Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bandage Dress from SM dept. store (!?!)

So cute!

Wore this bandage dress on my graduation yesterday. The bandage dress is probably one of my favorite trends recently and I don't mind trying it especially if the dress is so cheap..=) I bought this dress in SM department store for 1,100 pesos ($25). I was surprised that SM had these kind of designs.. I was so giddy after accidentally discovering this dress!! "We've got it all for you!" indeed!! (For non-Manila readers: That is the SM's jingle hehe)

After graduation, the whole family + BF ate dinner. I was so full it was showing in the dress!!

Note to self: Bandage dress + Buffet = not a good idea haha!!=P


  1. It is a pretty dress! Congrats on graduating!

  2. Congrats Mads with your graduation! You look damn sexy @ graduation day!

  3. hello!
    thank you so much for the lovely comment, ill link you straight away!!

    love the dress!!
    you wouldnt think you stuffed yer face with buffet, the dress has kept it all in! :)

    congrats on graduating!! :)

  4. Aw! You look gorgeous in this dress. And I can't believe you found this at SM!!! Sounds like you had a great time and congratulations on graduation.

  5. Hi everyone!! Thanks for all your lovely comments! Our dress code was Sunday dress haha and that's what i wore.. Looks like a sunday dress to me..=P

    Ana: SM is quite surprising nowadays!=)

  6. HAHAH yes bandage dress and buffet is soooo wrong HAHAH true true! dear thank you for your comment, so sorry it took long to respond! am linking you!

    gros bisous ma belle

  7. oh my WOW! So Herve-Leger, I feel like going back home right this second! I miss the shopping there especially in Manila. And I too am surprised SM stock treasures like that. lovely dress & blog for sure x

  8. Nuha nuha: thanks for the link!!=)

    Jazzle dazzle: Go!! You'll find lots of nice stuff for sure..=)

  9. first, congrats on graduating.
    also, the dress looks nice, is it herve ledger?
    u look cute in that robe-hat graduation outfit thingy,

  10. Dinie: Thanks!=) It's from SM dept store, I wish I had money for Herve Leger pieces though..=)

  11. One of my best friend's sister works as a buyer in SM and apparently SM wants to re-model by bringing in new brands both local and international. They want to be known as the local Macy's I hear!

  12. Hey! what SM branch you bought your bondage dress?

  13. To Anonymous: SM Mall of Asia..=)



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