Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Work vs. Play

This morning, I was preparing stuff to bring back to my apartment. I usually bring my uniform, scrubsuits, my white blouses and my saturday civilian clothes, nothing extra.. But this week it's different, tonight I'm going to dinner with my college friends whom I haven't seen in 2 years.. SUPER EXCITED!!=) On Friday, we'll have dinner then we'll watch the gig of my medschool friends.. So yey I have reasons to dress-up this week!! I'm so happy! So I brought more clothes.. I mostly brought gray-black pieces, it's easier to bring clothes in the same shade if you're in a hurry..

(uhhmmm it's actually an internship we're not paid and we go on 36 hours duty-- not complaining though!)
What I bring back every single week..
(White blouse: Topshop)

This is my UGLIEST scrub suit but it's the most comfortable..
Last year, when I was still a junior intern this was what I used to wear but now that we're post graduate interns already we're no longer allowed to wear this shade anymore.
Now I use it as sleepwear..=)

For dinner later.. eekkk my shoes turned green haha
For friday gig and saturday exam.. and some extras =P
My double purpose shoe box.. It can fit 8 tank tops; some accessories, a scarf and 2 nailpolish..

Just wanted to show you what I look like from Monday-Friday. I'm still amused with the fact that I maintained a blog even if I ACTUALLY wear this everyday except if I'm off to the mall or I'm meeting a friend or I go home or I play dress-up on a weekday.

And to the person who googled this:
philippines uniform dress code residents FEU or physician or skirt "dress code" -residential
(WOW that is the longest search term I've seen!)
I'm sorry you didn't find resident's/doctor's uniform in my blog so here I'm posting my medical intern's uniform.. (And also as per Rain's request a long time ago..=P) Resident's uniform are the same as mine except they wear long-sleeved blazers.
(White blouse: Topshop; Flats: Topshop; Bag: Vintage Nina Ricci)


  1. woah you have amazing accessories! i like that mesh looking piece! cute outfit! x

  2. AAAWWW I LOVE YOUR UNIFORM...u make it super cute

  3. OMG so cute. I like the white top. The details are beautiful.

  4. SOOOO cute, love the little trivia about who searched and found your blog! Always enjoy people's packing posts, reminds me of posts about people's essential items. pared down, concentrated style. fascinating.

  5. SOOOOOOO cute!!!! I love ivory and white together very fresh for the summer time :)

  6. Aodrable outfit, love how it all works together :)
    and thank you for the comment, dear!


  7. check out the future doctor!!! nice! :)


  8. wooooow!!
    awesome outfit!
    so classy and elegant

  9. Love Love love every shoes you have.....but i'd like to see all those clothes in the pics on you!



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