Monday, October 19, 2009

3B's: Blazer, Bazaar and Busog!

Hello blazer, long time no wear! I'm Mads, your master hahaha..
The last time I wore this was during my trip to SF last Feb '09 and I actually forgot I had this.

I'm so happy that we are reunited again..=P
Blazer: The black shop; knitted vest: Forever 21; 100 peso bazaar shorts; SM dept store shoes;
Louis Vuitton Speedy; My DIY necklace; Leopard cuff from Cubao X
My family and I ate dinner at Sentro 1771 yesterday. The restaurant specializes in contemporary Filipino cuisine. I LOVED the food so much that I brought home the leftover cornedbeef sinigang and I had them for breakfast this morning!

These are my favorites:

Us 3. Sister 2 was MIA since it's exam week. You know me, I'm picnik crazy.
Tried the halloween theme this time.

We also ate yummy cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja which was just across Sentro.
nyum nyum nyum
After dinner, we stopped by Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar and I scored this vintage Casio watch from the 70's. At first I was doubtful of its "vintage-icity" but when I showed it to my Dad, he said that he had the exact watch when he was in college. So yey I'm so happy with my great find, it has the normal analog arms and a digital display too. I have a thing for "pang-tatay looking" watches. I like watches that look like it doesn't belong to me that's why I always borrow the BF's watch too.
My newest eye candies:
Bangles from a booth selling accessories from India and this super cool flag coin purse.

BTW, BUSOG means full/stuffed = ME! =)


  1. You look gorgeous!!! I love your outfit, and all that food looks sooooo delicious!!!

  2. Great great great!
    You are beautiful girl!
    And your outfit is perfect!
    Miam!I'm hungry now!!

  3. Awesome blazer!! I love the black lining! The cupcake looks good :D

  4. <"a=heref="">

  5. the pop of blue is darling! and so is the jacket :)

  6. Fabulous blazer... I love it.

    I'm craving for Sentro's corned beef sinigang now.

  7. I really like your second picture's Haughy/Sexy nonchalance, AND the way you decline the (so delicate) art of "handbag holding" . . . with a lot of hieratic fluency !!!
    Frankly Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. Nice outfit Mads! I actually thought the blazer was light pink. Love the piping details. And that 2nd photo, it looks like a paparazzi shot, cool!

    You got me so hungry with these food posts! How I wish these can be packaged and sent overnight here! We don't have a Fil store/resto here in MN =( Oh and I've heard so much about this Sonja cupcake but haven't tried one yet.

    Have a great day! =)

  9. wahh, me want those fried cheese balls! cute watch.

  10. Hi mads,
    I just got back from an overnight trip to manila, I was able to get something from Carolina's too. =)
    I wanted to go to the bazaar to but I didn't have time. =( cool stuffs you got there, love the bangles and the purse!! to die for!

    P.S. I love your blazer.!!


  11. Wow! Love those Filipino delicacies, totally gorgeous outfit.

  12. Your blazer look fabulous, the entire outfit is stunning.

  13. Pretty pretty blazer! Is this in MOA? Cause i swear I have very similar pictures taken in MOA.. hmm, could be way off though.

  14. the jacket or blazer whatever you call pag-ibig...ang ganda!!!!

    looks good with your DIY necklace...I am still tamad with my jacket...especially now that my boyf is in town hehehe...take care always!!!!


  15. Love your blazer Mads! Classy!


  16. I love your blog :)
    Hello, I'm your newest follower.

  17. great blazer and sandals, girl. they complement each other. ;)

  18. Missed sinigang. Too bad walang kangkong dito but I still have the sinigang mix from the Phils. We have kesong puti here, I'll try frying that. ;)

    Beautiful white blazer,the bangles are pretty and the coin purse is so patriotic.;) Cute ng poses mo dear, so a la the Olsen twins ang pout. :)

  19. mads! nakakabusog naman talaga. But first nakakagutom pala. hihihi. I love Filipino food syempre. They're the real food as my husband lovely puts it. hihihi.

    girl, you're so chic! Love the blazer. An lamig na ngayun kaya am resurrecting na din ang aking mga blazers and knits.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  20. i want those shoes and that BAG! i have the smaller one but clearly i need the bigger one! xxxxxxx

  21. i love your blog. i added you to my blogroll. hmm, and you're a doc or a med student not sure which but i admire you. You must be a really busy fashionista lady.

  22. Thanks so much for the comment ! I really appreciate it !
    I will add you to my blogroll alos :)
    Keep posting wonderful things !

  23. hey mads that blazer is awesome... very coco:) and love the black and white photo of you by the way:) the food pics are making me exremely hungry:(

  24. You look so chic with the blazer. Love the black trim on it too. The food looks so delish.. cute pics!

    xo, Becs



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