Friday, August 21, 2009

Stuctured vs Slouchy + my fave mall in the world!

Today is a national holiday which means -- no classes (im my case, no duty) for me!! YEY!

I promised my cousin to bring my darling 7-month old niece to the Dora the Explorer show but when we got there were no available seats anymore..
The lines were crazy!! Nagkalat ang mga Aleli Alindogan at mga atat na madir!! (The mall was so full of nannies/yaya and the super excited moms, my cousin included). So we decided to reserve for the Sunday show so Isabelle, my niece, would get a better view of Dora, Diego and the BIG PINATA!! haha..

This mall feels like home to me because it holds a LOT of memories dating back to childhood.
Some additional reasons why I love Town:
  • It's near our house.
  • It's near my school where I went from Nursery to Highschool.. We used to walk from our school to Town.
  • Because when I was in Grade 4 or Grade 5, I bought the PAMBANSANG P.E. SHOES of our generation there..haha the United Colors of Benetton sneakers!! I remember feeling so cool about it haha..=P
  • Because Cibo is there!! I'm so happy because I got to eat my favorite pasta and pomelo shake again!!

Nyum nyum nyum nyum!!
  • Because even if I don't have money I can still entertain myself and read foreign fashion magazines for free. (at powerbooks)
  • Because they have a new FAMILY LOUNGE.. I feel like I'm in someone's chic house.

  • Because they have the cleanest restrooms.
  • Because never have I gone there without seeing a familiar face from my old school.
  • Because back in the days when the boy and I were just buddies, we've always hung out here with our other highschool friends. The Mcdonald's in front has always been our meeting place, especially during our Tagaytay craze.
  • Because my favorite store to window shop is there. RUSTAN'S!! Just want to share some of the cute stuff I saw today. I'm a sucker for cute and useless things.. Too bad I don't have extra money for these stuff because I recently bought stuff for my upcoming beach trip.. Poorita Jones na akes! (I'm broke haha)
Aaaahhhh I want everything!!
looks yummy! they're are actually lipgloss.
mini-sewing kit.. so cute!
Let the dice decide for you..
I want this Fashion Origami set.. Hope I can buy this soon..=P
Cute glow in the dark piggies.. around $2.Peace out!
Cool eraser matches..
Alice in wonderland lunchbox. Great for storing accessories or make-up.
  • Because they have a huge parking lot which doubles as my photo-op location!
Top: Topshop; Pants: SM dept store; Bag: Zara; Shoes: Renegade Folk; Bracelet: Fino

I'm wearing a corset-ish top from Topshop. I like it because it has bone on both sides but doesn't look stiff like the gowns. The dropcrotch pants is the twin sister of the black I wore in my older posts. It's from the wonderstore SM again haha..And oh, I decided to have pink instead of my forever red nailpolish.. I kinda like its cheery color, puts me in a good mood. =)
I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!
And for my Manila readers enjoy the long weekend!
No long weekend for me because I'm on duty tomorrow!
I'm rotating in the ENT department and almost all vehicular accidents are
referred to us because they usually hit their face.

Please sa mga magmomotor jan wag naman kayo mag-inom at maglasing lasing at magpaaksidente bukas!!
Maawa kayo sakin gusto ko matulog.. At kung pwede lang maghelmet nga kayo!
I don't mind suturing somebody's face (I actually enjoy it) but not at 3 in the morning and
the person is super super drunk!!

Please do not drink and drive!!
Seriously, some accidents can be prevented if only people learn how to wear helmets.


  1. Great post!!! U look amazing & I love all of the pics!!

  2. Woooow your cheery-like nail polish truly transfigures your pretty toes as such a tasty "Fetish Delight" !!! AND I really like your so graceful "caressing hair move", its haughty nonchalance . . .
    ps: I wish you a Good long weekend Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. ohmigod ! your pants look so pretty and the food pics are making my stomach hurt they are so yummy looking

  4. omg i love cibo! ahhh youre making me hungry, maybe i could eat there tomorrow...


  5. what an enchanting entry, Mads. thanks for sharing with us your memories. if i ever revisit manila, i'll make sure to stop by this wonderful mall.

    what pasta dish is that?

    i see you're loving hot pink. your digits look hot!

  6. thanks girl;) you look great, i adore your shoes, hope everything regarding dora went great;)

    xx raez

  7. I love your trousers and this pink nail polish is fab.

  8. i love ATC! like you said, it's home! miss it so much! im sure much has changed since i last visited.

  9. hey! you saw those origami sets on rustan's? i really really would like to have one of those, do u know where to buy it on-line?


  10. your shoes are simply amazing! love the criss cross strap of it :) those doughnuts are delish!


  11. Love love LOVE your pants and shoes! Where are your shoes from is you don't mind me asking? Fabulous!


  12. Sis I so love th pants! Where'd you get 'em? SM Ladies Department? Which one? Chica!

  13. Hi there. I stumbled upon your blog through one of the other blogs. I think we are just neighbors. I love your blog, proof is I'm still reading your posts from way back.



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