, shoe store, art gallery, dance studio, sari-sari store (smally grocery store) etc..

I will do a post about Cubao X tomorrow because that place is like a chaotic treasure chest, so much to discover. I am not kidding.. I will post lots of pics tomorrow plus our random shopping loot..