Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY Necklace: Pretty and Punk

Black stones whatever and neon pink string - from Carolina's fabric store

In lieu of the White Tank DIY, I tweaked a necklace that I bought from Carolina's (I don't even know if it's a necklace because it didn't have chains and there was no way to wear it). I bought neon pink strings and doubled knotted it into each space. Took me around 10-15 minutes of twisting and knotting. I like how it kinda looks a bit rock and roll but girly and classic at the same time..=) Such a versatile piece, can't wait to wear it!

I actually tried doing the White Tank DIY last night but my scissors weren't sharp enough and the lace got snagged..=( Plus, my patience ran out and I got sleepy haha.. So I'll probably do it on the weekend when I'm home.

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OK, back to studying... Biochemistry here I come!=)


  1. i want!! great diy. do u happen to know where the branches of carolinas are? i will be in manila this weekend and it's on top of my list.thanks in advance.!!!



  2. Hi Mads,
    About the melissa shoes, i got them online because I saw chicclinic wear them, ugh! my feet are always sore! NOT comfy at all, actually the straps are the ones making the blisters,very hurtful blisters.=( it looks cute and all but i cannot stand walking in them, they're good lang for, you know, walk from the car to the coffee shop counter/restaurant, your seat and back to the car. HEHE!!



  3. It will def spice up any outfit :)

  4. Awesome DIY! I love the combination of the pink and black! It's odd that this necklace came without a chain though! Good thinking, adding the pink string!

  5. Cute necklace! I love biochemistry hehe, jk:)

  6. so cool! the pink touch is the best:)

    xx raez

  7. this is a very unique DIY.. very different than the usual crowded statement necklaces !
    great work .
    am following and adding you to my blog roll . It's my first time here and I'm really loving it :D

    hope u wont mind exchanging links :D

  8. hi mads.
    i love love your DIY necklace.
    i must say you're the queen of all DIY.lol!



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