Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Manny Pacquiao Sunday!

Today is a happy day for us Filipinos. Manny Pacquiao made us proud again! Woot woot! I told you he's gonna box the hell out of Cotto, whom I kinda have a little crush on, BTW..=) He's kinda cute no? Watched the fight live at the cinemas then camwhored afterwards.=) The sister and I decided it's the perfect time to wear our "WHERE I'M FROM, EVERYONE'S A HERO SHIRT" I ordered a month ago.

LSS song for today: "PILIPINO, PILIPINO, PILIPINO ANG LAHI KO!!" Manny's song was played non-stop near the ticket booths.
My normally dry hair decided to be extra dry today. Uugghhhhh.
Plus it was unusually windy today. weird.

Puffed sleeves jacket: Space; Shorts from a bazaar; Flats: Primadonna; Bag: LV;
Sunglasses: Topshop; Rings: SM department store
Same shirt but the sister and I did a different styling on the shirt. Being the nonT-shirt girl that I am, I paired it with my old super puffed jacket to glam it up a little. Sister wore it over a floral dress paired with her cute Cobra Starship bag.=) Floral dress from a bazaar; Shoes from YRYS; Bag from Hot Topic;my sunglasses

My favorite Manny Pacquiao video. Listen carefully at 0:12. Clito-what?!??!? hahahaha

Check out What's in my bag JINKEE PACQUIAO version. I like that she opted for a Kelly instead of the easy choice Birkin. So happy for her that she's living the life. Some people are giving her flak for having nice things. But seriously if you have millions of DOLLARS (not pesos) wouldn't you buy these things too? She deserves it imagine having mini-heart attacks because your husband's life is always in danger every single fight. Plus, she stuck with Pacquiao even in his poor days..

Heck if I were Jinkee, I would wear Balmain to get groceries, Chanel haute couture to hear mass, Christian Lacroix to watch movies, Missoni caftans as "duster"/house clothes and hire Kate Lanphear and Liz Uy as my stylists.

She has 200,000 pesos ($4,000) cash inside her bag, antaray diba?! Since you moved up to Hermes, please give me na lang your old Chanel bags!!=P


  1. Hey darling, you are super cute....

    hows your weekend??

    v al

  2. great outfit pretty lady. You have gorgeous eyes and skin.

    you know what shame on all filipinos who picks on manny and jinkee. Pinaghirapan nila yan. So they deserve to enjoy everything na meron sila.

    Pacman is a very nice man. I like him for being humble, happy and he's enjoying his moment. Good for them. I really just wish na mag go away yung mga taong dikit ng dikit sa kanya. like yuk! nakiki-ride ever.

    he's not mayabang at all. those talangka should just please shut up. Inggit lang sila.

    anyway i love cotto. He's a good fighter. Si husband nga sabi nya magkamukha daw sila ni cotto. wow! gandara! hehehehe.

    after the fight, since nasa mall na kami we went shopping. Pacman is good for the economy.

    this is a happy day!

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  3. ps,


    that is one pussy gloves. knocked cotto out.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  4. great pictures!!You and your sister are beautiful!!

  5. Me too... give me some of the old bags Jinkee.

    Love your tshirt...very apt at the moment.

  6. Hello there, sweetie! I really like your blog! :) I hope you wouldn't mind if I put a link of it in mine. :))

  7. Love your rings and sunglasses.
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  8. Mads!! Gurll!! I love your t-shirt "WHERE I'M FROM, EVERYONE'S A HERO SHIRT"!

    hehehe I am still around!


  9. According to the bag hag, Jinkee was spotted with a new Birkin at last night's fight. I'd rather see Manny spending all his winnings on her than on politics!!

    I like the shirt. I want one to wear for the Mayweather fight next!! =)

  10. Your bandwith has expired on your photobucket account =(

  11. thanks for the visit! n yup i'll love to exchange links :) i've added u to my blogroll!

    hmm but i CAN'T see your photos! it says that your bandwidth with photobucket has exceeded....

  12. Hey hun! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I really appreciate it as I barely EVER get comments like yours :) Loving your blog, couldn't help but follow you as I was blog hopping! Hope you keep visiting my blog in the future, as I will yours! Xoxo

  13. I adore your rings! So pretty.

  14. thank you for your comment
    you sweet thing =)
    but i cant see your outfit=(


  15. kaloka is the new manny scandal! basta team jinkee ako! haha.

  16. Hi, Mads!

    Can't see na your shirt. Anyway, sistah naloka ako sa laman ng Kelly ni Jinkee, yung Patek niya at yung diamonds. They're good investment naman talaga, hwag lang manakaw. Juice ko po!

    Have a rad weekend!

    PS: Sure, you can call me Ate. ;)

  17. Hey mads,
    I just saw this post. Oh well, I visit your blog like everyday. anyways, we have similar glasses, mine's from MNG though but very very similar. I thought we were the same nga.
    Oh Gosh,jinky pacquiao could get whatever she wishes for (i guess)




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