Friday, December 11, 2009

White Out + Perricone Giveaway Winner

Kinda disappointed that we had to wear white tops and jeans as costume for our dance number because I actually planned on wearing a dress. Kinda a last minute announcement good thing I had a decent white top hiding in my closet here in my apartment. And oh yes, I do not have a flat iron! As you can see, the pleats in my top look like a mess haha..=)
Yay they let us join the Christmas party despite us being on duty. In case you're wondering why I'm sitting on a wheelchair, it's already a tradition for the Surgery Christmas party that the person who is the most drunk gets to be pushed into a wheelchair and brought down from the penthouse of the hotel into his/her car. How embarrassing! And no, I was not that person haha.. The throne/wheelchair is only for Surgery residents, (I am still an intern) just sat on it for photo-op purposes as usual haha. We didn't even get to eat or drink because we thought there weren't food left so we just transferred to a place nearby for some food and drinks.
White top and Jeans: Plains & Prints; Platforms: SM dept store; Mango bag from Le boyf; Chanel earrings
I felt so tall the whole night. Look at how high my platforms are! The shoes are

not exactly new, they're remnants of my birthday shopping loot and I only got to wear them last night.

When we were about to go home, we all agreed to stop by the Pinoy Big Brother's house as it was super near the Christmas party venue. Surprised that they weren't too strict with regards to taking pics and getting near the house. There were 2 guards at the entrance door. Sorry for the crappy pics. I forgot that my camera works well with lowlight. Shouldn't have used the flash. Super fun camwhoring with my co-interns! We love wacky pics..=)

You won my Perricone Cold Plasma Giveaway!
Thank you Perricone MD for this great giveaway.=)


  1. You look so great girl!
    This red purse is amazing!!

  2. You look gorgeous, darling!

    And I am SSOOOOOOOOO excited that I won the Perricone giveaway ~ you rock; thank you!!!


  3. love the top and the wedges. so gorgeous!

  4. powerful look!bongga mads! i like the ruffles in your blouse!i super like the first picture!sexyness!:)

  5. Hi Mads! So ano ang dance number nyo? Ok naman ang white sa 'yo. I love your top. I agree with Jing, panalo ang first pic mo.

  6. Love your Blog and that shirt is really cute

  7. I love your bag and thats too funny about the drunkest person being wheeled out!

  8. Gorgeous outfit and I absolutely ♥ that blouse!

    Sahara xo.

  9. I love the top, it still looks good even though it was not ironed..hahaha!!!

    love the purse as well.


  10. congrats to couture carrie :D
    i love ur white top very much dear !
    that's such a funny tradition with the wheelchair . never heard of that before ! i think i should try doing the wheelchair when we're all heading to a club . haha

    that'd be funny .

    thanks for commenting at my postt..
    visit / follow / and comment me .
    enter my blog scarf giveaway

  11. Hello, Mads!

    Ang sweet naman ni bf at binigyan ka ng red Mango bag. Christmas gift? ;)

    Love your platforms and your ruffled top is fabulous. In fairness hindi halata na nagkulang sa plancha, nadala sa poise mo dear. ;)

    By the way, you got me at the first photo.:)

    Happy Sunday diyan! :)

  12. The details on the shirt are lovely.
    X, fashionnerdic.

  13. looks like you had a fun time! love the ruffled top and wedges- i need wedges like those! congratulations to carrie for winning! hope you're having a great weekend! xo, mel

  14. Love the outfit, white and grey together are so nice!

  15. Love love the details on your ruffles blouse and you're looking so stunning !

  16. love that bag. and the gold details on that door is gorge!

  17. nice outfit :) i love ur quilted purse! :)

  18. love the christmas outfit, white and red. chekchi! I love the wedges too, I am a wedge fanatic.

  19. thanks for the link dearest, i've put yours up too. don't be a stranger okay?

    slash that red purse, so cute. perfect for christmas.

    xx lue

  20. love the red bag! gorgeez! and the ruffles accentuated your assets. hihihi. winner!

  21. you're definitely standing out with all these whites!. i love the collar!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  22. What a gorgeous top! Picture Perfect! xoxoxo

  23. Awesome bag! I am in love!

  24. Whaattttt? Giveaways? AWESOME.


  25. OOoooh so More than simply "decent" your top is Frankly exquisite Dear, AND I say YES for the way your dark polished toes contrast with its immaculate appeal !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine



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