Monday, September 28, 2009


I read somewhere that Hurricane Katrina dumped 1 inch of rain in 3 hrs & another 0.5 inch per hr over next 5 hrs while Typhoon Ondoy dumped average of 2.24 inches per hr for 1st 6 hrs. There are still a lot of places here that have waters up to the roof of their houses..=( In other places, dead bodies are seen hanging from trees, riverside and streets..

Taken last Saturday at the back of our hospital/school.
The wall divides the river and the parking lot..
The wall collapsed.. Fortunately, nobody got hurt.
This is the parking lot which turned into a swimming pool. Good thing I was running late that day the slots at the back were full so parked my car in front. The front part didn't get too flooded.
Our library got flooded too!
My friend Macoy after walking/swimming in the flood waters because his car was in the parking lot.. Look at his pants they're actually white..
Taken from my sister's facebook.. This is the underpass going to Quiapo, Manila. The water must've been around 15-20 feet high!
At another hospital/medschool in Manila.

Donate to the Red Cross Rescue and Relief Operations. Send RED (space) (amount) to 2899 (Globe) and 4483 (SMART)

NDCC Emergency Numbers: 912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061. Help hotlines: 734-2118, 734-2120.

MARIKINA RESCUE: 6462436 Boats now available. Pls contact Nor Domingo/ La Salle Greenhills 0920 907 290

Drop off areas:
Luca Store (Eastwood, Shangrila, Rockwell)
Victory Taguig
DLSU Dasmarinas Cavite
La Salle Greenhills

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya is also accepting pledges and donations for relief goods but I don't have their number, please google them na lang..

They'll be needing:
1. Water
2. Canned food
3. Instant noodles
4. Diapers
5. toiletries
6. used clothes
7. Rice
8. Infant formula
9. Batteries
10. Flashlight
11. Bedsheet/blanket
12. Slippers
13. Medicine
14. Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

Good thing Filipinos are united and are helping one another. Even Gerald Anderson (a super super famous young celebrity) went out of his way and swam the flooded waters to help his neighbors.. I love you more now Gerald!! Ang bait bait mo naman..=) (You are so kind) sincerely wish you more success in your showbiz career because you really have a good heart..=)
On the other end of the spectrum, there's this ONE FILIPINO named Jacqueline Bermejo living/working in Dubai who wrote this in her shoutout in facebook:

Jacqueline Bermejo you are one heartless bitch! I don't want to wish you ill because if I do then I'm just like you. But I really hope this won't happen to your family.. Bahala na si Lord sayo.. ANG KAPAL NG FEZ MO GRABE!! (You really have no shame). I feel sorry for your parents.. After people saw this shoutout they bombarded her Multiply account with angry comments and in 2 hours 6000 comments were made all angry and disgusted at her.. Instead of just thanking the Lord for blessing you, you come up with these crazy selfish shoutouts!

I kinda felt guilty because I realized -- OMG here I am worried about my car not getting submerged in the flood (it didn't) and my laptop not getting wet (only the charger got wet) when I turned on the TV other people are fighting dehydration and hypothermia on top of the roof of their houses and some lost their loved ones. I didn't realize that the floods were that bad in other areas. Yes, I can be materialistic at times but I learned to count my blessings.

I said a silent prayer of thanks because my family was safe back home and our house did not get flooded.. Let us pray for those who died and those who are still missing.

***I realized my pictures didn't quite capture the real situation. Instead, please check out Leah's blog for more pictures..***


  1. You know, meron pa kagaya si Bermejo sa Pinoy Exchange, there's this Lizard Man and Makati Girl na wala din mga puso.

    So you were in UERM that time?

  2. This is so awful! I feel so bad for these people. :(


  3. hi mads! thanks sa pangungumusta.
    ok naman kami dito sa laguna.may mga affected rin pero not that family lives in Surigao Mindanao and im thankful di sila affected ng bagyo. So kind of you to post this convincing my foreign friends to donate for the victims too.lets do whatever we can do to help!
    ingat ka lagi! :)

  4. omg! i pray that everything gets better soon :)

  5. The photo of the Quiapo underpass is insane!! Praying for you all.x

  6. Oh my god this is horrible!
    I can't imagine how the city looks like now. I hope everything will become good again soon!

  7. i am going to look past that stupid bitches ignorance and focus on the fact that its horrible whats going on over there. my prayers to everyone. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  8. glad you and family are fine, Mads. i was about to ask you about it.

  9. Is that girl stupid or what grr I hate when people say that glad to hear your okay my friend moved to the philipines but shes not in Manila but alot of my friends have family there...just praying for them all hope you keep save

  10. I agree. What a bitch. She probably thinks she's exempt from 'nature's wrath' while she's out there, but one day karma will slap her in the face.

  11. Good thing you posted this, Mads! I used to live and work in Marikina before and I'm so saddened by this.

    As with that Jacque Bermeo,that's so LOW,TACTLESS and TASTELESS of her to do that. Anyway, huwag na nating ibaba ang level natin sa kanya at baka mag-overshoot lang ang blood pressure natin.

    I hope and pray that everything will be okay soon.I'll help anyway I can to ease the pain of the suffering.

  12. i can't read or watch news anymore. my heart is broken for my country. bakit sa atin nangyayari ito. hirap na hirap na nga, eto pa. anyways, my prayers are always with you!
    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  13. oh gosh this looks really terrible... i'm glad you and your family are alright!! Do take care of yourself... it's tragedies like this that can bring out the best/worst in people... but it's good that there are usually more of people like Gerald Anderson yes?

    will be hoping and praying for the best for you!

  14. this is so sad, really. i felt weak when i first heard it, but cried when i saw the videos. God help our country. i keep thinking, how would the victims survive the next months? oh, so sad.

    as for the nonsense rambling of that filipina? oh, she's a pity. but heartless people exist anywhere, so just ignore her.

    I shared my own thoughts here,

    Philippines flood: A catastrophe or a curse?

  15. Mads,
    I'm so sorry babe...I will keep you and your family in my prayers - I promise

  16. Darling-- I hope you and your family are all right. I'm so sad to read this and to see these pictures... but I am so heartened to see so many bloggers and friends reaching out to help...

  17. It's horrible. I will be donating!

  18. i feel so bad too. lucky for me, im part of a community and we were able to send donations immediately - just 2 days from the day of the typhoon. hopefully everyone recovers soon. im from dubai and i know several people who says they know this particular jacky girl. a statement came out that someone hacked her accounts. anyways, hope people looks into the people who needs help more...thanks for sharing and glad a lot of people are supporting the cause in helping out philippines right now! cheerio and greetings from dubai!! =D



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