Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I heart my friends.

Pajama turned into blazer: Surplus Shop; Forever 21 shirt; Shorts from a bazaar; Renegade fold shoes; Folded and Hung chain necklace

I wore my $3 pajama turned into blazer.
Wore it with a relaxed white shirt and bright colored shoes so that I won't look matronic because sometimes leopard print makes you look older, but it always depends on the styling..=)

In between drinking, videoke-ing and munching, my friends and I would sneak outside for a mini photoshoot and to gossip a little. We were supposed to take pictures on the street near the big trees but some stray dogs didn't like the idea and kept on growling at us. We were so scared but we still kept on trying haha. In the end we just opted for the garage and walkway in my friend's apartment. I am super happy that all my friends are always willing to take my pictures. Even before I started blogging they have always been tiyaga (patient) with my demanding camwhore needs haha! We can't be friends if you can't take good shots of me, unless you play very good Tong-its (card games) haha! Yes, only 2 requirements.=P

Yey for Christmas parties, dressing up and camwhore sessions!=)

Question to bloggers out there:
Who takes your outfit photos when you're outside and can't take your trusty tripod with you?


  1. rawr!!! i really like the shoes... reminded me of chloe... is it?

  2. i love your shoes. pjs as a blazer? how cool is that!

  3. Love this silky leopard! hot shoes too :)


  4. Love the leopard print pajama... doesn't look like a pajama at all. Mads, you are a genius.

    Who takes my pics when outside? Mr Tripod or I ask my maid or my kids or my driver.

  5. A PJ top turned into a blazer?! How ingenious are you! You're giving me ideas ...

    Fab, fab outfit!


  6. ACL procedures are right up my alley ... but I think there's just a lot of better know how and technology nowadays to make that procedure less antsy than when I needed mine. Too bad I was born in the wrong era.

    We have the same ring?! How cool are we? Look for yours, okay?


  7. haha! i agree, i'm so demanding to my friends also when it comes to taking my pictures! haha! i miss bumming out with my friends too. lookslike you hada great night. :)

    love the leopard pajama top, looks expensive! and i like how you paired it with a bright shoes. nice!

  8. OH MY GOD!!!
    Stella´s McCartney shoes?
    I love it so much!
    I am loving all blue adds here!
    fab fab fab!!

  9. You are so fabulous! I love that leopard shirt and those blue heels!! :)

    I don't have a tripod. :( So my boyfriend has to take all my pics and he hates it. Sigh. I should invest in a tripod soon, I think. Hehe.

  10. this post i like and you are beutifull girl...

  11. pajama turned into blazer?wow!amazing!

  12. actually that pajama looks very cool ;)

  13. Great outfit!!! I love the shoes!!

  14. o wow! 3bucks is such a gd bargain for such a versatile pyjamas! nice :)

    o i love ur pair of heels!!!

  15. Hey thanks for dropping by on my blog. Love your blazer so much ) And sure, you can link my blog on yours. I'll link you back. Follow me too if you want :)

  16. These photos are so fun and cute! I love those shoes ;)

  17. aww i love the idea of changing your Pjs into a blazer! cute!

    various friends take my photos for me but my resident photographer would have to be my grandmother =D

    helen x

    btw i have a giveaway on my blog! check it out!

  18. for me I just get inside a fitting room and take a photo of myself hahahah! i know that is so lame...but living alone without any cam whore friends around in a foreign land is really sad hahahaha...

    Love the outfit...aww I miss the videoke sessions with my friends damn!


  19. Leopard and blue? Winner ka, Mads!

    Missed videoke especially yung scores.hahaha!

    The husband usually takes my photos when we're outside.Kelangan pa lambingin with matching pout kasi hindi mahilig sa photography.

    Happy parties diyan! :)

  20. Little tribute for you:
    Merry Christmas

  21. madz- pang emote ang pose mo. taray!
    pajama turned into blazer? really?
    i can't believe na pajama un. maganda at totyal.
    todo hataw sa pagkanta ung friend mo ha.

  22. love your jacket - gorgeous! :)

  23. okay ! first question.
    WHERE DID U GET THOSE STELLA MCCARTNEY inspired shoess !!?? i've been dying for those .
    the real ones are wayyyy out of my budget !

    love d leopard blazer :D
    thanks for sharing this with us !

    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  24. Amazing blazer ! Can't believe it's pajama . Haha . And love the shoes ! Awww . Usually my maid is my photographer haha .

  25. I would've never thought that that leopard blazer
    was actually a pajama..nice styling :)

  26. Love the leopard shirt!

    When Im out its either my boyfriend of friends who take the photos.. luckily more and more people in my circle know about my blog so its not hard to get them to do it.

    I have a giveaway for my local readers on my blog!

  27. lovin the pajame turned blazer! its leopard print, RAWR!

  28. cool blazer / pajama top..:D
    nice blog!
    we have the same leopard tights (from the previous post)...
    and yeah, my mom, dad or boyfriend takes my daily shots..occassionally my 2 sisters...

    see yah around!


  29. i love u're leopard blazer dear....

    visit me :

  30. I can't believe that cute blazer was a pijama! well done :)

  31. Love the idea of the pajamas-turned-blazer! (:

  32. MY GOSH WOMAN YOU ARE STUNNING! i love those heels!

  33. I love that leopard blazer too much!!
    It's been quite a while since I have commented here in your blog. but trust me, I visit it everyday. =)

    My boyfriend usually takes my pictures when we're out. =) oh no, he takes my pictures all the time, and he carries the big slr bag too. =)


  34. Turning that PJ top into a blazer is such a brilliant idea! I might just do the same!

    Holler at me at!




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