Monday, June 22, 2009

TAGGED by EDEN: 20 Favorite Things

Cebu City's chicest girl tagged me! Super had fun answering this, very Gradeschool slumbook..=)

(My favorite things, bow!)

1. COLOR - BLACK!!Black is a no-brainer and almost every cut looks flattering in this color, IMO.
2. DESSERT - Recently - Frozen Yogurt (I'm addicted to this), forever - Sansrival (yes, even the 15 peso ($0.30) Burger Machine version makes my day!)
Favorite color and dessert!
(Top & Jeans: Topshop; Shoes: Renegade Folk; Bangle: Rockwell Bazaar; Bag; LV)

3. SMELL - anything that will make me smell like "sabong panlaba (laundry detergent) + fabric softener". Currently alternating these 3: Clean Fresh Laundry, Acca Kappa and Leyende Beach bomb.

4. FLOWER - Stargazers, the bigger the better.

5. ANIMAL - My doggy, of course!

6. MONTH - November. My birthday and the showing of New Moon!!! Double YEY!

7. BEVERAGE - Unhealthily addicted to Coke Zero. For alcoholic beverage -- Tequila Rose forever and ever and Grand Matador! Yes, the super cheap rhum (less than $2 for a big bottle) brings back fun memories of my younger years!!=)

8. SHOES - like Eden, I have a huge crush on the YSL cage shoes but I want the version Jane is wearing.
9. SNACKS - Anything sweet like pastillas, yema, ensaymada.. And tortillos (the red one) with salsa dip!

10. SONGS - Mariah Carey and Beatles songs.

11. BOOK - Twilight series! Shanghai Baby and Nakpil Orosa Malate (thanks to my friend Maneesh)

12. FRUIT - Banana and Peaches. Lately, I've been eating lychee from our free breakfast in the hospital yummy!

13. HAIRSTYLE - not too adventurous with hairstyles because my hair is stubborn at times haha..

14. PIECE/S OF CLOTHING - my thrifted $1 Balmainesque blazer, crazy printed Patricia Field scarf, drop crotch pants, tanks for layering.

15. STORES TO SHOP - Topshop, Folded and Hung, Plains and Prints, SM dept store, Landmark, Ramp at Crossings, Janilyn, Forever 21 and thrift stores!

16. SEASON - not a season but I LOVE the cold weather (COLD but not rainy ha). Perfect for layering! SF weather is perfect for me.

Blazer: The Black shop; Jeans: Topshop; Ankle boots: Centropel; Scarf: Bazaar; Bag:LV

17. HOBBIES - blogging, window shopping, practicing putting on make-up (I'm also a frustrated make-up artist), crafts and DIY and studying (haha only if I have new set of highlighters and colored pens!).
Last but not the least - CARDGAMES!!! Esp Pusoy and Tong-its! It's not even a hobby, it's an addiction already!
With my medschool friends.. I miss them, most of them transferred schools already =(
2 years ago was the peak of our gambling days. My friend was able to buy a dog worth P22,000 pesos ($400+) with his winnings! I, on the other hand, could not bet that big so the biggest amount I won was P1,800 (less than $40). Not bad no?
haha this was the day when my friends decided to gamble with 25 centavo coins! So annoying!
Med school is super stressful, we need to unwind sometimes.
Tsk tsk tsk excuses, excuses haha!

18. THINGS TO COLLECT - Shoes, magazines, accessories, cute notebooks and random McDonald Happy meal toys (esp Hello Kitty happy meal toys).

some of my favorite HIGH heels
(Boutique 9; Janilyn; Renegade Folk; Janeo; Celine)

Magazines (Non-Vogue or Non-US Vogue are my loves)
(Some of my fave issues)

19. MOVIE - Hav Plenty - Has anyone else seen this?

Photo credits:;
I didn't actually watch this in a movie house. Back in the days when there were still movies for rent, I chanced upon this and I loved it so much I told the video rent shop that I lost it and paid for the VHS copy!=) I super super love this movie!

20. RESTAURANT - Red Kimono for my favorite Japanese food, Cibo for Pasta, Banapple for almost everything!


Not part of the tag, I just want to show you what I looked like for the last 10 days! I was assigned at the H1N1 screening in our hospital and I sounded like a wind-up doll/broken record.

I ask this set of questions to every patient "Nanggaling po ba sa ibang bansa? Me ubo, sipon, lagnat, masakit ang lalamunan? Pangalan, pirma ho." "Have you been to another country? Do you have cough, colds, fever or sore throat? Please put your name and signature here"

I'm not kidding, we have an average of 160-200 patients a day, so you do the math.. Phhewww I'm glad I do not manifest a single symptom. Haaayyyy!
BTW, my second name is Nicole =)

I tag:
Rain of My lovestory
Denise of denisekatipunera
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Hope you enjoy answering the tag!=)
I sure did!
Hope I didn't bore you with the lengthy post..=P


  1. oh what a fun post!! can't wait to do this too haha. thank you lovelyyy. I'm a frustrated make-up artist too (lol)

  2. hiya madsie... hey, i totally enjoyed your answers sobra! ooh. btw, im a frustrated make up artist too! hehehe... natawa ako sa "gambling" pic ha. i'm so not good at card games. and yes, gotta collect tons of heels at that!

    awwww. naflatter ako ha. don't think i'm exactly the "chicest" but thanks anyway!

    btw congrats on stella. what a beaut!

    much love


  3. Fabulous post, darling! Yes, you can vote at Side bar on Absolutely Fabulous. Every week other model.


  4. Wow, thanks for the tagging me, quite a long one... Will try my best to work on it soon! Love u pair d outfits with the blazer, very chic! Ur eye makeup look great too! I applaud u for ur professionalism! Boost up ur Vitamin C intake n take care! XD

  5. wow i love all the shoes in this post

  6. Hi mads( or nicole)!!

    thanks for tagging me ! I will do the tag asap!

    I luvv your outfits! And especially luvv your LV bag! So gorgeous! I luvv to collect shoes, too...but your heels are much more high than mine, hehehhe.

    Those med school times are really fun! We have to cherish these moments. And organize more of these nights!

    and.....your hospital outfit! You look really professional, nurse Mads!


  7. wow u have manyyy cool magz!
    and miss lady nicole, r u a doctor or a nurse?
    i love your cold weather blazer! XD

  8. Hehe I love frozen yogurt too! Love your thing to collect

  9. You have a great Beatles top 5, For No One makes me cry, every time. Uhg, I'm a softy. I love frozen yougurt, my favorite flavour is green tea:)

  10. Hello my dear friend!

    I am so honored to be at your favs!
    I love your blog and closet so much! You so much I adore, so much more than me! I guess ;)

    For sure you will be linked at my next post!
    You are amazing, you know?
    You already have one more fan here!!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  11. that scarf looks too cool, and love your shoes!! :D

  12. I just linked you!
    Thanks one more time gorgeous girl!

    Kisses from Brazil :)

  13. lovely post!!and i love the blue heels with the fringe!

  14. hey mads. I'll answer your tag in my personal blog instead :D

  15. I love these shoes too, the ankle tie is so cute! And as for collecting international Vogues and fashion magazines, I'm with you there sister!! :)

  16. non-US Vogues! <3 haha! I live in the US...but we all know the truth about Anna Wintour's's not that great! :b

  17. hey mads!:) i enjoyed reading this;) will answer this post as soon as i have some free time;) thanks for the tag! i love tags they're so fun haha:D



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