Monday, April 20, 2009

Cubao X: See/Eat/Buy

As promised..=) My sisters and I are not photographers so please bear with the quality of pics..=) I do not know how to put a cut so this will be a long but interesting post.. Keep on scrolling!!=)

Art galleries/Vintage Shops/Amazing window displays

Authentic Italian food at Bellini's /Drink Coffee at Halo Cafe

I believe almost everything they put on display are for sale here..
All the pictures below plus lovely vintage chandeliers/vintage clothes/pictures of Filipino actors and actresses from the 50's to the 80's/paintings and all vintage appliances imaginable!=)

And yes, the horse is for sale too!!

I asked them if they had Sweet Valley pocketbooks. I was only testing them and didn't expect them to be familiar with it. After a few minutes the sales girl showed me these SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! I wish they had SV Kids and Twins though because I never got to read High or University.. I wanted to buy SVK and SVT wherein the stories were more about Lila or Jessica (Team Unicorns!!) but they had none..=(


(Gray and White wooden necklace; Ethnic bangle; Leopard print plastic bangle;
(My sister's tiger print cuff and earrings)
My sister's purchase:
(photography book featuring Local celebrities and models; very glamorous 70's picture book;
the other book is filled with amazing black and white photos)
An "authentic" Beatles "Tape" made in the 60's (?)
We are a big Beatles fan so we bought it!! Haha silly scotch tape!!

My sister's LPs
I want to make a photo wall with these LPs!! Got them for 30 pesos each (less than $1)

Amazing graphics plus the girl in black with red nails is very fasyon no?


  1. ahaha i love that shopfront.

    wonder who kuya germs is?

  2. hey..i want one of those with Grease,i'm a big fan:X::X:Xi will check your blog to see what you doing

  3. patricia: uhmmm kuya germs is a famous local host who has been around showbiz since I was a little kid.. He is responsible for lots of celebrities successful career and is also known for his gaudy sequined blazers!!=)

    Egoisim: Grease is the best!!=)

  4. Where is this, I want to go there, what town! haha but im serious XD thanks for checking out my blog yours looks cute! love the title too

  5. Hey nycoco Cubao X is in Manila, Philippines..=)



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