Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh crap

I have vampiric eyes again!! Edward Cullen, where are you?=P
Old Romper from Folded and Hung; Renegade Folk shoes; Louis Vuitton bag

You might have noticed my pictures alternate from crappy to nice shots. Crappy quality shots = my 2 sisters are not with me (no DSLR camera and no patient photographers). I seriously want an SLR too, last year I didn't think I would want one so I bought myself Chanel earrings and lots of pretty things from downtown SF instead of a camera. haha. But now me thinks I want one too! I'm currently crushing on a Canon 500D.

Went karaoke (or VIDEOKE in Filipino =P) last night. Fun night, sang songs from the Beatles, Eraserheads and a bunch of old cheesy Filipino songs! ER duty later then I have Sunday off tomorrow yey!! Might go to a bazaar and shop a little..

And oh, 70 followers! Thank you very much for following me I super appreciate it!=)


  1. Yesssss! dSLR! :)
    It'll be a great Christmas present for yourself!
    And oh, don't forget to buy a remote and a tripod!
    Remote = more vain shots! Haaahaa!
    I've had mine for 2 years.. I'm itching for an upgrade. Arggggh. Hahaha! But no. Must buy an external flash instead. Ohyeah. Hahaha!

  2. You look so pretty!!! I love your dress & shoes!!

  3. i also had a romper like that. But got it from Oxygen. BTw ask ako sa rehegadefolk na shoes na yan. is it realy good. i saw it on their store kaso isip ako ng isip kung okay ba. Like okay ba yung heels and comfy ba? how high? walang black no? but that blue is soooooo freakin' pretty. anyway do they have stores other than their online's?

  4. love the shoes and the dress...I am still not sure if I look good with that...just got back from Phuket...

    Take care! Will try to start my DIY right after my boyf settles in Bangkok... take care again...


  5. Love Love the shoes!! :D


  6. AAaaah ("cold beds of sweat") AND I Really would LOVE to be savagely/sensuously biten by a such a smiling/sparkling Vampire like you !!!!!
    ps: Frankly Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. Hello Mads-
    How are you? You look super chic in black and I can't keep my eyes away from those blue/black mesh shoes. You look great !!!!

  8. no joan jett?:D haha i love singing madonna, joan jett and joss stone tunes:D you look nice in your blue shoes and rompers:)

  9. i loveee ur blue line shoes =)
    is that a jumpsuit?
    long time no do a blogwalking... =)

  10. Loving those shoes and kareoke <3

  11. Im so crazy in love with those shoes!

  12. love the shoes



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