Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pacquiao Sunday + Dior blazer?

Parking lot camwhoring!

(Thrifted Blazer, Dress from Landmark dept store, SM dept store bandage shoes,
Vintage Nina Ricci bag, Folded and Hung sunglasses, Kenneth Cole watch)

my sister/photographer and her silly pose
Woooooohoooooo!!! Did you guys watch??? I'm super happy that Manny Pacquiao won!! He knocked out Ricky Hatton at Round 2, beat that!! I wore this fun dress because I anticipated that Manny will win and we will be in a cheery mood.. =) And damn right he did!!

I borrowed this blazer from my sister (I will slowly steal this..haha=p).. It is again thrifted and it has a Dior tag with serial numbers but I don't know how to authenticate. But I bet it's real because who makes a fake nowadays and intentionally sell it for 60 pesos (less than $2)? I bet the thrift store did not look inside the blazer and just sold it along with other gaudy clothes..hehe.. Oh, and the dress is a recent purchase from Landmark dept store I bought it because the polka dots remind me of Rei Kawakubo x H&M.. The dress is only 300+ pesos (less than $8..) Cheap thrills = <3
Real Dior or not I still think the design is beautiful.. I love it!


  1. Real or not, it doesn't matter. You look great! Love the black and white combination with the red dots!

  2. the outfit is great! you're a knock out!

    and yey for manny pacquiao!
    for the first time we had a PPV and invited some friends over, really bought lots of beers, cos we're sure he's gonna win. I just blinked and Hatton was kissing the floor already! That was phenomenal! I just cant get over we paid for a six minute fight. But it's really worth every peny!

    have a lovely day pretty!

  3. i love your shoes. and Dior! amazing find!


  4. Even if it's a knockoff, it passes as an unbelievably legit-looking one, great find! And it's so glad to see a Filipino take the world by storm, it's a frenzy down here in Aus. as well as there in Manila! I'll link you aswell lovely, thanks xx

  5. AWesome blazer!! =DD I can't believe you thrifted a dior one!! Haha it's really great that most thrift stores are run by old fogies who are trying to do a good deed in the world by selling clothes at real low prices but then they can't tell when something's good or not! (i just wish there were thrift stores where I live! ><)

    So cute you cam-whored in the carpark haha! did your sis help you take those photos??

  6. Great skirt, I love the outfit!
    Thanks for the link exchange, added you as well :)

    PS: I always say that laughter is the best medicine, but your blog title replacing it with FASHION is even BETTER! ;)


  7. Dior! Wow and at 2?! Amazing. Love the outfit - you look great!

    BTW, I love the title of your blog!

  8. Oh wow I love the blazer! I just discovered your blog.. love reading about other local bloggers. Nice blog you have here =)

    im looking for a boxy blazer atm, its hard to find the perfect one!
    your lucky!

  10. love it.


    the crumpet girls

  11. Um, fabulous. That Dior blazer is utterly fabulous!

  12. definitely! real or not real, that blazer is amazing.

  13. Subdued "high-end" harajuku chic styling right there.
    I'm a sucker for blazers too, I heart the STRIPED revere and collar!

    +breathe fashion+

  14. Total look+cute outfit !
    Want to swap link?

  15. Wow, I never would have thought of seeing Dior at a thrift shop, but then again, I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to thrifting simply because my parents are against thrifting. u_u I lead a very sad existence, missing out on possible fashion bargains, spending on designer items when I can get them for cheaps.

    I love the outfit you pulled by the way, tres chic. Hope you don't mind that I added you to my blogroll!



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