Monday, April 6, 2009

$8 Forever 21 Jumpsuit

(forever 21 jumpsuit shoes:from DSW cuff:foldedandhung bag:Louis Vuitton)
with my all checked-out sister/camwhore partner!=P

Went to Fantasy World with my sisters, cousins, nieces and the BF.. The kids went swimming while the grown-ups camwhored and played a little table tennis.. We were supposed to play bowling but everyone got pretty lazy..=p

I got this jumpsuit from Forever 21 2 months ago during my SF vacation.. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price $7.99!! I got so excited because the jumpsuit is so NOW and yet they've marked it down already!! Oh Forever 21 how I love thee! It kind of has a pajama feel to it which i like, very lounge-y.. The shoes I got on sale too from the bargain basement of DSW for $32.. I like it because it has strip of faux-leopard print, girrafe print, stingray print and I don't know the rest hahaha.. the studded cuff is from folded and hung which I got for around 200 pesos.


  1. Hi! Great jumpsuit-- I'm a little obsessed with them myself because they're a comfortable insta-outfit, lovely! And thanks for the link exchange too, I've added you and am looking forward to your blogs :)




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