Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teleport me to New York please!!

While checking my blogger reading list, I noticed that everyone is in NY or is planning to go to NY for Fashion week.. SO LUCKY!! Uugghhh I'm so jealous, I seriously wish I wake up tomorrow in Chuck Bass' hotel.. I've been to NY once but it was a one day very tourist-y trip (think Statue of Liberty and I love NY shirts..) I didn't even get to see Times Square at night..

Hmmm but reality check: this whole medical internship is my priority in life.. I hope I pass the Philippine medical licensure in August thenI'll take a short trip to Japan (my parents said yes about Japan!) then head to NY while revewing for the US Medical Licensure exam..

The MAGIC of blogging, I'm in the hospital most of the day but when I go home and turn on my laptop I'm instantly transported to NY! I'm so glad that I get to witness fashion week through Dream Sequin's, Lynn's, Nini's, Rumi's and Karla's blog..

Lynn and Nini, I'm NY-ing vicariously through you.. Take lots of pictures and have lots of fun!

And because I'm having this NY fever just want to share this lovely trailer:
NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU Movie Trailer..

It's so beautiful and the cast is aahhhhhgggggg!!! Ethan Hawke mi love (I have had a crush on him ever since I watched Great Expectations and Reality Bites).. The beautiful Maggie Q.. The super talented Natalie Portman.. Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Andy Garcia, Shia le Bouf, Orlando Bloom, Adriana from the Sopranos among others..

The movie is showing on October 16, 2009 in the US.. I hope they show it here in Manila too!!
Maneesh, ANG GANDA!
let's watch ha, that's gonna be you in 2 years!! Yey!
Nsh in NY!=P


  1. I'd love to visit NY too, probably with empty suitcases haha!.

    regards from a fellow Zara lover :)

  2. NYC sounds crowded just about now... but I do love me some Maggie Q.

  3. My sentiments exactly! Would be nice to apparate to New York right at this very moment with the fashion tent as my portal. And then surprise the blogger meet-up with a grand TADAAAAA!!!

  4. oh man if you teleport yourself take me with you!!!!!!

  5. i dont care much for NY but when u said ur going to Japan... i'm tres jealous! i'd kill just so i could roam around shibuya and harajuku.

    well, gluck with everything.

    love kisses and such! XD

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  7. I absolutely love NY, it's been an obsession for a while now...!
    and yay that Drea de Matteo is in the movie, I can't wait to see it

  8. If I could stranfer my ticket to your name, I would give my ticket for you to NY, serious.

    My parents just arrieved to Dallas from VN. I feel guilty to leave the house.

    I'm sure I will visit NY in different time.


  9. Mads,

    I also wanny go to NY! If I only could teleport or have a lot of money to buy a ticket, hotel & shopping.

    Maggie Q is my favourite! Love her asian roots!

    Enjoy your weekends gurl!


  10. hey mads, thanks for the message:) feel free to text me at my mobile if you like any of the shoes in my new collection. i have yet to upload them on multiply haha!:D hey, i'm so sorry to hear about your grandma:(

  11. I only discovered the wonder of blogsphere a few months back. I know before that blogs do exist, but didn't find time to actually check them out. I am so glad I finally did, seriously, blogs can make you go places and see lots of things! And a huge plus to read different views of people just like us, not your typical commercialized sites.

    So yes, to all bloggers in NY, please post lots of pics! :)


  12. hey but you're still heading to NY ultimately. plus Japan. i couldn't have asked for more. and all the best!

    i liked Hawke since the Dead Poets' Society. cried and cried myself silly every time i watched it.

  13. Hey there, I adore that drapy piece of magic (your dress haha)

    <3 Christine
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