Sunday, March 22, 2009

First time jitters

Hello everyone!!

Been wanting to start my own blog but I have been busy and lazy but I finally did it.. Yey for me!! I just wanted to share my take on fashion in my side of the world -- Manila!

Little something about me..

1. I'm a medical student who LOOOOVES fashion and make-up.. (Hence, the title of my blog!) Since I will be graduating soon, I get to devote more time to my other loves like my shoes, clothes and bags.. More time to make my own accessories!!

2. Since I'm a junior intern at the hospital and always wearing our white uniform with flats I overcompensate and wear fabulous heels on the weekend! It keeps me sane from the busy and sometimes monotonous hospital life.. Just the mere thought of planning outfits excites me!!

3. I love taking pictures of myself in full fashion regalia using the self-timer mode and then afterwards I erase them (not anymore!) because I'm-Miss-all-dressed-up-and-nowhere-to-go!! (My guilty pleasure! haha)

4. I love to go thrifting! My favorite item of clothing is my Balmain-esque jacket/blazer that I got for 50 pesos! ($1!!)

5. If I I have to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would have to be SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this top for $12 at Forever 21! This is supposed to be lingerie but the lace detail is so dramatic I have to wear it to the club!

(top:f21//skirt: bayo//bag: topshop//)


Wearing one of my favorite shoes!
A blue fringe suede heels I bought from a bazaar..

such a waste to use this as sleepwear! right?

P.S. I will post clearer photos next time!=P

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