Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New stuff + Typing Maniac!

Hello everyone!!
How was your weekend?
Hope you enjoyed it especially those in the US!!
I'm sure your 4th of July weekend was a blast!!

I seriously need to learn how to configure the SLR, digicam pics look less crappy and washed out than this!!
(Bleached tank: Trunkshow; Vest & Sunglasses: Forever 21; Shorts: from a bazaar)

My weekend was fun.. Last Saturday the boy and I finally got to watch Transformers 2 and it was great!! Robot eyecandy galore! Wore the bleached tank but this time over a knitted vest from F21..

the blazer was given to me by my sister.. she went thrifting and she bought this for me.. It's big but I'll have it reworked.. Super excited to wear this, I love its print!!First saw these boxes when I bought my Monica Fig shoes last year.. I remember being amazed by this clear boxes. A few months ago, I found an online store selling them but the pick-up only took place last Saturday.. The boy bought it for me!! Super happy with these boxes.. I won't put all my shoes here only the delicate ones like my snakeskin and suede shoes.. I love the fact that my bulkiest shoes fit into it. yey!

Expect a shoe post soon..=P

Went to the grocery store on Sunday and look what we found -- the cutest pineapple ever!! It is TINY!

Sorry for the lack of post, I've been feeling quite lazy lately because I have a new addiction yet again -- TYPING MANIAC on facebook!! Who else plays this??? I'm Top 11 on my friends list.. What have you evolved into?? I hope I'll turn into a CYBORG soon..


  1. I would love to stock up some of those transparent shoes boxes too! Ur sis' so kind to u, the printed jacket's pretty cool!

  2. Are you standing on a pool table?

  3. Hello, gorgeous! Great post!


  4. Your new blazer is fantastic!

  5. Those clear shoe boxes are very handy especially when looking for that pair of shoes to wear later. Mmmm, pineapples,yummy!The blazer is hot. Eagerly waiting for your shoe post. ;)

  6. nice jacket!:) hmmm... yeah those clear boxes everybody's using them already that's why i decided to stop using them as packaging haha:D plus my supplier was charging me an arm and a leg for them! it was crazy. how much do they sell them for online? it's pretty cool and makes things a lot easier when it comes to browsing in your closet but if you have way toooo many shoes, here's a tip... don't stack them too high 'cause the box can't take the weight then they start to deform. i have a feeling you have plenty of shoes i thought you'd need the advice:D still haven't gotten around to doing the tag but will get around to it soon!:) big hug!:)

  7. Girl you are fabulous! I most especially love the hair! i'd die for those curls...

    much love,
    sarah of http://sarahwearscolor.blogspot.com

  8. I love the print on that blazer!!!

  9. i like the purple vest/cardi

    try auto focus for your shots . until you can figure it out

  10. Ahh, love that you're standing on a pool table! Just got a SLR myself, and I'm slowly learning how to use it. Fab blazer.. such a great find!

    xo, Becs

  11. Gorgeous gift from your sis, Mads!

    I love the shoe boxes! I am currently looking for new ideas to store my shoes! hehehehe

    enjoy the week!


  12. Hi Mads,
    You look great. That's so generous of your sis to gave to that fabulous blazer. The little pineapple is so cute :)
    Hope you having a lovely day,

  13. hihihhii. cute! you're on that pool table again. i love that!

    i like how you layered that cool outfit. it suits you so well. and i gain am jealous of your hair. And am always wondering about the monica fig shoes. meron niyan sa Landmark ba?>

  14. so you've been standing on a pool table all this time, Mads? lol. that blazer is da bomb. model for us soon.

  15. cool! lucky you got a cool new stuffs!!!!

  16. madsie, you look so super adorable. and oh god!! where oh where did you order those clear shoeboxes?! haha sorry if im such a pain!:)

    btw, favor.. can you ask maggie of head-over-heelz to invite mo to her blog (if its not a bother to you of course).. she invited me to it but she already privatized her blog before i could even reply. i'd appreciate it mads!

    much love


  17. oh my i want to stand on a pool table as well!!

  18. Hi Mads, thanks for relaying the message. I have left a message at Eden's blog!
    Gosh, i didn't realize u were standing on a pool table until my hubby told me,lol! Have a nice day! :P

  19. Cute hair color, I love the sunglasses on you! Haha without even reading the caption I was just awing over that pineapple, I want it <3

    KISS, China L.



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