Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm off to Guam on Wednesday!

I'm super super excited! I'm not so much of a beach lover (Sister 1 is), but after google-ing and google-ing about Guam I think I'm a convert. I hope the non-beach lover brother would feel the same way too..=P I'm not yet done packing but I plan to bring easy, flowing dresses, light tanks and shorts and I'll try to bring only 1 pair of heels.. It's so hard to pack light because I am such a Pack-rat!!

I really need this pocket vacation before September because come September it's gonna be crazy.. I'm going to be rotating in the MOST TOXIC department in the hospital -- Internal Medicine which means sleepless nights, standing for hours with little or no food,
super stressful and sometimes scary ER situations -- like at least 1 dead person/day.

Do you have any suggestions on:
what to do?
yummy but not so expensive restaurants?
great shopping places?
must-go to tourist spots?

Did you know that when I first heard about our Guam trip the first thing I googled was:
"Guam"+"forever 21" haha, I am so lame..
Sadly, there is none.. =(
Do you think there are stores there with similar merchandise as Forever 21 or H&M?
Please do tell. Thanks!!!


  1. hey I have been to guam last may and I loved it. Best thing about Guam is, it's tax free. I like going to Guam Premium Outlet, the home of Ross dress for less. great shoes and all. awww. Papaya clothing in Macronesia mall is similar to forever 21 but they do not have accessories. =( all i got was tons of shirts and shoes from ross. Everblue in GPS is the outlet version of papaya. i think i'll be coming back to guam for more. tumon sands plaza and DFS are the home of high end designers. if ever you buy LV's it's cheaper in guam, i got my LV NF for $625 tax free. in NY they sell it for $758 +tax. I like guam, people are friendly. BBq ribs and steak are there "national" dish, they suggest outback steakhouse, haven't tried yet. I liked chilli's though. there are also tons of japanese and korean stores. check out my blog, i did a small post of shopping in Guam. hope i helped. =)

  2. ooooh fun!! have a grand time!! :) take lots and lots of pictures!!!


  3. ahaha.. You go girl! September = FUN! Thanks for dropping by! :D


  4. I wish I can help. But I've never been there :(

  5. wow, the beach looks beautiful! Make sure to take a lot of photos to share with us Mads.
    Have fun and be safe

  6. Hi there!

    My sis lives in Guam and I've been there a couple of years ago!

    I'd definitely suggest taking an island tour, it only takes 4 hours or less and gives a good overview of the island.

    For yummy but inexpensive food, would definitely suggest "Rambie's Fast Food" and make sure to order their Chamorro rice. It's the best ever! And I'm not saying that just because my brother-in-law's family owns the place, hehe.. ;-)

    Snorkeling is also a must do!

    As far as shopping, my sister tells me tales about getting a $180 Gucci bag and a $200 Chanel 4117B sunglasses at the Duty Free shops but I think it's a make or break, depending on their tourist season.

    It's a lovely place, sure you'll have fun!

    (Oh and I found you thru Lynn, btw, just in case you're wondering! =)

  7. mads! you have a lot of fun, okay, and don't forget to take tons of pics. cant wait to see what youll be wearing then!

    love always


  8. hello my love!
    thanks for dropping by

    would love to link you up dear. no probs bout that! ;-)

    thanks for your sweet comments. sooo super jealous that you're going to guam!! ahhhh... enjoy my dear!


  9. I'm glad I was able to help. I was pretty hyped about guam too. that's why I was very much excited to share, btw, when you go to macy's in macronesia mall, they give 11% discount to tourists, you just have to ask for it in the customer service counter near the entrance, there's a desk on the left side, the receptionist is a filipino too.

    Enjoy Guam. Blog everything about it after. =)I'm excited for you.

    -raisa =)

  10. Hi. I've never been to Guam so I don't know what to suggest. Just wanna tell you to have fun and enjoy the beach. :)


    I'll be glad if you'll add me to your blogroll. I already added you to mine. :)

  11. Hey you don't have to approve this

    but you will be featured in my 100 looks for fall blog post tomorrow.

    Just letting you know
    P.S oh and if you could help me promote it just a little bit.

  12. wow sounds loads of fun in there :)

    thanks for ur lovely comment on my blog


  13. thanks darling! :)

    hope your having fun in guam


  14. Hi Mads! I almost laughed when I read what you googled! I hope you have a wonderful time and relax!!


  15. No Forever21? LOL....but you will have tons of fun nevertheless!!...i 'll be looking forward to your vacay pics!

  16. hey! coming to my beautiful island!
    hope you enjoy our paradise
    you'll love it
    be sure you take a tour around the whole island
    talk to the locals
    and enjoy the fiesta food

    every Wednesday night at Chamorro Village
    performances, food, and more.

    try good foods like: red rice, chicken kelaguen, finadeni, and more.

    Check local food restaurants, Jamaican Grill, Meskla, Pojos

    Check cocos island down south.

    Shop in Tumon. Stores DNA, DFS, whatever you're style.

    Ride the Slingshot and check the romantic view at Two Lovers Point.

    Check out Fish Eye for underwater experience without getting wet.

    Go snorkeling on the reef--Guam's advantage over Hawaii.

    go to all the WWII historic sites.

    Hope you enjoy our island.



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