Monday, September 28, 2009


I read somewhere that Hurricane Katrina dumped 1 inch of rain in 3 hrs & another 0.5 inch per hr over next 5 hrs while Typhoon Ondoy dumped average of 2.24 inches per hr for 1st 6 hrs. There are still a lot of places here that have waters up to the roof of their houses..=( In other places, dead bodies are seen hanging from trees, riverside and streets..

Taken last Saturday at the back of our hospital/school.
The wall divides the river and the parking lot..
The wall collapsed.. Fortunately, nobody got hurt.
This is the parking lot which turned into a swimming pool. Good thing I was running late that day the slots at the back were full so parked my car in front. The front part didn't get too flooded.
Our library got flooded too!
My friend Macoy after walking/swimming in the flood waters because his car was in the parking lot.. Look at his pants they're actually white..
Taken from my sister's facebook.. This is the underpass going to Quiapo, Manila. The water must've been around 15-20 feet high!
At another hospital/medschool in Manila.

Donate to the Red Cross Rescue and Relief Operations. Send RED (space) (amount) to 2899 (Globe) and 4483 (SMART)

NDCC Emergency Numbers: 912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061. Help hotlines: 734-2118, 734-2120.

MARIKINA RESCUE: 6462436 Boats now available. Pls contact Nor Domingo/ La Salle Greenhills 0920 907 290

Drop off areas:
Luca Store (Eastwood, Shangrila, Rockwell)
Victory Taguig
DLSU Dasmarinas Cavite
La Salle Greenhills

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya is also accepting pledges and donations for relief goods but I don't have their number, please google them na lang..

They'll be needing:
1. Water
2. Canned food
3. Instant noodles
4. Diapers
5. toiletries
6. used clothes
7. Rice
8. Infant formula
9. Batteries
10. Flashlight
11. Bedsheet/blanket
12. Slippers
13. Medicine
14. Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

Good thing Filipinos are united and are helping one another. Even Gerald Anderson (a super super famous young celebrity) went out of his way and swam the flooded waters to help his neighbors.. I love you more now Gerald!! Ang bait bait mo naman..=) (You are so kind) sincerely wish you more success in your showbiz career because you really have a good heart..=)
On the other end of the spectrum, there's this ONE FILIPINO named Jacqueline Bermejo living/working in Dubai who wrote this in her shoutout in facebook:

Jacqueline Bermejo you are one heartless bitch! I don't want to wish you ill because if I do then I'm just like you. But I really hope this won't happen to your family.. Bahala na si Lord sayo.. ANG KAPAL NG FEZ MO GRABE!! (You really have no shame). I feel sorry for your parents.. After people saw this shoutout they bombarded her Multiply account with angry comments and in 2 hours 6000 comments were made all angry and disgusted at her.. Instead of just thanking the Lord for blessing you, you come up with these crazy selfish shoutouts!

I kinda felt guilty because I realized -- OMG here I am worried about my car not getting submerged in the flood (it didn't) and my laptop not getting wet (only the charger got wet) when I turned on the TV other people are fighting dehydration and hypothermia on top of the roof of their houses and some lost their loved ones. I didn't realize that the floods were that bad in other areas. Yes, I can be materialistic at times but I learned to count my blessings.

I said a silent prayer of thanks because my family was safe back home and our house did not get flooded.. Let us pray for those who died and those who are still missing.

***I realized my pictures didn't quite capture the real situation. Instead, please check out Leah's blog for more pictures..***

Friday, September 25, 2009

Like father like son

Sean, can I have your jacket? And your dad's and uncles' too?
Yoko's style is so different from when she was younger no?
She looks very elegant but I miss her eclectic dressing and her crazy hair..=)
Whatever happened to him and Irina Lazareanu? They were together before, right?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Every week I'll be doing a DIY project (or should I say TIY - Tweak it yourself) using the good ol' classic white tank. I'll only try to do designs that are simple, easy to finish (30 minutes maximum) and those that require minimal sewing or none at all..=)

Materials: white tank, applique-y fabric or any fabric with texture, safety pin or needles.
Total DIY time: 15 minutes
I saw this fabric glue in the mall and got so giddy because it promised to glue fabrics together, yes, even leather! No sewing for me yay! But to my disappointment, the glue was so watery and is not sticky at all.. It just left a yellow stain on the cotton, uuugghhh such a waste of my 160 pesos ($4)!

So I went back to my most trusted SAFETY PINS!! Cheap (piso lang isa/$1 for 50 pieces) and it did the job very well. I just aligned the flower fabric on each side then pinned it on the tank..

Love the fact that it looks like a suspender -- a very girly suspender!
Tell me what you think, ok?=)

I bought men's sando (undergarment) from Bench which only costs 139.75 (less than $4)!=)
The roses applique fabric is from Carolina's. Skirt from SM department store.
Chanel earrings.
I decided to put on make-up today since I don't often wear make-up in the hospital (only cheekstain and occasional eyeliner).
These are the products I used today.Quite a lot but it didn't show haha..
I'm in my apartment during the weekdays so I don't have anyone to take pictures of me. It was hard finding a spot to take pictures in my apartment as I don't know where to position the camera, it's either too low or too high.. In the end, I found my spot: I stood on top of the table and put my camera on top of the my closet nearby. With the help of my medbooks as the makeshift tripod..=P
haha but only halfbody shots..


PS. ICU rotation is over!=) current rotation is pretty relaxed compared to the ICU..=)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wee Bit MIA

Excuse me for being MIA these days..
It's been a week since I've last posted.. I'm currently rotating in the ICU/CCU in the hospital and it's draining the energy out of me.. It's physically and emotionally tiring, but I'm not complaining though.. I go on 36 hours of duty and I only have 1-2 hours of sleep on a lucky night.. When I get home all I want to do is sleep sleep sleep! In a few days, I'll be done with the ICU/CCU rotation and I'll have more free time again..

I made a random to do list for when I have more free time:
  • watch Gossip Girl season 3!!! Chuck Bass mi love..=)
  • watch the Beautiful Life series (looks promising no?)
  • DIY! DIY! DIY! Watch out I have an upcoming DIY FOR THE LAZY!hehe=)
  • mini shopping with my friend Maneesh
  • get my roots retouched
  • organize my make-up kit (which I don't use nowadays)
  • do more outfit posts
  • study a little (ok not a little, study more!)
  • eat frozen yogurt!
And oh, for those in Manila: Have you watched In My Life (Filipino movie) already? Me likey! Ang ganda!! John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano make such a cute couple.. Very convincing!! Go watch it if you haven't.

Hope you're all having a great day!
will resume to regular programming in a few days hehe=P

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drape me

Dress and cardigan: Landmark; Leopard cuff: Cubao X; Shoes: Renegade Folk; Bag: Mango; Earrings: borrowed from my mother

Photos top to bottom: mykromag, stylefrizz; livejournal; wordpress

Current inspirations: Rad Hourani and 2NE1 hair.=)

We are having K-Pop fever in the house.. The siblings and I are always playing "I don't care" and "Fire" by 2NE1.. Haha, talking about last song syndrome!

Fact about my hair: I can tie my hair using my own hair.. And since my roots are needing a retouch badly, I've been wearing it in a bun lately..

Can you believe that the clothes I'm wearing are from Landmark? Yes they have drape-y goodness at Landmark! And the bag is from the boyf. He struck me a sweet deal: I treat him dinner, he buys me the Mango bag I want.. How I can I refuse? haha..=)

And oh, I'm on twitter.. Just wanted to see what the fuss is about and because I'm chismosa like dut..(I love gossip haha) Really happy that I did because of all the blow-by-blow tweets about NY fashion week..

Follow me on twitter! or be-friend me on Chictopia.=)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teleport me to New York please!!

While checking my blogger reading list, I noticed that everyone is in NY or is planning to go to NY for Fashion week.. SO LUCKY!! Uugghhh I'm so jealous, I seriously wish I wake up tomorrow in Chuck Bass' hotel.. I've been to NY once but it was a one day very tourist-y trip (think Statue of Liberty and I love NY shirts..) I didn't even get to see Times Square at night..

Hmmm but reality check: this whole medical internship is my priority in life.. I hope I pass the Philippine medical licensure in August thenI'll take a short trip to Japan (my parents said yes about Japan!) then head to NY while revewing for the US Medical Licensure exam..

The MAGIC of blogging, I'm in the hospital most of the day but when I go home and turn on my laptop I'm instantly transported to NY! I'm so glad that I get to witness fashion week through Dream Sequin's, Lynn's, Nini's, Rumi's and Karla's blog..

Lynn and Nini, I'm NY-ing vicariously through you.. Take lots of pictures and have lots of fun!

And because I'm having this NY fever just want to share this lovely trailer:
NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU Movie Trailer..

It's so beautiful and the cast is aahhhhhgggggg!!! Ethan Hawke mi love (I have had a crush on him ever since I watched Great Expectations and Reality Bites).. The beautiful Maggie Q.. The super talented Natalie Portman.. Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Andy Garcia, Shia le Bouf, Orlando Bloom, Adriana from the Sopranos among others..

The movie is showing on October 16, 2009 in the US.. I hope they show it here in Manila too!!
Maneesh, ANG GANDA!
let's watch ha, that's gonna be you in 2 years!! Yey!
Nsh in NY!=P

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nude and Knotty

Skirt worn as a dress: SM dept store; Necklace: Robinson's dept store; Platforms: Possibility at the Ramp; Sunglasses: People are people

the hotel where we stayed at

  • Other Guam pics I found in the other camera..=)
  • Remember my magic skirt post? Well this is her twin sister.. I wore the skirt as a dress this time.. I got it from the unbelievable SM department store again hehe..=P
  • The knotted necklace is another great find, this time it's from Robinson's department store for 150 pesos! ($3).. I love how these dept stores are stepping up their fashion game! Good job. *clap clap*
  • I'm having picnik fever as evidenced by the heavy editing in my scenery shots haha..
  • Editing pictures on picnik relaxes me so much. You must try it, so addicting and fun!
  • I wish I have more outfit pics with natural sunlight. Must find a location in the house soon.
  • And oh, I love my new platforms! The brother and I walked a distance of around $30 worth of cabfare and I was still alive and camwhoring haha..=) Pinched a little but considering the distance, I am thoroughly impressed..
The results of my last mini poll is:
Team Carine + Julia = 16 votes
Team Anna + Bee = 2 votes
Both = 1 vote
Team Carolina Hererra = 1 vote
(Ok it's not in the choices but yeah Carolina H is fab too!)
So yey!=)

Manila readers, hope you're enjoying our sudden holiday today..=)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TEAM Carine+Julia all the way (julia and carine's on top)
How cool is this pic?!

Some of the many reason why I love Carine & Julia:
  • they can look oh-so-painfully-hip in pictures but you will see other tender and very normal mom and daughter moments of them too.. They always seem to have fun together!
  • because I heart Carine's hair.. the bob is getting a little old already.
  • because Julia and Carine are such cool names.. The name Bee reminds me of Jollibee, a local mascot for a fastfood chain here in Manila. (Only the name though, not the face..=P)
  • because French Vogue's editorials are a million times chicer and edgier than US Vogue.
  • because Julia's shoe collection rocks! Not to mention her super chic apartment in New York.
So tell me, are you TEAM Carine+Julia or TEAM Anna+Bee?
Whichever you pick one thing is for sure:
Style is hereditary.
Both daughters have chicness (is there such word?hah.) running through their veins.

*Jollibee pic from