Friday, November 27, 2009

Tagged by Michelle + late bday dinner

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These pics were taken last week but I was too lazy to resize and edit pics. Belated birthday dinner with my closest medschool buddies.
Fun night -- my favorite sushi + favorite people in medschool!
Get Laud multiway dress; Jacket: Archae0logy @ Powerplant; Australian Shoes; Rings: Junkfood and SM
Haha told them I want a full skirt shot so I kept twirling and twirling and I actually got dizzy and almost lost my balance because I was laughing. Passersby probably thought I'm some crazy girl haha
I love this jacket because the fabric is very unique. It looks like the fabric used by old people's pants. Kinda feels like a cousin of the wool/houndstooth fabric. Love the surprising blue piping detail.

With my friends Ninoy, Caps and Nsh (aka inukit na manika!)

The cutie Michelle from glisterandblisters tagged me to find 7 purple things in my room . At first I thought I wasn't going to complete the 7 things because I'm not really a purple person. (I think I only have 2 purple pieces of clothing) After looking a little harder, I actually found 8. yey! Thank you Michelle for this fun tag! Go check out her blog and drool over her yummy bags and other accessories!=)
Dress from my friend's bazaar.
Love the tie-dye/feathery-ish print of the dress!

Wanted to show you what's inside my Histopath book.
The print would look great on a dress right?

I want to tag Leah, Denise, Hanh, Giovanna, Mike, Qin, Raisa to find 7 RED things inside their room or house. (I used to have a red phase highschool/early college days) Hope you'll have fun doing the tag!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!
Hope you have a good one..
Thank you for continuously reading and stopping by my blog.=)
Hope my blog brings a smile in your face somehow.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Perricone Discounts and Cold Plasma Giveaway!

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Just indicate in your comments if you did these already so I would write your name more than once..=) I wish I could join my own contest (but I can't haha) because I need this Cold Plasma more than anyone as I have humongous pores and oily T-zone plus during duties I only get to sleep 3-4 hours at most and I want some cream to help me achieve that glow despite the lack of sleep.

Your turn, tell me why do you need this Cold Plasma?

PS. Check out their Perricone discounts too! They have 81% discounts. SERIOUSLY.

Friday, November 20, 2009

At the sky lounge with my mahdurrrss

Ooops I forgot to tuck the long shirt inside my shorts haha
Forever 21 long shirt; Tomato lace skirt; Monica Fig platforms; Chanel earrings; Vintage Casio Watch
I like the design of this place a lot. Plus it's cold because it's located on the 31st floor rooftop.
And no, we didn't plan to match.. We laughed when we saw each other clad in gray tops.
Jacqui Babooshki!!

Last night I went out with my oldest girlfriends for dinner and cocktails. We have been friends since 6th grade and we saw each other in our "nene" (little girls)/awkward phase. My friend Jacqui is leaving for Singapore for work so we had a going away get together. So much fun, gossiping all night about Manny Pacquiao and her rumored girlfriend Krista Ranillo and other local showbiz gossip. It all started when she saw my shoes and I told her that I liked how it looked like it's bordering on hooker heels but still classy and then she blurted, "yeah like a baby prostitute!! "Si Krista Ranillo ka na!" hahahhaha.. We're all TEAM JINKEE by the way.

It was a fun night, we drank on the 31st floor of Vivere Suites and they had a promo: Unlimited cocktails for only 350 pesos ($7)! So we drank and camwhored like crazy! I like the place so much, I plan to hang out there more often..=P We planned to have a sleepover at my friend's house and have an early breakfast, but when we got home at 3Am we were so hungry that we already ate the supposedly breakfast. I slept for about an hour and drove to the hospital because I had a Biochem exam.

Our conversations went like this:
Me: "Nasan na un si Suzette Ranillo?" (Whatever happened to Suzette Ranillo- a local celebrity)
Raizza: Aba malay ko di ko na nakikita sa TV! (I don't know, haven't seen her on TV lately)
Me: Hiwalay na sila ni Matt Ranillo no? (They're divorced right?)
Raizza: Gaga! Magkapatid sila! (Silly! They're siblings!)

And oh, if anybody's interested I listed what I used for my make-up that day. I'm no expert but I like to try new tricks and looks..=)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leopard legged me

Leopard tights: SM department store
San pa e di sa SM na naman!=)
A few days ago, I went to the mall with the intention of paying my internet bill and buying a new mop. You know those magic mop with blue end that claims to absorb unbelievably huge amounts of water? yup that's what I bought. I didn't know I will be going home with this 169 peso ($3.50) goodness.=)
Can't wait to wear them out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Manny Pacquiao Sunday!

Today is a happy day for us Filipinos. Manny Pacquiao made us proud again! Woot woot! I told you he's gonna box the hell out of Cotto, whom I kinda have a little crush on, BTW..=) He's kinda cute no? Watched the fight live at the cinemas then camwhored afterwards.=) The sister and I decided it's the perfect time to wear our "WHERE I'M FROM, EVERYONE'S A HERO SHIRT" I ordered a month ago.

LSS song for today: "PILIPINO, PILIPINO, PILIPINO ANG LAHI KO!!" Manny's song was played non-stop near the ticket booths.
My normally dry hair decided to be extra dry today. Uugghhhhh.
Plus it was unusually windy today. weird.

Puffed sleeves jacket: Space; Shorts from a bazaar; Flats: Primadonna; Bag: LV;
Sunglasses: Topshop; Rings: SM department store
Same shirt but the sister and I did a different styling on the shirt. Being the nonT-shirt girl that I am, I paired it with my old super puffed jacket to glam it up a little. Sister wore it over a floral dress paired with her cute Cobra Starship bag.=) Floral dress from a bazaar; Shoes from YRYS; Bag from Hot Topic;my sunglasses

My favorite Manny Pacquiao video. Listen carefully at 0:12. Clito-what?!??!? hahahaha

Check out What's in my bag JINKEE PACQUIAO version. I like that she opted for a Kelly instead of the easy choice Birkin. So happy for her that she's living the life. Some people are giving her flak for having nice things. But seriously if you have millions of DOLLARS (not pesos) wouldn't you buy these things too? She deserves it imagine having mini-heart attacks because your husband's life is always in danger every single fight. Plus, she stuck with Pacquiao even in his poor days..

Heck if I were Jinkee, I would wear Balmain to get groceries, Chanel haute couture to hear mass, Christian Lacroix to watch movies, Missoni caftans as "duster"/house clothes and hire Kate Lanphear and Liz Uy as my stylists.

She has 200,000 pesos ($4,000) cash inside her bag, antaray diba?! Since you moved up to Hermes, please give me na lang your old Chanel bags!!=P

Thursday, November 12, 2009

La Scala + Royce

Outfit first before my other blabbers.=P I like the odd silhouette of this dress, it's loose but is cinched on the leg area.
Actually reminds me of a garbage bag, a matte garbage bag. A chicer version, of course!

Trunkshow dress; Chanel earrings; Vintage Casio watch; Vintage bangle from a store in Serendra,
SM dept store booties; SM dept store ring

Birthday dinner with the boy last Saturday. I bet you are so sick of reading the word Birthday in my blog, no? I will be abusing the word throughout the whole month of November haha! Went to Greenbelt to look for my present from BF, I wanted this certain bib necklace but when we went to Firma they only got one and it's not what I wanted so I'll probably order it instead of buying it from the store. So we only looked around, since I don't really frequent this mall as much as I want to.

It's funny how my style has rubbed off on the boy. While looking at a wall full of men's sneakers, we reached out for the same blue sneakers. He turned to me and said, "OMG, I'm gay!" hahaha. Usually, we don't really agree on his sneaker and basketball shoe choices. He's all for simple and classic designs and I'm all for "statement! statement!".

Went to dinner at La Scala in Malate. I like this restaurant a lot because there are lots of eyecandy. The resto is owned by an avid collector of vintage everything. From old Coca-Cola memorabilias, old newspaper clippings, old records, old Starwars toys and other interesting stuff. Too bad there were no vintage Transformers, the boyfriend will surely go crazy if there were! Some random pics inside: Was about to take more (picture taking is allowed here) but this foreigner got paranoid and approached us, demanding us to delete her picture?!?! And we didn't even point at her direction! uuuggghhh so I ended up with only a few.
This is an interesting picture. I spy Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, C3Po, James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, Batman, Frankenstein, Roger Rabbit, Julia Robert's and Richard Gere's characters in Pretty Woman and ET. I swear I kinda am familiar with the others but I don't know their names. Care to identify more?

Fun night, since the place isn't packed we got to stay longer and reminisced about highschool memories! I realized we have been friends since the time Nokia 5110 was considered THE COOLEST cellphone LOL!
We didn't plan to match. It was purely coincidence. I bought him this Topman shirt a year ago. He doesn't like it that much because it is V-neck and looks blouse-y but he still wears it because it's from me.

Forget the main course, what I want to show you is my dessert!! Bought this at the Royce kiosk in Greenbelt and was resisting the urge to open it before dinner. Nyum nyum nyum I was munching this yummy chocolate potatochips in BF's car. Uuugghhh why did I post this pics now I'm suddenly craving for it in the middle of the night.

It is coated with chocolate on only one side. The salty + sweet combination is yummy!
Nama White Chocolate is my next buy. I cannot wait.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sashaying in the hospital hall

Removed my blazer for camwhoring purposes only. =)
We're actually not allowed to roam around the premises without our uniform blazers.
Flats are a must!
Floral dress: Pink Manila; Topshop pants; Primadonna flats
First, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO GREETED ME IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! Reading the greetings made my day!=)
And thanks Tzi for taking my pics!

We are allowed to wear civilian clothes over the uniform white blazers during our weekend duties. I don't usually wear floral pieces during duty as I feel it's informal and frilly (although we don't really have a dress code just No No's like: no plunging, no stilletos, no mini skirt, no see thru clothes. Usually, I wear blouse-y tops because I want to look respectable and older than my age because I feel like some patients don't take me seriously (only a very few though) but since it was my birthday, I wore a cheery dress over pants. I love the fact that it reminds me of old school, bordering on baduy (tacky) table cloth haha.

Birthday duty wasn't so bad. I treated my co-interns with pizza! (It's like the pambansang panlibre in our hospital hahah!!) When we woke up the next day, my co-interns and I were still bloated from the pizza and soda.
with my co-interns
This is the dining area in our female lounge, it's kinda messy but it's been our 2nd home for 6 months now. We have a new TV in the lounge, we chipped in 50 pesos ($1) each for it but the antenna sucks. The only clear channels are Channel 7, QTV and Net 25 uggghhhh.. I'm not a TV person but please I CANNOT STAND GMA 7 SHOWS, seriously. DAISY SIETE JUICE KO DAY.

I really think GMA shows are so

This is just my opinion, please don't throw stones or in this case, bakya at me..=P

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's my birthday and I know I want to ri-i-iiideee

Pajama turned into Blazer: Surplus shop; Get Laud tube top worn as a skirt; SM department store booties
Would you believe me if I tell you that I got this blazer looking pajamas in Surplus shop? It came with a drawstring satin pajama bottom. It was priced at 399 pesos ($8) but when I was at the cash register there was still an additional markdown and I ended up paying 150 pesos ($3) for this animal print baby. I'm planning to put shoulder pads next time..=)
Blurred some parts of the pic because the pail looks icky haha

Ok, I'm not riding anything or anywhere. Last night sister and I tried to camwhore in the bathtub. The concept of our camwhoring session was "afterparty in the bathtub" we found an unopened bottle of red wine lying around the house and used it as props. Props because in reality there will be no drinking on my exact birthday and I drink like 5-6 times a YEAR, seriously! As I've told you in my older post, I'm duty today and yeah I spent/will be spending the whole day until tomorrow in the hospital.

*I was born at exactly 2:50 pm 25 years ago! This is the first time that I did not spend birthday with my family and boyfriend. Birthday was spent cleaning an old man's super super scraped knee because he got into a bicycle accident, wound dressing of an ingrown toenail, assisting in placing a cast on a patient's fractured arm (of course there had to be at least 1 motorcycle accident per duty) following up X-ray results, IV insertions, eating pizza for dinner, having fun with my co-interns. Not glamorous, but really fun and fascinating..

Tomorrow, after my duty, I will be picking out my present from the boy.. So excited! I hope it's still in the availabe in the store.

Bye for now, just squeezed in this post but I'm off to check the stations for new patients/admissions..=) So much work to do. Will check out your blogs as soon as I have time, ok?=)

ps. Globe Tattoo why do you have to be so incredibly SLOOOOOOWWWWWWW???

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Before I go to sleep

Sweater: American Eagle; Platform heels: Monica Fig

Impromptu photoshoot with my sister because I can't stop tinkering with my new toy/birthday gift from my daddy!! He got me the Canon 500D/Rebel Xt1i that I've been wanting. I'm not really fond of smiling in pictures but really, my heart is jumping up and down and doing the happy dance!=)

I'm wearing sleepwear/"pambahay" (houseclothes) because I'm too lazy to change into a real outfit. I just wore my platform heels instead of my flipflops and smoky eye (again!) to look half decent. I kinda think the sweater is wearable if I pair it with shorts or black skinny jeans. In the meantime, please bear with the sight of my huge thighs haha!

I'm turning a QUARTER of a CENTURY in 2 days! (on the 7th)

Eeeekkk certified thundercats na talaga akes..

(I'm really getting old =P)

Monday, November 2, 2009


Last night, I went to dinner with my highschool friends. It was fun catching up and exchanging silly gossip that we all got from facebook haha! It was raining super hard when I was about to get dressed. Feeling lazy to cook up an outfit, the only outfits that came to mind was this and this. My only requirement: something with a HOOD because I hate carrying an umbrella. In fact I don't have one. In the end this gray dress won because it's just so easy to wear.
Gray dress: People are People; Shoes: Renegade Folk; Bag: Mango

The boy picked me up a little late than usual because he got stuck in traffic driving from the cemetery, hence, the made up face. Usually I hop in his car with zero make-up and dripping wet hair but I just had so much time and tried on the smoky eye. I'm not very good with blending but you know what they say, practice makes perfect!=)

Lastly, thanks Look10 for this award! I'm so flattered, really appreciate it..=)
My birthday is coming up soon,
I might have a little post-birthday giveaway for my Philippine readers.
So stay tuned!!=)