Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take me back to Tahoe!

I wore what I call my "Rihanna gloves".. Reminds me of the times when Rihanna used to wear those fingerless gloves..=P I got it from those souvenir/grocery store near Lake Tahoe..
( Duerr wool dress; Topshop black jeans; Hanes thermal shirt; Forever 21 black longsleeves top; Janilyn Boots; Scarves from a bazaar)

I am currently rotating in the Psychiatric Ward for 2 weeks in another hospital and it is so HOT in our intern's lounge!!! Where's the rain when you need it? The whole hospital is surrounded by tons of trees, they even have a golf course around here but I don't know why I can't feel the cold wind.. Hmm probably because the windows here have metal screens and the intern's lounge here (that's where we stay) has no aircon.. I miss Lake Tahoe.. Just the right amount of cold with the sun shining through..=)

Other than the heat, I'm actually liking this Psych rotation lots of things to learn and the patients are so fun to talk to..=) Every Monday and Friday we hold "socializations" and I was the host last time.. We played a lot of educational games and gave prizes, some of the patients sing and during the end of the program we give them some snacks.. It's actually fun, I 'm really enjoying it!

I realized I'll be posting my 50th soon! Yeyyyyy!!=)


  1. Great scarf! Such nice photos too :)

  2. Thats exactly how I remember Tahoe =)

  3. the best place to get gloves! haha

    I wish there was always snow around me... !

  4. Gorgeous scenery! And you look fab! But unlike you, I'm not really wishing for the cold... it's bad enough the summer somehow disappeared in Europe!

  5. No snowww, I hate winter haha.

    Cute double scarfing though!

  6. Brrrr.... cold! Come November or December the weather will be like that in here. Loving your pink scarf. :)

  7. love the photos, man, i miss snow hahaha :)

  8. the heat does make us miss the cold an awful lot haha:D but i don't like it either when it's too cold haha...i know, i'm confusing:D

  9. Why is it, in the summer we daydream about winter, in the winter we daydream about summer? I've never been to Tahoe, but I hear it's rad :)

  10. did u snowboard yet?
    only thing i miss abt winter is snowboarding and Christmas......

  11. wow mads, tahoe... how incredibly jealous of me! i have yet to do extensive travelling, as my schedule really holds me back, sigh.. but speaking of which, i'll be in manila on the 25th for a night only! at least business is letting me travel this time. hey, wanna dinner out or fartay?

    p.s. kindly tell maggie to email me at sorry for the hassle!

    much love




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