Thursday, July 30, 2009

Night out with my girls

Fun night, met up with my college friends whom I haven't seen in a long time for dinner and clubbing until my shoes acted like a diva and decided to give me MAJOR pain haha.. Lesson learned: Should've worn my tried and tested clubbing shoes, not the once I have only worn once to a dinner and probably had about 30 steps mileage..=P
Hello. I'm Miss red-eye! I have red-eye in ALL pics. Happens all the time.
Night of the hand-on-the-hips pose.
Landmark dress over a F 21 lingerie-ish top; Celine shoes; Forever 21 clutch & bracelet; Chanel earrings
I got this Forever 21 clutch on sale for around $10.
I super love the gold pyramid detail and the leathery look of it.
Not bad for $10 right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Work vs. Play

This morning, I was preparing stuff to bring back to my apartment. I usually bring my uniform, scrubsuits, my white blouses and my saturday civilian clothes, nothing extra.. But this week it's different, tonight I'm going to dinner with my college friends whom I haven't seen in 2 years.. SUPER EXCITED!!=) On Friday, we'll have dinner then we'll watch the gig of my medschool friends.. So yey I have reasons to dress-up this week!! I'm so happy! So I brought more clothes.. I mostly brought gray-black pieces, it's easier to bring clothes in the same shade if you're in a hurry..

(uhhmmm it's actually an internship we're not paid and we go on 36 hours duty-- not complaining though!)
What I bring back every single week..
(White blouse: Topshop)

This is my UGLIEST scrub suit but it's the most comfortable..
Last year, when I was still a junior intern this was what I used to wear but now that we're post graduate interns already we're no longer allowed to wear this shade anymore.
Now I use it as sleepwear..=)

For dinner later.. eekkk my shoes turned green haha
For friday gig and saturday exam.. and some extras =P
My double purpose shoe box.. It can fit 8 tank tops; some accessories, a scarf and 2 nailpolish..

Just wanted to show you what I look like from Monday-Friday. I'm still amused with the fact that I maintained a blog even if I ACTUALLY wear this everyday except if I'm off to the mall or I'm meeting a friend or I go home or I play dress-up on a weekday.

And to the person who googled this:
philippines uniform dress code residents FEU or physician or skirt "dress code" -residential
(WOW that is the longest search term I've seen!)
I'm sorry you didn't find resident's/doctor's uniform in my blog so here I'm posting my medical intern's uniform.. (And also as per Rain's request a long time ago..=P) Resident's uniform are the same as mine except they wear long-sleeved blazers.
(White blouse: Topshop; Flats: Topshop; Bag: Vintage Nina Ricci)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday my sisters and I went out to eat.We were so happy that Pepper Lunch has opened its branch in Alabang yey! The food is super yummy as usual, I'm actually craving for some salmon teriyaki at this moment.. Was supposed to post a little food porn but all our eating pics turned into .NEF files and I can't upload it..grrrr..

After dinner, I usually roam around the mall and windowshop but I wasn't in the mood... Hmm maybe because I'm broke, that's why!=P So we just camhored instead, so much fun!
I've always been a fan of the basic tank+ skirt combo but this time I want to try something different. So I wore a textured top (I wore this in one of my older post) with a printed skirt and I liked how it turned out.. The skirt is actually a maxi dress I bought at Surplus shop for cheaps! (again) The cut was unflattering but I loved the print so I still bought it and had it reworked into a skirt..
Men's jacket: Solo; Mesh top: Plains & Prints; Reworked Skirt: Surplus Shop; Shoes: Renegade Folk
Here are my sisters, our styles are different but kind of overlaps also.. Sister 2 is more of sporty and she likes printed clothes while Sister 1 is super fond of layering and is fond of artsy prints because she paints and does a lot of art. We borrow clothes from each other, mostly jackets/blazers and we share the love for accessories! The only thing they don't borrow from me are my shoes because my feet are too big!
(Sister2, Me!, Sister1)
Sister 2 bought us these super cute keychains. All of us are Twilight freaks!
Yes, even my brother. Mine is also the same as the Princess keychain..=)

Bags: Fifi Lapin for Le Sportsac and Louis Vuitton with Juicy couture charm
Close up of sister2's bag. Fifi is super cute right?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Laid back with the long cardigan

Long cardigan: Zara; Top: Tomato; Jeans: Topshop; Caged shoes: Australian; Bag: Vintage Nina Ricci
Old pics, this was taken last Sunday but didn't post it because I wanted to post the 50th first.. I'm loving the relaxed look lately, long cardigans with cuffed jeans. This cardigan in particular is my favorite because it is SUPER soft, almost as soft as a Kleenex tissue. As you can see I committed a fashion faux-pas here haha, I was running late for the Sunday mass and couldn't find my black bra so I wore light colored bra.. Flash is the enemy!! (that's why I'm covering it in the last pic) haha

Ate dinner with family and my niece who slept the entire time. Too bad, I really wanted to feed her ice cream and other yummy desserts at Friday's..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


FOLLOW ME!!Follow my blog with bloglovin

Hi there!!
50th post at last.
First, I want to thank all my readers and visitors for reading my blog!
And to those who wrote comments I really appreciate it, really cheers me up especially after coming from a tiring day in the hospital..=) To the followers, thank you for following hope I'm not boring you..=)
I'm so glad I maintained this blog because not only do I get inspired from fellow bloggers but I also "met" lots of genuine and nice people here.. So here goes my shoe post as promised..

Sorry took a long time to post this, I didn't know it would be that hard to bring out all my shoes on our billiards table and take decent pictures of them. I had my shoe shelf repainted so double purpose, I guess..]

(Taray diba kinareer and pagboborders!?!)
Clockwise from top: Centropel; Monica Fig; The Ramp Crossings; Celine;Renegade Folk; Rockwell Bazaar; The Ramp Crossings; SM dept store
NOIR group
My favorite bunch at the moment.

Clockwise from top: Australian, People are People; Australian, both People are People
My Non-hassle group.

This is what I wear when I request for a whole day of window-shopping with the boy,
he says yes, on one condition-- that I wear Non-hassle shoes. FINE.

Clockwise from top: Mossimo; Janilyn; Celine; Mendrez; Marshall's; Mendrez
This is what I call the NINANG group. haha
Best accessorized with those organza shawl and matrona hair. Just kidding!=P
Metallics remind me so much of church because these are the shoes I wore during the times I was bridesmaid etc for weddings..

Clockwise from top: SM; Janeo; Celine; Janilyn
The Multiple Group

When I can't pick between 2 shoes of the same style I get both.

Clockwise from top: Janilyn; Mango; Mango; Le Donne
These are my girly group of shoes.
They love to gossip and wear tulle skirts!
The pink/nude peeptoe are a newly discovered pair.
I found it hiding inside a box and I haven't worn it ever since I bought it 4 years ago..
Must wear them soon.

Clockwise from top: B club; Janilyn; Monica FIg; Janilyn; Janilyn;Australian; Renegade Folk
My Let's-go-home-my-feet-hurts group!

This is the opposite of my non-hassle shoes.
I LOOOVEE these bunch dearly but I'm a bitch to be with when I'm wearing these haha!
When we go to the mall I look at girly stuff first then afterwards we go to the toystore and other boystuff and then right before we go inside the toystore I say the magic words:
"Let's-go-home-my-feet-hurts". haha..

Clockwise from top: Topshop; Primadonna; Celine; Celine; Payless Shoe source
My super used flats group.
The 3 black ones on top are my school shoes.
I got the 2 matching flats during one of the closing store sale in Payless Shoe source 3 years ago for $4.99 each.. I probably wore them around 10x/year so 4.99 divided by 30x =
COST-PER-WEAR $0.16 cents per wear or 8 pesos/wear.
That's value for my money right there!=)

My favorite ballerinas from Mendrez.
It's so worn out because I used to wear this all the time.

Boutique 9; Zara
My highest heel which I got for $29.99, originally priced at $99.99 in DSW in downtown San Francisco. The brown peep toe is my most classic pair which I'll probably continue to wear 10 years from now..
SM; Figliarina; Ilaya
The Ewan Group/Unclassified group.

Haha I forgot to include them in the other pics. The black is a recent buy, saw them last week at SM (again) and the boy bought it for me because he was so surprised with the price--300 pesos ($6) and impressed with how expensive it looks.. The sequined is almost 5 years old and I've worn it only once, I would also want to wear it again..=)

Oh, and last month I won these shoes from a contest held by Monica. Check out her blog too she has so many fab shoes -- Givenchy, Chanel, YSL and other foot candy!
Thank you Monica, the shoes are fierce!!
When I got these babies in the mail, I felt like a kid with a new toy..I can't take them off.

Check out other fab shoes on her online store here.
Monica Fig ships internationally too!

Since, I'm practicing my photography "skills" here are some of the finished products hahah. All the quotes, unless otherwise stated are from the Queen of Shoes, Imelda Marcos. (
I tried my best to find the best light etc.. Also dabbled in a little bit of editing and graphics.. Hope you like them.

Yes, I even put the shoe on top of our chandelier.. Ssshhh don't tell my mother!

Hope you had fun reading this post!
Thank you for bearing with my non-existent writing skills!=P
and to the dear lurkers: Please please say Hi! I don't bite, promise..=)
Ang daldal ko no? (I talk too much, no?)

P.S. I have some more space for your links! Please state in the comments if you want to exchange links, then leave your blog address ok?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Magic Skirt + DIY chain necklace again!

Let me tell you a little story about this skirt I saw this in SM department store a month ago and was immediately smitten because of it's tiered puffy look.. I thought to myself: " Me likey! Very avant-garde looking.. Am I really in SM?" So I tried it and of course I took it home along with her nude colored sister..

When I went home to try it on again, I noticed that the puffs were not equal so I inspected the inside. I was surprised to discover that the skirt was the magic skirt I saw online a long time ago.. I was so happy to see the knots on the inside!! I was so excited with the possibilities..
I can wear it and puff it differently..And I can wear it as a simple long skirt if I unknot the ribbons inside.. The skirt is such a genius and what's best is it's only 400 pesos! Initially, the puffs were the reason why I bought it but when I tried the long version, I kinda like the starkness of it more..=)

Which style do you like more the puffed or the long skirt?(Tank: Topshop; Skirt: SM dept store; Shoes: Primadonna; Sunglasses: People are People; DIY chain necklace; Bag: Louis Vuitton) Oh, and the necklace is a new DIY.
It's a one-of-a-kind piece not because the materials are rare or it's hard to do but only because I just tied, twisted, knotted and VOILA instant DIY necklace, I don't know how to replicate it hehe..=P

I will be showcasing my little shoe collection for my 50th post.
Don't forget to check back..=)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Prison chic + Sunday Duty Outfit

Being a medical intern, we are allowed to wear civilian clothes during our weekend duty. In this Psychiatry rotation we are allowed to do so but they have a dress code:

*no sleeveless/tube tops/plunging necklines/see-thru
(if you wear sleeveless/tube you'd have to wear the uniform blazer over it)
*no miniskirts
*heels are a yes but no open-toed sandals

So I wore my ever reliable men's checkered polo.. This is probably one of the pieces I get most wear because it's no fuss and it's very comfy.. I avoid wearing clingy stuff because it's so hot in the hospital and there's so much work to do that I don't want to worry about my top.. I'm also wearing my super old (6 year old) pink suede pumps from Mango..
(Men's polo: Folded and Hung; Jeans: Topshop; Suede shoes: Mango)
Haha and just for kicks I edited this picture to make it appear spooky because last night our resident doctor was telling this crazy scary story about a patient dying in that hall.. And apparently, it was his death anniversary last night! Hmmm I don't know if it's true but it sure scared me!

Moving on..
This was my outfit last Saturday the boy and I got our doggy's papers from the breeder and on the way home we went to Eastwood for an early dinner and I ate Red Mango frozen yogurt for dessert again!! I'm so obsessed with frozen yogurt I actually ate 4x in a week!

(Orange dress: Zara; Cardigan: Zara; Shoes: from Rockwell bazaar; Bag: LV)
I'm wearing a dress/top I bought last weeek from the 495 sale rack in Zara.. I can't believe it's only 495 ($10)! I'm actually not a fan of orange because it reminds me so much of the prison uniform here in the Philippines. I probably own only 2 orange pieces in my closet but I still bought it because I can't resist the SUBTLE DRAPING at the hem.. Plus the upper portion has 2 buttons and when you unbutton it the dress looks like a vest..

So versality + draping = yey!
With an Optimus Prime replica
Renegade Folk shoes
And here is a close up of the wrist candy I wore on Saturday (top) and Sunday (bottom):
Top: Both Folded and Hung
Bottom: L-R Tomato, Carolina's, Accesorize
I got the red pearl-like bracelet for only 10 pesos (less than $0.25 cents) =)
such a steal right?