Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday my sisters and I went out to eat.We were so happy that Pepper Lunch has opened its branch in Alabang yey! The food is super yummy as usual, I'm actually craving for some salmon teriyaki at this moment.. Was supposed to post a little food porn but all our eating pics turned into .NEF files and I can't upload it..grrrr..

After dinner, I usually roam around the mall and windowshop but I wasn't in the mood... Hmm maybe because I'm broke, that's why!=P So we just camhored instead, so much fun!
I've always been a fan of the basic tank+ skirt combo but this time I want to try something different. So I wore a textured top (I wore this in one of my older post) with a printed skirt and I liked how it turned out.. The skirt is actually a maxi dress I bought at Surplus shop for cheaps! (again) The cut was unflattering but I loved the print so I still bought it and had it reworked into a skirt..
Men's jacket: Solo; Mesh top: Plains & Prints; Reworked Skirt: Surplus Shop; Shoes: Renegade Folk
Here are my sisters, our styles are different but kind of overlaps also.. Sister 2 is more of sporty and she likes printed clothes while Sister 1 is super fond of layering and is fond of artsy prints because she paints and does a lot of art. We borrow clothes from each other, mostly jackets/blazers and we share the love for accessories! The only thing they don't borrow from me are my shoes because my feet are too big!
(Sister2, Me!, Sister1)
Sister 2 bought us these super cute keychains. All of us are Twilight freaks!
Yes, even my brother. Mine is also the same as the Princess keychain..=)

Bags: Fifi Lapin for Le Sportsac and Louis Vuitton with Juicy couture charm
Close up of sister2's bag. Fifi is super cute right?


  1. wow the second picture is amazing. you look gorgeous! cute skirt. we have similar shoes yay!

  2. I love your outfit! This skirt is so beautiful!I love the print!!
    You and your sisters are wonderful!

  3. Such a cute and kooky skirt at the top - very chic x

  4. love the top!!


  5. You sisters have great style! I adore that skirt and the purple belt. :)

  6. I adore that skirt on you. Great DIY! And the Fifi Lapin bag is too adorable. I'm in love!

  7. Aww.. you and your sisters look great! It's nice when all three of you have different styles but can still share clothes with eachother. Love your outfit and the print of that skirt/dress!

    xo, Becs

  8. love the skirt and the lace top! i like the mix and match of texture in this outfit. aww sisters are the best! shopping with them is super fun and exiting, right? :)

    you girls look pretty and stylish in different ways. :)

  9. Lovely, lovely! Thanks for the comment! I adore your blog it's a great follow!

  10. i miss alabang! i grew up and studied up to HS there (bene). but i miss my sisters the most! i have 2 as well :(

    great outfit and pictures!

  11. You look so sweet for a dinner party!
    This skirt is so amazing and so well matched!

  12. I really love your outfit!!!

    hey, you look like Olsen twins on thse pics!!!

    ps: i tried email you but i do not know your email address, please email me your address.thanks

  13. lovely skirt.and you sisters are so much fun. wish i have a sister. bum!

    saw your shoe collection, am inspired to snap at mine too.

    have a great day pretty!

  14. Love your colorful skirt here!

    I need to get that fifi bag for myself...she is so adorable!

  15. you and your sisters look very tight, Mads. you all looked great. i especially like the grey cardi and shoes on one of them.

    thanks for stopping by :)

  16. Oh Mads, I love the skirt that you're wearing.

  17. That's a really nice skirt. the print with flowers one!



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