Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's my birthday and I know I want to ri-i-iiideee

Pajama turned into Blazer: Surplus shop; Get Laud tube top worn as a skirt; SM department store booties
Would you believe me if I tell you that I got this blazer looking pajamas in Surplus shop? It came with a drawstring satin pajama bottom. It was priced at 399 pesos ($8) but when I was at the cash register there was still an additional markdown and I ended up paying 150 pesos ($3) for this animal print baby. I'm planning to put shoulder pads next time..=)
Blurred some parts of the pic because the pail looks icky haha

Ok, I'm not riding anything or anywhere. Last night sister and I tried to camwhore in the bathtub. The concept of our camwhoring session was "afterparty in the bathtub" we found an unopened bottle of red wine lying around the house and used it as props. Props because in reality there will be no drinking on my exact birthday and I drink like 5-6 times a YEAR, seriously! As I've told you in my older post, I'm duty today and yeah I spent/will be spending the whole day until tomorrow in the hospital.

*I was born at exactly 2:50 pm 25 years ago! This is the first time that I did not spend birthday with my family and boyfriend. Birthday was spent cleaning an old man's super super scraped knee because he got into a bicycle accident, wound dressing of an ingrown toenail, assisting in placing a cast on a patient's fractured arm (of course there had to be at least 1 motorcycle accident per duty) following up X-ray results, IV insertions, eating pizza for dinner, having fun with my co-interns. Not glamorous, but really fun and fascinating..

Tomorrow, after my duty, I will be picking out my present from the boy.. So excited! I hope it's still in the availabe in the store.

Bye for now, just squeezed in this post but I'm off to check the stations for new patients/admissions..=) So much work to do. Will check out your blogs as soon as I have time, ok?=)

ps. Globe Tattoo why do you have to be so incredibly SLOOOOOOWWWWWWW???


  1. Happy Birthday! Sorry your birthday is not that fun but you have more to go. You are much younger than I am. You got a good deal on the great looking animal print top. Is that the surplus shop in SM? I used to go there whenever I go to SM before. Miss it. Oh, and I have the same shower head, love it. I can extend it while playing in the shower haha.

  2. Happy Birthday...never thought that ur top is a pajama...Take care always...

    kisses xoxo


  3. love the pajamas-turned-blazer, and what a bargain! have a very happy bday!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! I love your shoes...

  5. Happy birthday Mads... I love this bathtub photos... very good editorial.

  6. Hi again Mads! Regarding your question about the blurry backgrounds: you can achieve that by using the biggest aperture of your lens. Hayaan mo one time, we can meet up and I can give you a simple tutorial. I'm back in Manila now, ang lapit lang natin kasi I live in the south too. (I guess you do kasi fave tambayan mo ang ATC.)

  7. love your jacket; what a good deal!

  8. Happy birthday babe! Looks like youre really enjoying your camera, love it!

  9. Happy birthday! Love the inventiveness with that blazer!


  10. hey mads,
    I loveee the leopard print blazer too much!! Went to the Surplus shop earlier, didn't find it though =(
    I love this whole look. WOW!!

    Btw, happy happy birthday, wishing you all the best in life. !!=)

    Take care and May God bless you


  11. I like the your creative shoot idea. Is that a blazer? Looks like a nice silk leopard print dress to me.

  12. i love these kinds of outfit where you turn sleepwear into a kickin' outfit . they look always ends up with a sexy vibe somehow . maybe bcos of the leopards and satin ?? :D

    love the peep toe boots too :D
    and the first pic is amazing ! the angle is purely awesome !

  13. eek happy late birthday! adding you to my links. :) love the bathtub shots XD

  14. Happy birthday dear Mads!!!!!
    amazing shots!


  15. Hey sweetie, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog :) I'd love to exchange links! let me know when you've linked me and I'll link you back asap!

    Loveeee that top - I would never have guessed it was a PJ top! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY x

    ♥ Hannah



  16. Hope you had a lovely birthday! LOVE the blazer :)

    Enter my fashion giveaway to win a custom made dress: :)


  17. whoa! happy birthday!. you must had a blast?
    that's a great looking animal print you had. not to mention, a good price ;)

  18. happy birthday to you! oh celebrating your birthday on duty is quite tiring. but im excited for you to see the boyf's present! tell us what you got ok? hehe :)

    and you and your sisters mini photo shoot in the tub is cute! sisters are the best! :) great silk pajama top and shoes!

  19. I like the prints of that blazer. Love it!

  20. cool shots!
    reminds me a lot of those editorials in those mags :)

    ps: i know its super late but still, happy belated birthday! hope ya had a good one too.

  21. love that blouse/dress. your makeup is always gorge

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