Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blame it on the a a a a a

Almost missed my exam yesterday because I went clubbing and went home at 5:30AM!
My patho exam was scheduled at 9:00AM that same day. I was planning not to sleep because my school/hospital is at least an 1 1/2 hour drive but I was too sleepy I woke up at 8:30 AM . I was SUPER in panic mode haha left home at 9AM.. It was a Saturday morning but traffic is getting worse in the South Luzon expressway.. Good thing my friend texted me that the exam wasn't starting yet... Exams started at 10:30 I arrived at 10:45 pwhheeeew!!
(Bleached tank: Trunkshow; Skirt: SM department store; Shoes; Boutique 9; Pearl earrings: Chanel)

I'm wearing my new favorite top-- the bleached tank! I tied the ends in the middle and made it a cropped top. The draped skirt is from SM department store.. (Oh yes, they sell draped satin skirts there now!!) The shoes I got from DSW bargain basement it was originally priced at $99.99 but was reduced to $29.99!! The heels are so high it is taller than my iphone!

I still don't regret I went out though, it was soooo FUN!!

Can I make kwento?
(Can I tell you a little story?)

I am super pissed off with the traffic situation in the South (C5 going to Bicutan area).. For the past 2 days I have been stuck in SUPER HEAVY traffic while going home.. Proof that the traffic is really bad:

1. when you see vendors selling all kinds of food and other stuff in an otherwise deadly highway.. Last Friday, there were 3 vendors then when I was going home again on Saturday there were already 8-10 vendors!

2. I actually studied inside the car. Not just browse ha, as in complete with highlighters and side notes! We were not moving..

3. I can actually take a picture of both of my feet! That is my school shoes BTW..
It has tulle pompoms!=)
Excuse my french =P

Oh, and thank you to Allie & Janelle for this award:
And Rain for this one:
Thanks guys you are the sweetest!=) So happy! I feel like a real blogger now..haha =P

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 DIY necklaces in 30 minutes!

Started out with these:

(DIY materials: from Carolina's; Ribbon from Calliope; Safety pins from a sari-sari store)

Ended up with these:
The leopard print ribbon is actually my pony tail holder, I just pinned it to the chain..
(Forever 21: gray tank and vest)
My Mix and Match DIY Necklaces.. I call them "The Pinned Collection". I don't know if they're actually 4 because they're kinda mix and match and some are parts of the chunkier necklace and some pieces can be worn on their own. Yes, I did it in 30 minutes because I only used safety pins to anchor and put the chains together. No scissors, pliers or hooks.. So fun, I felt so crafty last night!

And oh, remember the sneakpeek DIY necklace I posted before? I'm also done with it but I want to post it with decent outfit posts.. Not me looking silly with the selftimer in my cramped up apartment..=P

Thanks for all your greetings on my last post!!=)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

2 months + RIP My shady friend

My little blog turned 2 months yesterday!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog, added me to their blogroll and those who commented!
Thanks for welcoming me into this stylish blogosphere!!=)

You can check out my first post to know more about me..=)
Tiered top: Plains and Prints; Shorts from a bazaar; shoes: DSW; Ring: Junkfood; Sunglasses: Folded & Hung

My siblings/pig-out partners!!
Today, we ate at our favorite pasta place Cibo!!
We always order the same thing haha!!! Everytime.

The other day my sunglasses leapt to its own death and as much as I want to bring him back to life it's just not possible anymore.. I'm kinda sad because I know it's such a cheap sunglasses ($5.99) but I LOOOVED the design so much!!=( Plus it reminds me of Downtown SF, my favorite place next to Manila.. =( So this will be his last photo-op..

Goodbye my camwhore buddy for 3 months! The billiard table and I are going to miss you..=P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tired but happy

Yesterday, the health center where I'm currently rotating sent me to an "Operation: Tule" (Tule = circumcision) Wikipedia describes it as the removal of some or all of theforeskin (prepuce) from the penis .. Yes, we performed circumcision on little boys and not-so-little boys(?!?!) yesterday. It was fun I was able to finish 6 but it was SOOOO TIRING! The procedure itself is easy and fast (15-20 min and you're done) but the place where it was held was so hot.. No aircon, we were sharing electric fans and the windows were slightly closed because all the other kids were peeping inside so the heat practically drained the life out of me!

It was tiring but super fun and those kids are hilarious.. Special mention to the gay kiddies haha when a gay kid comes out after the circumcision, the crowd waiting outside claps and shouts "Yehey dalaga na siya!!" (Yey, you're a LADY now!!)

My friend and I went to the mall to watch a movie that night and I almost cancelled because I was too tired.. Good thing I didn't because I came home with these lovelies!! Talkin' bout some retail therapy..=)

A few additions to my ring collection..=) The last one is my favorite..
(All rings: Junkfood)

Love the tank very DIY-chic haha!! Plus it reminds me of those bleached Balmain pants so yey! No outfit post because I'm here in my apartment and I didn't even bring decent looking jeans.. Outfit post when I get home..=)

P.S. Does anyone know how to fix the post's time and date? My posts are 1 day late haha.. It's already Thursday here but my post says Wednesday..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Edward Cullen shirt + Sexy red

Shirt:Forever 21; Shorts:from a bazaar; Shoes:B club; Bag :Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses: Forever 21

Black bracelet: Calliope; Crystal bracelet: AccessorizeI bought this men's shirt from Forever 21 (from the Heritage 1981 line) for my BF. I call it the Edward Cullen shirt because it reminds me of the gray shirt he wore in the movie! (I'm a big twilight fan..=P) When the boy tried it on it was too plunging for him so he gave it back and yey it fits me fine!=) Love the shirt it is so soft! The shoes are an impulse buy. I went to the mall a few days ago to buy groceries and I ended up with these babies!! haha=P

In other news, 2 of my closest friends in medschool are throwing a housewarming party today for their new apartment. I'll be going later, so excited!=)

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Put a Ring on it

Cleaned my room today and found my missing rings and other accessories.. Here are a few of my favorite rings. Love them because they have so much character in them just like people!

Last night my imagination went wild and decided to concoct a silly story..

Meet Leon and Ms. Queen Bee. Ms. Queen Bee is high maintenance and very fussy but sweet most of the time. They are getting married today! Leon is wearing an all black suit by Dior and Ms. Queen Bee is rocking a Vera Wang gown..
This is Skully.. The two are best buddies since gradeschool. Leon is the serious type he would always do Skully's homework and Skully is the class clown.

Ms. Queen Bee threw a hissy fit because Leon invited her sexy ex-girlfriend (she is wearing a Dolce and Gabbana leopard dress) and the wedding was almost cancelled! Here they are with Ms. Queen Bee's mother wearing her vintage table cloth hahaha.. In the end everything worked out and they lived happily ever after.=)

Lion ring - Freeway; Plastic skull ring bought at a sari-sari store near the hospital where I used to rotate; Wooden floral ring - Accessorize; white enamel ring with rhinestones - Tomato; leopard ring and Black enamel ring - Forever 21; diamond ring from the BF
Peace out! I hope you liked my story..=P
Will do a post about storing these babies soon.. I found a cheap but useful way to store them!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Black or White?

Rummaged through my closet for something to wear for our dinner and found these 2 dresses I bought last year. Which do you like more? I wanted to wear the white one because it looks fresh and summery (although Manila weather is getting crazier everyday, there was a typhoon named "Emong" the other day) but the white was kinda see thru and I can't find something to wear underneath so I went with black!!

The only good thing about the crazy Manila weather: I get to wear hooded dresses in the middle of the "supposed to be" summer!

The dress has a zipper in the middle, 2 big pockets at the side and a humongous hood!!
Dress: Refill, Cuff from Archeology at Powerplant, Shoes: Monica Fig, Sunglasses: F21

**Sorry for not smiling! I realized I look grumpy/angry in the pics!!=P**
What's your pick? And why?

The boy and I, Beyonce concert and my birthday Nov '07
-quote by Salvador Dali from

Favorite Couples

Lovey-dovey post because the boy and I will be celebrating our 6th year tomorrow!=P

Johnny and Kate
2 beautiful creatures
Photo credit:
Chuck and Blair

I love how they fight and make-up then fight again plus they bring out the best and worst in each other.
Photo credit: chesca_xoxo
David and Victoria

Posh and Becks are sizzling hot!
I love her because eventhough she cares so much about her looks she doesn't forget about her mummy duties..
I read somewhere that some of her Birkin bags are surprise presents from David! Lucky girl..

Photo credit:

Beyonce and Jay-Z
You must watch this photo collage. They are very cute and I love how they match outfits! My favorites: Beyonce in the white dress with zipper detail, Jay-Z in his all white ensemble with a striped cardigan, B wearing an Obama shirt.. And the last picture so cute!!

Ego is my current favorite song. Thank you Kanye for rapping again! Please stay away from the synthesizers..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Fashion Police BF

I read fashionaddict's post (so interesting!!) a while ago about STRAIGHT guys having strong opinions about fashion and how we dress and I remembered the BF..

Usually he likes my outfits and compliments it most of the time.. I can not forget this outfit because he said it looked skanky!! Huh?? IT DOES NOT! He said that it looked like I forgot to wear pants.. The boy *never* tells me what not to wear but he kindly told me not to wear it again and I answered, "well sorry for you I have these in 2 more colors!!=P" And I have worn far more uhhmmm revealing outfits than this but I don't know what exactly about this dress that he did not like..

(dress: plains and prints; shoes: renegade folk; bag: Louis Vuitton)
After my sister's bday dinner, Aug '08

He finds the white button down skanky but does not think so about this one..=P

(Kate Torralba for Maldita dress; Centropel suede ankle booties)
My birthday, Nov'08
clubbing with my med friends .. I miss going out and dancing all night!=)

Oh, the boy is so weird sometimes.. i <3 him =)