Monday, October 5, 2009

Simple Joys

Simple things that make me happy:
*this was taken two weeks ago when the sister and I went to the mall..

1. spending time with my sister and eating cheap but delicious desserts:
Less than 100 peso desserts from the food court.
I forgot the name of the store but they sell super delicious desserts all for less than 100 pesos (less than $2)

Currently loving KFC crushers -- love this strawberry yogurt drink that has undissolved milk tidbits.. Super yummy and it's only 75 pesos! (less than $2)
2. window shopping.. I am crushing on this blazer from Mango... love how they mixed the classic look of tweed with a biker jacket silhouette..

3. rediscovering hidden treasures in my closet.
Old shoes..
Perfect for the leopard fever that I'm having lately..=)

I was kinda sad to learn that the Topshop store in Alabang has closed already.. I really hope that they are just relocating to a bigger space.. Will check it out again this weekend.. I do not shop there weekly (Topshop isn't really the cheapest place to shop at) but I love the eye candy and inspirations it gives me just going into that tiny store..
Love this outfit.. It's bordering on boring but me likes it..
Forever 21 shirt; Bayo pants; Janilyn leopard pumps; Zara bag
Justify Full
Thank you for all your lovely and concerned comments about my Typhoon post.. Hopefully everything will turn out better for the other Filipinos who weren't as lucky.. I didn't post last week because I was feeling kinda guilty over the situation. I also felt that last week was not the time to talk about fashion and latest finds as there were more important matters to spend time and energy on. Relief operations are still ongoing so if you want to help you can still do so..=)

PS. I will resume the WHITE TANK DIY SERIES this week. So please check back if you can..=)


  1. I love the shoes! :) I am crushing on animal prints lately. Gah.
    Will definitely check out that strawberry yogurt drink, too! Haha. Oh by the way, musculoskeletal system sucks! Hahahaha!

  2. Nice shoes and the dessert!! Im gonna have to do a dessert run now.

  3. I absolute love cheap Asian desserts, can't wait to indulge when I visit Singapore later on this year.

  4. hello! i stumbled upon your blog. :) Topshop did not close, they are moving to a bigger location (beside folded & hung, the old space of planet sports) and the old Topshop will become Topman.

  5. I love the bag. I like to "window shop" only at topshop. there stuffs are really something though the price is kinda' questionable. HAHA Anyways, great style. love the shoes as well.

  6. @anonymous wow! That's super great news.. Thanks for the info..=) So happy that there will a topman store, the bf and the brother will love this news.. I'm so excited for them!!=] I hope the new store would carry wider selection of shoes

  7. Yes, yes to the first picture. I love desserts =x


  8. I love that jacket and your shoes are fabulous. I'm craving for that dessert. It looks like a Brazo de Mercedes. Yummy!

  9. nice shoes!

    how are you, btw? i feel so sad on what happened to our fellow
    pinoys. let's pray for them.

  10. i definitely know what you mean on finding hidden treasures!! haha

  11. I also felt terribly guilty last week on how I worry about the littlest unimportant things while thousands suffer... my prayers go to all those who were devastated by the storm.

    On a happy thought, this is a fun post. Do take note of the name of the place when you get a chance, I want to include it in my list of places to try when we go for a visit next year!!

    Lovely casual outfit! =)

  12. i love your leopard shoes, they look fuzzy and undeniably chic. i just went through your old entries and i must say i love your outfits!

    p.s can i be added on your blogroll? i'll appreciate it. i'm adding you to mine now :D


  13. hi mads.thanks sa info.makabili nga sa saturday,hehe. i saw the cover of the mag sa facebook.bongga ang outfit.haha

    btw, i love your blazer and shoes.perfect combination. :)

  14. Compared to what I usually wear, your outfit definitely is not boring.Those leopard pumps are hot!

    Missing Brazo de Mercedes, funny they also make that here but it's much tastier in the Phils. Missing Razon's halo-halo too, haay!

    Take care, Mads!


  15. I'm loving your jacket! Glad to see that you're feeling better :)

  16. the mango jacket is great. Very chanelesque. Love your outfit. Nothing worn with killer heels like these leo darlings is boring!



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