Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm gonna be a Mommy soon!

Tomorrow to be exact!! The boy and I are picking up our new dog tomorrow. I'm super super excited! She'll be my first pet! (2nd if I count the pet turtle I had when I was like 5 or 6..=)) Too bad, the little doggy won't be staying with me because they don't allow pets in my apartment complex. I'll probably get her to stay with me only on the weekends when I'm at home.. I'll put my DIY skills into good use, I'll make her a super cute tutu and probably some cute collar charms..=) Ahhhh I have so much plans, I'm sure we're gonna love each other..=)

I'll post pics as soon as I can..=)


  1. Oh my, for a minute I actually though you were having a kid! Haha... I was thinking 'she really hid her bulge quite well in all those photos..." ;-)

    Congrats on getting a pet dog. I've always wanted one myself, but it's not practical with the traveling. What type are you getting? You definitely have to make some fab outfits and if you have one of those fancy pet stores around, they're a lot of fun to browse.

    P.S. of course we can exchange links. I'll add your blog to my list now!

  2. OMG!!!! congrats :P

    and you guys are gonna be so happy, and yes, it iwll tear things appart that you love, but it will be the best decision ever.
    I hated dogs and atm I have 6! my dogs are parents of 4 so you
    can Imagine, we now have full house.

    no TPF for me, I got banned because my friend
    logged into my account and he had been banned before
    so they thought I was he.. and ahh they'er so gay

  3. Waaaaah! Can't wait to see some pics!

  4. OMMMMGGGG i'm sooo excited for your dog!
    i treat my dog like he's my babbyyy !
    can't wait to see her !

  5. Hahaha, mads... first I read the title...I thought you were pregnant! lol....but you got yourself a cute little dog! :) Hope you will show us your piccas with your baby girl/boy soonnnnn! :)


  6. awwwww madsie, congrats on the dog!:) hey, truth be told, and i think ive shared it a few times with everyone-- ako nlng among all my friends ang walang dog. sigh. if only i had more time in my hands!

    much love


  7. wow, congrats!!! you should post the pic of the cutie soon :D

    and i do understand your feeling. i have a cat, but she stays in my bf's house for my parents don't want pets around the house..


  8. Oh, exciting. Whats the name? You must tell me!

  9. oh Motherhood, there's nothing like it. Am a mom too you know. hihhihihi

    i can't wait to see her.



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