Saturday, August 8, 2009

Self-Imposed Dress code + New Background

Ruffled top: Tomato; Shorts: from a bazaar; Flats: Celine; Bag: Zara; Earrings: Chanel
New background!! haha..
The shoes are still in the billiards table since the repainting of my shelves haven't started yet.
I kinda like this part of our house more than the billiards table, what do you think?

quote from lelove

I raided my closet the other day for tops that have a high neckline/non-plunging. No, I'm not being conservative if that's what you think. The truth is I have a very unsightly pimple a few inches above the chest area. (eeeewww, I know.) So while waiting for it to heal, I'll be rocking this kind of look for a while, which I actually enjoy by the way..

Today is the boy's 25th birthday, I wore this outfit yesterday to his house party. Wore my good old flats since the ruffled top has so much details already and I wanted to look a bit casual. And oh, the bag is a new purchase from Zara I have long been wanting to find a perfect big black bag but almost all the bags I see are big, black and boring. This one is the right one for me plus it's super versatile, I'll show you in my next post why..=)

**Have a great weekend everyone!!**


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I would love to swap links with you! (added you to my blog roll)

    Have a great day!

  2. that blue on u looks so gd:D ur bag is cuute looks nice n big , i like bringing my whole room in my bag so it would be perfect! x

  3. that's a nice background (too) and what're you sitting on? does anyone have issues about you stepping all over the house furniture? lol

  4. happy birthday!

    the zara bag is gorgeous and the chanel earrings are divine! it's on my wishlist!

  5. happy bday!
    wish you more bdays to come
    and candles to blow!

    i adore you ruffled blue/purple top!
    you're glowing on it!

  6. Girl, you look incredible! Love that ruffled top and the bag reminds me of a Miu Miu one I saw. Gorgeous flats as well. And what a terrific 'special effects' photo... love it! Cute shot of you, the boy (congrats to him!) and the doggy. Hope you had a fabulous weekend and a lovely week ahead :)

  7. that bag is super covetable . im so digging it !

  8. lovely top <3! ^^

  9. you look great~!
    loving the blouse and the bag

  10. the top is from tomato? it looks expensive and the color you picked is really nice. yes, i like the new background here plus the white ratan chair, white pillars and chandelier is very nice too! :)

    happy birthday to the boyf!

  11. I think that blue ruffle top looks ah-mazing on you! The tone of the blue is so pretty on you!




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