Thursday, November 12, 2009

La Scala + Royce

Outfit first before my other blabbers.=P I like the odd silhouette of this dress, it's loose but is cinched on the leg area.
Actually reminds me of a garbage bag, a matte garbage bag. A chicer version, of course!

Trunkshow dress; Chanel earrings; Vintage Casio watch; Vintage bangle from a store in Serendra,
SM dept store booties; SM dept store ring

Birthday dinner with the boy last Saturday. I bet you are so sick of reading the word Birthday in my blog, no? I will be abusing the word throughout the whole month of November haha! Went to Greenbelt to look for my present from BF, I wanted this certain bib necklace but when we went to Firma they only got one and it's not what I wanted so I'll probably order it instead of buying it from the store. So we only looked around, since I don't really frequent this mall as much as I want to.

It's funny how my style has rubbed off on the boy. While looking at a wall full of men's sneakers, we reached out for the same blue sneakers. He turned to me and said, "OMG, I'm gay!" hahaha. Usually, we don't really agree on his sneaker and basketball shoe choices. He's all for simple and classic designs and I'm all for "statement! statement!".

Went to dinner at La Scala in Malate. I like this restaurant a lot because there are lots of eyecandy. The resto is owned by an avid collector of vintage everything. From old Coca-Cola memorabilias, old newspaper clippings, old records, old Starwars toys and other interesting stuff. Too bad there were no vintage Transformers, the boyfriend will surely go crazy if there were! Some random pics inside: Was about to take more (picture taking is allowed here) but this foreigner got paranoid and approached us, demanding us to delete her picture?!?! And we didn't even point at her direction! uuuggghhh so I ended up with only a few.
This is an interesting picture. I spy Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, C3Po, James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, Batman, Frankenstein, Roger Rabbit, Julia Robert's and Richard Gere's characters in Pretty Woman and ET. I swear I kinda am familiar with the others but I don't know their names. Care to identify more?

Fun night, since the place isn't packed we got to stay longer and reminisced about highschool memories! I realized we have been friends since the time Nokia 5110 was considered THE COOLEST cellphone LOL!
We didn't plan to match. It was purely coincidence. I bought him this Topman shirt a year ago. He doesn't like it that much because it is V-neck and looks blouse-y but he still wears it because it's from me.

Forget the main course, what I want to show you is my dessert!! Bought this at the Royce kiosk in Greenbelt and was resisting the urge to open it before dinner. Nyum nyum nyum I was munching this yummy chocolate potatochips in BF's car. Uuugghhh why did I post this pics now I'm suddenly craving for it in the middle of the night.

It is coated with chocolate on only one side. The salty + sweet combination is yummy!
Nama White Chocolate is my next buy. I cannot wait.


  1. Hi beautiful,
    how are you? sorry for lack of comments on your blog- I'm simply busy...
    Your black dress is fabulous.
    Love love your make-up, btw.


  2. Hi Mads! I'm so like you, I celebrate my birthday for one whole month. Hahaha! It's my one time to feel really bigtime.

    hey, I seriously love your dress. I have this obsession with things black and loose. Where did you get it?

    And that Royce potato chips is worth a try. I love chocolates and I love potato chips.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment girl !!

    Wowww,Happy Birthday 1st of all :D I love love your dress and its really so chic<3
    And I really love your hair,so stunning !

    And the Royce chco chips,I know its yummy !!! I miss that one,haven ate it in so long. I need to go grab mine now.

    Sure we could exchange links ! Added you to my blogroll <3

  4. i love your dress mads! you look so sexy in it. :D
    you and your boyfriend look good together! :D

  5. Wow! I like the picture of you with Bruce Lee's photo. It was so cute!

  6. first time to see your boyf. so cute you matched.

    Sm surely offers a lot of goodies now noh?

    am gonna check ou Sm soon.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  7. omg. royce chips? i die. di ko alam meron palang ganyan. alam ko na ano bibilhin ko pag xmas. mahal ba yan? haha.

    the dress is nice. ^^

  8. I love ur little dress, the zipper is so cool! :)


  9. I love your blog!
    Visit my new blog and, if you want, leave some comments! Thanks

  10. the two of you look so cute...say happy birthday to him hahahah!!!! November is birthday month yay!!!

    Take care always...looking at your dessert made me want to go to the nearest 7-eleven store to buy a chocolate bar...yum!


  11. Belated happy birthday, Mads!

    Your garbage dress looks chic and very useful too sa eat-all-you-can buffet kasi loose siya.:) You and the bf look good together.

    Sarap nung chips parang gusto ko tuloy kumain ng Lays tapos isawsaw sa choco syrup. O di ba, parang ganyan na rin yun. ;)

    Anyway, have a lovely night!

  12. im in love with the shape of ur dress !
    the stuff under the sleeve is awesome !

    and i've eaten those choco chips !
    love dem so much ! sadly, cant get them at Indo anywhere these days :(

  13. Yay, happy birthday!

    You two look great together and those chocolate potato chips look yummy. I've had chocolate covered mini pretzels before and I guess this is sort of the same thing!

    I'd be happy to exchange links :)

  14. you look so awesome girl
    that black dress looks good with those shoes with by the way i want hahah


  15. lol you reminded me of my best friend who starts talking about her bDay nonstop two months before it happens. hmm chocolate and chips ... i eat chips with hot sauce lol so ibet i could give this a try

  16. i lovee the shoes - so linking this blog - great job

  17. wonderful post. i gotta google for that nokia phone. i'm guessing it's the banana phone? i did like the design lots.

  18. OMG the chocolate covered potato chips looks amazing! I crave!

  19. super cute couple, i love how you match! also, loving your dress, not even close to a garbage bag, girl.

    xx raez

  20. Well hello fellow Scorpion :D. Happy belated b-day to you too!. What a coincidence. You look great hun. Hope you had a fun day.

  21. i followed you on ur twitter by the way .
    follow me back @glister_blister :D

  22. great photos, I like your accessories :)

  23. that part, OMG, I'm gay is funny. You make a handsome couple. Your dress is fabulously black and I have to try that choco potato chips

  24. News on daily-women, 2 new posts by O&M :
    An interview to a young girl who loves Chineese & Japan style, and a photo shoot by Olivia in Leopard dress :)

    come on and see us !
    have a nice day :) x.o.x.o


  25. darling happy belated birthday! see you have been celebrating in style,fabulous! Just celebrated mine.Adore the black dress,ohhh the chocolate dipped potato chips look yummy!

  26. I did not know that potato chips and chocolate go well together. But whatever that may taste, it does not matter. You have had a wonderful time girl.



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