Saturday, May 9, 2009

Black or White?

Rummaged through my closet for something to wear for our dinner and found these 2 dresses I bought last year. Which do you like more? I wanted to wear the white one because it looks fresh and summery (although Manila weather is getting crazier everyday, there was a typhoon named "Emong" the other day) but the white was kinda see thru and I can't find something to wear underneath so I went with black!!

The only good thing about the crazy Manila weather: I get to wear hooded dresses in the middle of the "supposed to be" summer!

The dress has a zipper in the middle, 2 big pockets at the side and a humongous hood!!
Dress: Refill, Cuff from Archeology at Powerplant, Shoes: Monica Fig, Sunglasses: F21

**Sorry for not smiling! I realized I look grumpy/angry in the pics!!=P**
What's your pick? And why?

The boy and I, Beyonce concert and my birthday Nov '07
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  1. oh my i love that dress i've been looking for something like that!!!! gimmie gimmie.

    hands down i always wear black so i have to choose black. but both are great especially in the climate your in.

    the hair and sunglasses are perfect!

  2. You look awesome in both. Me myself would go for the black - but I don't have you're gorgeous colouring! LOve the hood. Looks amazing with the shades. I'd team it with some funky waistbelt. Loving your style girl!

  3. hi mads,

    sorry for not being able to visit your blog for a few days now.. things are so crazy like super. need i say more? we wrapped up the shoot at 2 am last night. supeer tiring.

    im catching up with your outfit posts the past few days now and you look fantastic in all outfits. i love your style. you have a good taste for architectural clothes and footwear. gorgeous!

    much love


  4. Wow, I love that dress... and the hood! and all that draping! and really, it's just beautiful and unique. I think I prefer it in black, but when given the choice, I always prefer things in black as opposed to white hehe.

  5. I like 'em both, but let's discuss your shoes- UMM I LOVE THEM!


  6. Thanks for your visit dear,

    I love your shoes!


  7. both dresses are awesome. ;) can't wait to experience crazy manila weather! lol

  8. i gotta say, BLACK BLACK BLACK. im just very conventional that way haha and maybe also the fact that i'm feeling pugh at the moment, just blogged about him.
    i know where your shoes were inspired from HEHE!

    andrea xxooxx
    Life In Technicolor

  9. Oh these dresses are both so pretty! They look so cool and comfy. I think you look good in both but in my opnion the white one looks a bit better. It looks so good against your skinetone!

  10. of course! I added you to my list now,
    Thanks dear,


  11. Thats a great dress! Black is my go to color but I'm loving the white it looks so fresh and crisp!

  12. hi,

    i was following karenab so thought i'd drop by.

    i'm giving the white one my vote. it goes better with the shoes. gorgeous shoes, btw. i also like your shades.


  13. I love both dresses - the hood is just fantastic! In general, I always go for black first, because it's easier to wear, but I must say the white suits you perfectly! I can relate to white being too see-through though. It's one of the main reasons I end up neglecting my white pieces.

  14. Thank you for the comment.

    Hopefully you keep stopping by.

    Loving the dresses by the way.


  15. i love that hoodie dress especially the white one:) you're right it is perfect for summer although our weather as you say is pretty much unpredictable these days. it was all rain and wind a few weeks ago... i stepped out in tights a bondage skirt and a blazer. hours after i stepped out it was all sunny. ugh. don't you just hate that?:D the perils of people who love to dress up haha:D thanks for wearing my shoes by the way:) i pretty much wore my flat toe-ring glove boots all summer:D

  16. I love the dresses!!! :) But I think the black one will do for a dinner. :)

  17. I would also choose the black one! I thinks it's more suitable for a dinner :)


  18. darling i like them both! each has its own effect. loving the dresses.have a good wknd ahead.
    muah x

  19. hi, first time to visit your site and i love it. Btw, i like your shoes. care to share where you bought it?thanks



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