Saturday, October 31, 2009


To commemorate the first day of my Surgery rotation, I'm sharing you gorgeous post-op editorials. No pain, no gain at its finest! I'm so happy I'm back at the Surgery rotation again, I'll be spending 2 months yey! The only thing that sucks is that I'm duty on ALL the upcoming holidays..=( But anyway, surgery is one of my favorite rotations along with ENT and Ophtha. This is one of the "funnest" rotations ever! The residents are super cool and you know me I LOVE to sew! Whether it be clothing or human skin..=P

In the perfect world, patients would look this painfully chic but in my real world the usual scene in the Emergency Room are motorcycle accident with their messed up faces, stabwounds and gunshots. I'm actually expecting a lot of gunshot/stabwounds tonight because today is a national holiday in the Philippines.

So no work + drunk men = not a good picture..=P
Team shirt; Pants from Folded & Hung; Wedges from DSW; sunglasses People are people

Here's a sneak peek from our interns' outing, will post more of my outfit pics tom as I haven't gotten pictures from my facebook friends yet..=) I'm not wearing an orange shirt by choice, this is actually our team shirt that I've come to love.
To say that it was super fun is an understatement..


  1. Mmmh About these editorial's pictures, I really like its "Fashion Decadence" 's so poisonous/GLAMorous mood, OR when the quest for Perfection "sulfurous-ly" turns on a Hysterical way !!!
    Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. This is def one of my fave editorials!

  3. the orange color suits you! :) hope you had a fabulous halloween weekend!

  4. lol. you're sickeningly funny (i love to sew).

    grey eyeshadows suit you. did you line your eyes?



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