Monday, July 13, 2009

Prison chic + Sunday Duty Outfit

Being a medical intern, we are allowed to wear civilian clothes during our weekend duty. In this Psychiatry rotation we are allowed to do so but they have a dress code:

*no sleeveless/tube tops/plunging necklines/see-thru
(if you wear sleeveless/tube you'd have to wear the uniform blazer over it)
*no miniskirts
*heels are a yes but no open-toed sandals

So I wore my ever reliable men's checkered polo.. This is probably one of the pieces I get most wear because it's no fuss and it's very comfy.. I avoid wearing clingy stuff because it's so hot in the hospital and there's so much work to do that I don't want to worry about my top.. I'm also wearing my super old (6 year old) pink suede pumps from Mango..
(Men's polo: Folded and Hung; Jeans: Topshop; Suede shoes: Mango)
Haha and just for kicks I edited this picture to make it appear spooky because last night our resident doctor was telling this crazy scary story about a patient dying in that hall.. And apparently, it was his death anniversary last night! Hmmm I don't know if it's true but it sure scared me!

Moving on..
This was my outfit last Saturday the boy and I got our doggy's papers from the breeder and on the way home we went to Eastwood for an early dinner and I ate Red Mango frozen yogurt for dessert again!! I'm so obsessed with frozen yogurt I actually ate 4x in a week!

(Orange dress: Zara; Cardigan: Zara; Shoes: from Rockwell bazaar; Bag: LV)
I'm wearing a dress/top I bought last weeek from the 495 sale rack in Zara.. I can't believe it's only 495 ($10)! I'm actually not a fan of orange because it reminds me so much of the prison uniform here in the Philippines. I probably own only 2 orange pieces in my closet but I still bought it because I can't resist the SUBTLE DRAPING at the hem.. Plus the upper portion has 2 buttons and when you unbutton it the dress looks like a vest..

So versality + draping = yey!
With an Optimus Prime replica
Renegade Folk shoes
And here is a close up of the wrist candy I wore on Saturday (top) and Sunday (bottom):
Top: Both Folded and Hung
Bottom: L-R Tomato, Carolina's, Accesorize
I got the red pearl-like bracelet for only 10 pesos (less than $0.25 cents) =)
such a steal right?


  1. What a steal.. Im not a huge fan of orange either but you look fab!

  2. HAHA.. love that you said Prison Chic in the title! Your orange top worn as a dress is way cute.. love the front draping. And I def. agree that a men's plaid button-down shirt is always a reliable choice. We have Red Mango here too, though I'm a fan of Pinkberry slighly more. My sister prefers Red Mango though. :) Great arm candy as well!

    xo, Becs

  3. It's so cute that you're posing wit the chair :D

  4. The dress was quite a steal, yes. I love the color orange. I think I have 4 to 5 tops in that shade, but no dress yet. ;)

  5. hot orange dress/top:) really loving the shoes too! and you can never go wrong with men's comfy shirts:)

    xx raez

  6. im going to get a speedy 40 soon :O

    but im deciding on regular or mon monogram

  7. the orange dress looks great on you!

  8. i love vitamin c outfit! ihihih

  9. your photos here look so fun. and im really lovin' that Zara outfit. i feel off my seat the minute i read the price. me gotta check out their sales soon.

    and i love how you mix your brands with the bargain steals. that's a true fashionista, if you ask me.

  10. bloghopping and found you!! i miss PI but loving NY! you look fab! :)


  11. sure!! :)

    will put you in now!


  12. hi mads!
    you make me want to come visit Manila soon!
    just wanted to say hi and thanks too for stopping by my blog!
    hope you have a great week ahead!

  13. nice shirt.
    i love the bracelets!


  14. oh cool you're wearing gingham too!:) i just answered your tag by the way!:) thanks for tagging me. it was loads of fun!:)

  15. I love the simplicity of ur orange dress! Don't we just love sales, what a great buy!
    Btw, r u Nicole or Madeline? (i learnt as per Frou Flu's answer to ur tag in her blog)as i recall, u did mention ur name's Nicole. I m sorry if i had addressed u wrongly in my blog!! :S

  16. I don't like spooky stories :) But I like your orange dress a's gorgeous!

  17. You look great, even with this strict dress code!

    Kisses and hugs my dear!

  18. ilove your saturday look. the bright dress and the high black heels are great together :)

  19. I love the grey links bracelet and your shoes! Sooo cute. And I'd love to exchange links!


  20. wow, this dress immediatelly caught my attention, completely my style and guess what, i made a prototipe of a dress that looks exactly like this dress, the turn on the front is the same , the only difference is that in the prototipe you can open the dress and turn it into a vest. amazing how people think the same :x

  21. hey! yes, i do the drawings. whenever i have the time i like to draw. well, the prototipe was a work for a school project in my fashion course, maybe someday i'll finish that up into the real piece. so, how r u involved in fashion? or u just like it?



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