Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sheer detail

(Top: plains and prints Skirt: get laud Shoes: janeo Earrings:chanel)

with my friends/camwhore partners!
(i don't know what happened but my other friend got cut out of the picture, but in the preview she's there =P)
The other night my friends and I went to a fund raising event sponsored by the ENT department.. It was a mini gig featuring Parokya ni Edgar and Kamikaze band (they are the funniest rockers ever!). The night started off pretty boring but when the bands started playing it was awesome!

I love the mesh detail of my top. It kinda looks like the 80's -- just the right amount of sheer MINUS the gaudiness. The skirt from a local store Get Laud is actually a tube top which I bought for 150 pesos (less than $3. what a steal!). It's perfect because it adds the needed length for my too short top making it look like a dress.. The ankle booties are dark purple IRL but kinda looks black in photos.

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