Friday, June 5, 2009

Still raining

Sorry for boring you with these rainy posts but I'm actually too lazy to dress up..=P
We were laughing at our own stupidity because we parked in the middle of a puddle so whatevs my boots got wet..

Cardigan: Landmark; Gray tank: Bayo; Jeans: Plains and Prints; Ankle Boots: Centropel; My own DIY necklace; Junkfood and Freeway rings
I've noticed that all my items in the picture are locally bought! So glad that the Filipino retailers have evolved and have such great varieties of styles to offer at really affordable prices.=)

No private reading, says who? haha
My cheap thrill.. Reading foreign gossip magazines that I do not plan to buy..
I'm slowly converting my cam-shy brother into a camwhore haha
Have a great weekend everyone! Do you have plans?
As for me, I am on a 24-hour duty tomorrow in the hospital..=P


  1. Ooooooh BUT I am truly sure it must be such a Pleasure to cross the rain on your sparkling/sexy company . . .
    ps: I sincerely wish You Bon courage for your Hospital's duty Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Hi Mads!

    I like the outfit you're wearing, even when you say you're not dressed up :)
    DIY necklace really add some extra's to your outfit!

    Good luck with your hospital duty!


  3. hahaha I have lazy dress up days too but you look still gorgeous without dressing up and I love the necklaces :)

  4. Ha. I have the same cheap thrill plus ofcourse going to thrift stores and go home with a smile in my face with tons of clothing in my bag. =))

    Ahhh. Fuck the rain. But I do have a bipolar love with it tho. Well, it's the only time we Filipinos dress crazy.

    Oh, goodluck on your shift. ;)

  5. yay, youre right madsie, kudos talaga to filipino designers who are stepping up their game! i can really categorize a lot of retailers into that..

    can't wait for the rainy season sooo bad. i'm getting my blazers out of the baul na, haha. btw, love your booties!

    much love


    p.s. weekend will be work, work, work again for me as im gonna be hosting a fashion show. wish me luck!

  6. Hi Mads,

    Thanks for your advice!I think I will have your list next to me when I'm packing! But I don't think I will take any heels, bc I just don't have those :P, and don't really see me clubbing with my mom :)
    My LV bracelet stays @ home :P ..... I'm scared to scratch or loose it, hehehehe...

    Looking forward to see your new updates. And why I always see cute guys @ your blog ? :P


  7. hi Mads,

    i have a drape-y throw exactly like that. if that's not being dressedup, then i'm guilty all the time. i think that's a nice getup.

  8. great necklace! i cant believe its a diy stuff! great job gal!!

    btw, are you a doctor or what?


  9. @ChikitaRosemarie: Hi! Yeah I sort of am, don't have the license yet..=) I'm still a medical intern..

  10. I agree with the Filipino retailers! They've definitely stepped up their game in recent years. Plus your DIY necklace really goes well with the outfit.(: and I love your blog! Totally blogrolled.(:

  11. You look great in gray! And I love your necklace.. great DIY job!

    xo, Becs

  12. heyyy gorgeeouss! i love ur blog too!

    and dont worry about the outfit..u look great. i get lazy too. don't we all? mwa


  13. Mads!!!!! i really love your hair! i really do. Gusto kong maging kulot! sobra! kaya nagpakulot ako dati, kaya lang ngek!!!! pangit result. hehehehehe.

  14. I am the biggest Bealtle fan ever too. I know about everything about them, their birthdays, deaths, wifes, girlfriends, children, favorite colours, favorite foods, music, clothing, it's a bit of a disease. My room is just covered in posters, books, records, calenders, figurines, it's a bit insane. But I love it, very addicting. My favorite is Paul, who is yours? Do you like John, do you find him too paranoid? Do you like Pattie Boyd, George's ex? I think she is gorgeous! Jeez, I'm a bit obssesed, like a stalker, sorry. Can't help it.

  15. darling i love your jeans, great shots dear.
    muah x



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