Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Batwings and a Beetle

Hello everyone!!=D
My friend Capella's cute beetle is guest starring in my photoshoot for today!=P
Isn't he the cutest? The shade of orange is amazing!
I edited the pics so that the orange shade of the car and the blue in my eyeliner would pop even more.

New location!!=)
(Dress: Bayo; Green Ankle Booties: Janeo; Bag: Vintage Nina Ricci; Cuff: Rockwell Bazaar)
Infront of my friends' new apartment..
Remember the time I told you I'll be going to a housewarming party?

This dress is from Bayo and I got it during one of their sale seasons for around 400 pesos ($8).
I am in love with the sleeves!

The shoes look kinda black in the other pics but it is actually dark green as in "table tennis green" If you are looking for a certain color, like table tennis green, or maybe a certain style, like my batwing sleeves, you can find it at
Red Tag with wholesale clothing.

Wholesale prices means you get more for your money and if you're like me who loves fabulous clothes and accessories but is always on a budget (I'm still kinda a student, you know), I'll give it a look.

Today my friend Maneesh and I went to the mall for dinner and a little shopping..=) He has been in a quite toxic rotation so he wanted a break..=) As for me, I'm still rotating in Community and Family Medicine and we have a lot of free time during this rotation but come August/September I'll be rotating in Internal Medicine (where my friend is currently rotating) and I will be a WALKING ZOMBIE when that time comes..=P


  1. omg how cute! and i love long sleeves too!!

  2. oh i love the dress! photo shoot is sooo cute!

  3. awww Mads I love the first two photos and the dress look great on you love,

  4. OOooooh YES You truly look like a "casual/romantic Doll who is perfectly matched with the Beetle" !!!!
    AND a future "Walking Zombie" (????!!!) . . . whose Vintage sandals' peep-toe effect is "fetishistically" Bewitching . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  5. jealous of that hot car. ive always wanted a vintage beetle :(

    you look hot dear;)
    xx Raez

  6. i lvoe your booties and the pics with the red car

  7. cut dress - i never thought of sleeves like that as bat wings, but i guess i see your point!

  8. You look super cute in the dress, and I'm in LOVE with your booties. They are fab. The Beetle is a cute backdrop for your pics!

    xo, Becs

  9. i like the batwing dress and the orange beetle is so cute! love the blue shades in your eyes too. very nice pop of colors here and there.

    by the way, bought a shoe from B Club hehe. did something to it. i cut the front part (tongue part of the shoes). check it out in my new post. i love B Club now, thanks to you! its cheap and i can do whatever i want to. hehe :)

  10. ohmygaahd!
    that beetle just scremaed my name!
    I just adooore Volkswagen beetles mads, n fact I have one (a hand-down from my Dad). But thing is, i still can't drive it. They're a classic

    That batwing dress is just airy & comfy. A respite from layering!

  11. I want everything in these photos! The dress, the booties, the it!!

  12. I want your shoes! They are so stylish & go wit the dress so well!

  13. wowowow! my volkan looks great on your pics. now i'm having a hard time deciding whether to trade him for a red beetle or not!

    i'm loving the sleeves! sayang i missed your photoshoot!

  14. @Caps, wag na!! Pero a cherry red volks would be super nice too!!!!!

  15. Sweet look.
    Hey have we already swap link?
    wanna exchange?

  16. that SA wasnt a friend...none of my friends would have been like that. They would have introduced me to their clients and called a manager to assist me!

    oh well she gets no more love from kells!

  17. can't wait to shop at bayo again! you look great! and the beetle is so cute. want one myself.

    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  18. great outfit! i love batwings. i've been craving for a black tent dress with large batwings worn with some gladiator sandals and chunky necklaces.

  19. Heeeyy Mads!

    Your guest star is so cute!!!! I love the colour!!!

    Your dress is funny with the BATWINGS! You batgirl :P and don't forget to tell you, your bootsss are gorgeous!!!!!!!


  20. that dress is super cute and love your choice of shoes with it!
    muah x

  21. A yellow old beetle is the car of my dreams:) You look fantastic!

  22. ohhh love the dress and it goes perfect with the shoes!! <3

  23. I LOVE your dress! I love batwing sleeves!!

  24. mads, borrowed the first pic ha. mwah! :o)

  25. thank you for your wonderful comment! :)

  26. yes loving batwing at the moment! x



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