Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hail Queen Gaga

Asymmetric top: Express; Drop crotch pants: SM dept store; Shoes: Monica Fig;
s Jacket: Solo; Clutch: F21; Zebra cuff from Bangkok; Red leather bracelet: Fino; Earrings: Chanel

Different Cokes for different folks!=PHi I'm Mads. And I'm a Coke Zero Addict.

Lady Gaga's concert was crazy good!!
It was short but super super enjoyable. Her voice sounds great live and her dancing and antics were out of this world.. And the outfits -- aahhhhhhh one amazing outfit after another! Love her shiny outfits and her Vivienne Westwood blazer.. As usual she was pants-less.. I am in awe with Lady Gaga's butt, I wish mine would be as perky as hers haha!!

Went with my sister and her friend. We ended the night eating sushi and people watching. I didn't get to take clear photos of Lady Gaga because we were so far from the stage.

Didn't get to post this immediately because I'm quite a busy bee lately and my last duty was a bit toxic than usual.. ER call at 3AM, then another ER call at 630AM where we sutured an eyebrow then as we were about to go out of the ER we had another patient. He worked in a factory and the blade of the grinder hit his face hitting his eyes nose and mouth (almost slashing his face in half). I really felt sorry for him. Oooppss sorry for such gory details..

There will be another 2 holidays this week.. Yey!!!
I haven't watched the Proposal yet and I wanna watch the Hangover!!
I heard it's super hilarious..


  1. You look fab! I love Lady Gaga! That's awesome you got to go see her live. And you need to see The Hangover.. it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Highly recommend it!

    xo, Becs

  2. sounds like alot of fun. i would be very curious about how she stacks up as a performer

  3. Mmmmh an asymmetrical top, OR How to awake the sparkling "contemporary Urban Goddess" who slumbers in You, with a lot of powerful sweetness !!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. U look amazing!! I'm loving those black platforms!!

  5. I have never acutally heard of gaga songs before! =x Love the devil ears on you!

  6. Cola Zero, not Beer. I love that! :))
    Lovely horns ;D

  7. poor guy :( i hope he's all right...

    cool concert outfit!

  8. You look great Mads. I love all black on you.

  9. maaaaaads! like how are you me love?! you are looking so FAB and those shoes are beyond SICK. haha. glad you enjoyed lady gaga! had no time to go:( btw, i'm back to blogging so do drop by sometime!

    much love


  10. That sounds so fun! I'd love to see Lady Gaga in concert...

  11. soooo loving the drop crotch pants!!!

  12. ooh looks fun Mads!! YUP! watch the hangover!! super hilarious!!! :)




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