Saturday, April 25, 2009

Collage Love

Night of tong-its (card game) and strawberry kool-aid gin concoctions..
We were gambling with a 15 peso pot haha..=) I won 63 pesos yey!!
so fun the night ended at 5am..

The view near the cliff was breathtaking. I wish that balcony was mine.
My friends went cliff jumping, too bad I can't join because I don't know how to swim!

Playing with the self-timer while waiting for my friend to wake up..

I recently learned how to make collage pictures (yeah, I made that banner myself=p) and I am getting collage crazy!! These pictures are from an impromptu overnight beach trip the other day with my med school friends. It was so fun we were like little kids!You wouldn't understand a thing because we were always screaming and laughing..=P Stupid me I forgot to bring the battery charger and when we were about to go to the beach the following morning the camera decided to die on me..=(


  1. Hi! Love your flipflops and your dog seems to be exhausted! The sun isn't shining but the view is still beautiful! I wish I coul be there.....

  2. im glad you agree with me on sequins for world peaceee!
    thanks for commenting :)

  3. I'm a big fan of the collage ;) Your hair is so incredible. You are too lovely!

    And of course we're exchanging links!

  4. fun collages! i love love your hair.

  5. what a beatiful landscapes and you are very cute.
    x.o.x.o egoism

  6. Hi everyone thanks for your comments! Haha I have a love/hate relationship with my hair..=)

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  8. haha! i love the dog photo. so cute!

    btw nice place! where is this?

  9. you have such pretty gorgeous hair!
    oh and i just added you to my blogroll.



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