Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sashaying in the hospital hall

Removed my blazer for camwhoring purposes only. =)
We're actually not allowed to roam around the premises without our uniform blazers.
Flats are a must!
Floral dress: Pink Manila; Topshop pants; Primadonna flats
First, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO GREETED ME IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! Reading the greetings made my day!=)
And thanks Tzi for taking my pics!

We are allowed to wear civilian clothes over the uniform white blazers during our weekend duties. I don't usually wear floral pieces during duty as I feel it's informal and frilly (although we don't really have a dress code just No No's like: no plunging, no stilletos, no mini skirt, no see thru clothes. Usually, I wear blouse-y tops because I want to look respectable and older than my age because I feel like some patients don't take me seriously (only a very few though) but since it was my birthday, I wore a cheery dress over pants. I love the fact that it reminds me of old school, bordering on baduy (tacky) table cloth haha.

Birthday duty wasn't so bad. I treated my co-interns with pizza! (It's like the pambansang panlibre in our hospital hahah!!) When we woke up the next day, my co-interns and I were still bloated from the pizza and soda.
with my co-interns
This is the dining area in our female lounge, it's kinda messy but it's been our 2nd home for 6 months now. We have a new TV in the lounge, we chipped in 50 pesos ($1) each for it but the antenna sucks. The only clear channels are Channel 7, QTV and Net 25 uggghhhh.. I'm not a TV person but please I CANNOT STAND GMA 7 SHOWS, seriously. DAISY SIETE JUICE KO DAY.

I really think GMA shows are so

This is just my opinion, please don't throw stones or in this case, bakya at me..=P


  1. The first two images are so cool... what did you do with it? Love the almost vintage look of those photos.

  2. Where can I find Pink Manila? :P I love your dress!

  3. that dress you wearing is so adorable,
    i want it hahhah
    yeah lets exchange links


  4. happy birthday! your dress is so cute! great outfit!

  5. @anonymous I got my dress in their branch in Tiendesitas. Tiendesitas branch have more sale items.. They also sell Pink Manila clothes in The Ramp, Crossings in Trinoma..=)

  6. Everyone should wear bright floral dresses, it's cheery dressing ;)

  7. You are the cutest doctor-to-be ever!

    Belated happy birthday, Mads!! =)

  8. Hey sweetie, thanks for the link :) I've linked you back now!

    Love that gorgeous floral dress!

    ♥ Hannah



  9. I love your dress!!! it looks topshop-ish!! i want one too!!




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