Saturday, June 13, 2009

Like a Kid in a Candy store

I'm in DIY heaven!!!

Yesterday, my sister and I were supposed to go to a shoe exhibit but due to the super heavy traffic we didn't make it on time. Boo! So we decided to go to Carolina's instead, a store selling all kinds of fabric, sequins, beads, chains, feathers and basically all your sewing needs! I love this store so much!! I used to go to their other branch on Fridays after school and just spending hours exploring all the eyecandy in the store..=)
($1 thrifted top; SM dept store pants; SM dept store shoes; Get Laud brown tube; Louis Vuitton bag, Junkfood ring)
This is probably my favorite bottom lately. It looks like you dressed up but in reality it's easier to wear than my good old skinny jeans. I feel like I'm wearing a chicer version of my pajamas. So comfy!
The nude top is thrifted and I got it for 50 pesos ($1!!) only. I tucked the front part to show the details of my pants..=) This is the real length of the top.

Will post the loot soon.. Time for a new DIY project!!
I told myself that I can start on my DIY only after I finish reading my Physiology Board Exam reviewer book.
I'm finished with the cell, neuro and heart physiology part.
Ahhhhh Kidney why are you so complicated?? hahaha


  1. ooooh how fun!! we have a place called michaels in the states i swear i could spend hours there..all arts and crafts stuff!! you're definitely looking cutie patootie on your DIY adventure!

  2. say what, they have shoes like that and pants like that in SM?! i've never been lucky! well.. im storming there like nao. hehehe. btw mads, we have carolinas there too.. sigh. i think mas busy ka pa sakin but i cant seem to ever find time to DIY? sigh..

    much love


  3. i love your shoe. is that a band aid on the back of your feet? i do that too. hihihihi. saved my day

  4. Carolina's is also heaven to me Mads!
    I spend like HOOUURS just choosing & then buying stuff there..

    i especially love their lace trimmings, components and unique fabrics..

    that shoe in SM? im gonna fidn out if there's a size 8 1/2! haha

  5. and Oh!
    "Identifyd" you already ;)
    yer rollin' on my list...

  6. haha. i love carolina's too. they have everything... XD

  7. I really like the way this flashy bunch of colors, with the mutiplicity of its creative "fashion promises" . . . perfectly matches your usual sparkling/mischievous/"Doll-esque" presence !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. Hi Mads!

    So many ribbons and stuff! So hard to choose! I am looking forward to see your DIY porject!

    Your shoes are hot girl!


  9. The pink peacock feathers are amazing!
    The top is so cute and I'm really jealous of your shoes!

  10. That really is DIY heaven!:) Your top is so beautiful!
    PS: Good luck with the kidney physiology book...I'm now studying Diuretics and I had to review the physiology of the kidney...boring:)

  11. i love DIY

    cant wait .. those pants look great on you love theheels as well

  12. i love what you're wearing!!!! and i am SO going there when i head back to manila

  13. nice! i heart the shoes. very flattering.

  14. AHHH DIY HEAVEN. i would go crazy in there.

  15. what an adorable top:) and lovely lovely outfit:)



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