Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sporty Spice?

When Spice Girls first came out when I was in sixth grade, I wanted to be Baby Spice. After a few years I switched to Posh spice and I so loooooove her until now.. Just from my choice of Spice Girl you would know that I am not a sporty person. I do not even know how to ride a bike or swim! But today I took up a new sport (actually it's my first sport!) -- BOXING!! I have been planning to try boxing a long time ago but my busy schedule at school did not permit me to do so but now that I'm on vacation I finally tried it and I LOVED IT!! That speed ball is addicting and frustrating at the same time haha..=)
If Baby Spice went boxing she would've picked those gloves too, right?
(Puma gym bag is a gift from BF's parents =) Everlast gloves from my Dad and wraps from Elorde gym)
so nag-fifeeling haha!

haha.. only for the camera =p

After boxing, went to hear mass then had a short camwhore session with my sister at home..

(F21 top; resurrected from the dead Bongo jeans that I bought 6 years ago, SM dept store shoes)

I have been wearing these burned out shirts from Forever 21 because they are very light and I seriously can't wear anything thicker because the summer heat is killing me! I can't even wear my beloved stacks of bangles because it will only add up to the stickiness... hmmmppphh..

I wish I was on some beach with this heat then it would've been perfect!

Yesterday was also burned out day:

(F21 top; bazaar shorts; old blue platforms; LV bag; earrings from Rockwell bazaar; Folded and Hung sunglasses)


  1. aww. ok so i love that grey puma bag its so awesome that a athletic based design team can come up with such hot hang bags boots and training gear!
    you box??!! i really do want to get into that. im pretty light in weight so i want to learn how to defend myself and plus its a great way to tone up. i love working to tho ive been lazy about it lately due to stress :(..

  2. I'm suuuuper new to boxing but I'm enjoying it so far.. Boxing might be your stress buster, try it!=)



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