Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twilight fans please answer!=) + wearing my DIY necklaces

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I try to avoid wearing head-to-toe trendy pieces so I always add something classic/non-trendy in my outfits. In this case, I wore my classic Zara pumps and chose my LV Reade bag which has a simple structured shape with my oversized white shirt+big necklace look.
Shirt from Bench; Topshop Jeans; DIY necklaces; Louis Vuitton Bag; Zara shoes
I'm wearing my favorite jeans from Topshop.
I can't believe I've been wearing it for 6 years haha
the crotch area is so distressed already!
hihi that's not my panty you see, ha!
Raise your hand (or comment!) if you're excited for New Moon!!
I'm super excited,I even made an opening day counter at tickerfactory but
I couldn't figure out how to post it here so my efforts were wasted, so frustrating.

I just want to know how many of you out there are Twilight obsessed like me and my siblings..
Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Actually, I myself can not say that I'm 100% Jacob or 100% Edward because they both have endearing qualities and charm. But when I was reading New Moon I was kind of 75% Jacob and 25% Edward because Jacob's vibe was light & playful. Very "buddy" vibe, which I like. But in general, I'm still Team Edward, of course..=) I'm all for KILIG (giddy) moments and cheesy lines!!

The only person I didn't like so much in New Moon is BELLA!
Ang arte arte niya! (So dramatic!)
Or maybe I'm just jealous? hehe

This was supposed to be posted 2 days ago to mark my 1 month anticipation for the opening of Twilight Saga NEW MOON but my sister brought her camera to her dorm so I only got the pics today.. This was taken last week when we went to the mall for frozen yogurt and I chanced upon these huge posters near the cinema.

I can't wait. I hope I'm not duty that day.


  1. that diy necklace is awesome...yup we all can't wait for twilight New Moon!!!

  2. hey .
    thanks for the commenting on my older post . i though most bloggers just view the latest post.. not the older ones..haha
    anyway,nice DIY necklace . it looks great over the simple jeans and tshirt combo.

  3. I love your DIY necklace. It worked well with your white top.

  4. I love your style!
    You have a great blog :D Very inspiring!


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  5. I'm team Edward. And team Taylor. I hate Jacob in the book. :D

  6. You look absolutely beautiful in these pics. Love your necklaces.
    I'm excited for New Moon. I hope it'll be as bad as the first one so I've got something to laugh. I can't wait to see all these bad actors(okay in the last film it wasn't their fault. It was the fault of the script writer/director)

  7. i mads!i love your look! you look so pretty on these pics.*wink*
    galing mo naman gumawa ng necklace.wala ako talent nyan.hihi :D

  8. i did not enjoy the book that much but i'm deffo will be watching! i mean jacod is tres hotness. team werewolf here because i like my boys HOT blooded if u know what i mean. ^^

    and that necklace is really cute.

  9. hi mads.
    i love this simple outfit of you.
    kahit nka white shirt ka lng, maganda ka pa rin.
    good job on DIY necklace mo.

    p.s nope, wala akong black shoes nun. nag iisa lng ung prada-esque ko na un.

  10. i love your necklace! and yes, i am so excited for new moon! last year my friends and i flew from bicol to manila just to watch the special screening of twilight. haha.. i like jacob too but i am still on team edward. =D

  11. I don't think any of jeans from 6 years ago still fit me. You lucky, lucky girl!

    Love the necklace DIY. Gosh, that would be super expensive if you bought it. Love this look, very simple and fresh.

    About the question, hmm... can't decide but leaning a wee bit towards Jacob! =)

  12. Your necklaces are pretty - but im not much of a twilight fan. I couldnt finish the book so I sold it.. but the movie was cute. I guess Im more of a True Blood kinda girl haha.

  13. Wauw! Love the necklace! And Twilight! them both ^_^

  14. that's a simple outfit with a touch of colorful necklace. you're so talented to do DIYs.

  15. you know what? I love twilight.
    Am avoiding reading the books, but i gave it a try and downloaded the first one. The following week i got the four books. hhiihi.

    ten years ago id probably be waiting in line. am a little shy now, so ill wait for two more weeks before watching it on the theater. I can't be surrounded with screaming girls, cos ill scream too. And am almost 30. hihihhii.

    love your DIY. I make accessories you know. I supply my friend abroad. And i love that necklace of yours.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  16. I should say.. hmm i'm ateam Jacob. I love him so much. By the way..? is that true for the fact of 6years topshop jeans? wow! =D

  17. awesome job on the necklace.
    i am team Wesley! (le bf) LOL
    actually i am on team Jacob. but i would like bella to be with Edward

  18. wow! your photos are wonderful. I really enjoyed your blog.

  19. The lighting in the photos are fantastic!

  20. looking great here with that necklace, Mads.

    as always, i'm not caught up on current stuff so i can't answer the question. i thought edward has a really broad face... :P

  21. Hey mads
    Well, I am Team Edward all the way.
    I am super excited about the movie too. Although everybody was saying the New Moon book was not really nice, it IS my FAVORITE!! I'm DYING!
    Anyways, simple but great outfit. I love the necklaces!


  22. I'm quite excited for the film, I'm reading the last book now and keep thinking 'wow, I can't wait to watch this.' I can't really pick a side, both have their advantages, Edwards seems pretty perfect but Jacob has his darker side.

  23. im so excited for new moon - so excited. love your DIY necklace xxxx

  24. Hi, I love your blog, and the pictures! ^^

    Follow me @ Twitter @ Facebook

  25. I feel the same way about the Edward/Jacob question as you do. Overall I'm on Team Edward, but (like you) I was more on Team Jacob in New Moon.
    And very cool necklace!!


  26. Hey Mads! How are you lovely? Fabulous DIY necklaces.. love it paired with the classic white-t shirt and jeans look.

    I never got into Twilight but I'm actually curious about New Moon since the trailer looks good. Will prob. see it although I have yet to see the first film!

    xo, Becs

  27. Great job with the DIY necklace! Zara shoes are pretty great... they're not always comfortable but I can't stop buying them.

    Oh, and I think I'm one of the few people who hasn't been into the whole Twilight thing, but I might still catch on...

  28. great necklace!! and fantastic photos!!



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