Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it.

Note to self: Get my roots retouched and never leave the house without concealer.=P
Blazer: Plains & Prints; Forever 21 shirt; Flats: Charles and Keith; Bag: SM; My old trusty DIY chain necklace
It's December and I can feel the Christmas breeze! Time to whip out the blazers yey! I've always loved the blazer + shorts look but
I get really cold easily. Times like these I wish I wasn't such a "ginawin" person. Is it just me or is it colder this year than the last no?

this is my school shoes that I also wear elsewhere because it's so cute! it is patent and has GIANT ribbons and crystals.

Hallooooooooo!! What are you guys up to lately? I just finished watching Ninja Assassin with my medschool friends Dharn and Maneesh. Awesome movie. For someone who has seen lots of gory stuff in the ER, I still find it a tad gruesome for my taste. Actually thought it was a Quentin Tarantino movie because of all the blood. But all in all, I liked the movie a lot. LOL we were so noisy in the movie house because my friend, Dharn is SUPER SUPER in love with Rain! We kept on commenting about how great Rain's body was everytime Rain's topless and that is like 80% of the movie.

I hope they incorporated a dance number somewhere in the storyline haha.=P

Best comment of the night:
"Ano ba yan andilim dilim naman ng palabas na to!" "Syempre ninja nga e!"


  1. Hi Mads! Ang saya nga na we can wear jackets and blazers now. I was so excited about the climate change that I moved my jackets from storage back to the closet. You look so cool in your outfit.

  2. I love the necklace! It looks really great so I have to start searching your blog to see if you have more posts with it, and how you made it, LOL!

    (PS: You have a Blogaward to "pick up" at my blog)

  3. cool outfit mads! black and gray is a prefect combination talaga.gusto ko blazer mo. :)

  4. you still look gorgeous love!

    take care!

  5. You look so pretty! I love the outfit, but especially the shoes, they are just so pretty!

  6. Love love the layering with your necklace !Gorgeous heels too as well:)

    ohhhh,I really starting to feel the Christmas spirit too now<3

  7. Mmmmh Actually your (mischievous) shoes (exquisitely/fetishistically) sound as such a "next to your feet" expression of your Girly Soul !!! AND this so wrongly nonchalant cocktail short/blazer as the epitome of "Urban CHIC" .
    Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. cool bag!

    thanks for your visit and lovely comment too :)

    xo niki

  9. cute outfit and love your necklace! xo, Mel

  10. wow! i like your outfit! you really have taste. your bag is so nice and your shoes... lovely! ahhh. kainggit!

    anyway, yup. i am interested to exlinks with you. please..

    thanks and have a wonderful sunday!

  11. this casual outfit's very flattering.

    Rain's really hot but i really prefer him being still and not moving his long limbs like that :P

  12. Love your bag! It is the perfect black bag.

  13. Loving that outfit! It's very glam in that tousled, undone kind of way. :-)

  14. that bag is from SM? looks expensive! love the A Wang feel of that slouchy bag. and your go to shoes look so comfortable plus the huge ribbons and sparkling crystals are so festive. perfect for holidays!

    i too love LOVE the cold weather. yehay to blazers, to jackets, to swackets, to furs, to layers etc. etc.! :)

  15. You look so cute, so simple yet still so chic. You seem to always have fun.

  16. You are adorable! I lovee those shoes! Where did you get them from?



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