Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tired but happy

Yesterday, the health center where I'm currently rotating sent me to an "Operation: Tule" (Tule = circumcision) Wikipedia describes it as the removal of some or all of theforeskin (prepuce) from the penis .. Yes, we performed circumcision on little boys and not-so-little boys(?!?!) yesterday. It was fun I was able to finish 6 but it was SOOOO TIRING! The procedure itself is easy and fast (15-20 min and you're done) but the place where it was held was so hot.. No aircon, we were sharing electric fans and the windows were slightly closed because all the other kids were peeping inside so the heat practically drained the life out of me!

It was tiring but super fun and those kids are hilarious.. Special mention to the gay kiddies haha when a gay kid comes out after the circumcision, the crowd waiting outside claps and shouts "Yehey dalaga na siya!!" (Yey, you're a LADY now!!)

My friend and I went to the mall to watch a movie that night and I almost cancelled because I was too tired.. Good thing I didn't because I came home with these lovelies!! Talkin' bout some retail therapy..=)

A few additions to my ring collection..=) The last one is my favorite..
(All rings: Junkfood)

Love the tank very DIY-chic haha!! Plus it reminds me of those bleached Balmain pants so yey! No outfit post because I'm here in my apartment and I didn't even bring decent looking jeans.. Outfit post when I get home..=)

P.S. Does anyone know how to fix the post's time and date? My posts are 1 day late haha.. It's already Thursday here but my post says Wednesday..


  1. Hey cute rings! Where's junkfood?

  2. I have to agree, the rings are cute!

  3. hi mads,

    i LOVE the DIY. super! it really looks and feels like the balmain wash. how did you do it?
    and you pull off rings so well. i always feel silly with them, i guess its cuz i'm quite simple, really, and i lose rings a lot..

    btw, i hate blogspot. its saying that i dont have a new post when i actually i do! crappity.

    much love


  4. To Anonymous: Junkfood is being sold in Trinoma.. Eden: I did not DIY the tank I bought it just looks like DIY hehe..=)

  5. hahaha. love the ring and i wont mind wearing that! hahahaha!

  6. i love the stud rings! so basic but cute.


  7. Great collection!
    I love your stud ring, so cool!


  8. cool additions to your ring collection. i like the tank too.

  9. Hi Mads~! I was so like this O_O , when reading your first part of your post. Do kids already know they are gay, when they are just so small?

    Great buys! What movie did you watch?


  10. The studs rings are so cool.

  11. That ring is so awesome! I would wear that all the time!

  12. nice stuff you got there. i like the top

  13. great tank honey and love the stud rings! rock and roll honey!
    muah x

  14. wow .. nothing more exciting then a circumcision :D.
    Adorable ring

  15. gorgeous tank! can't wait to see how you style it.

  16. that tank is so cute! can't wait to shop when i get there!

    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  17. Hi!

    Just wanna say that you can edit the date and time of the post....edit post, in the left corner, under your post...there's an option , next to 'the bar where you can fill in the labels'.(hope you understand my translation, bc my settings for blogspot are original in Dutch)

    Good luck with it!


  18. Love your rings, and that tank is amazing!

    xo, Becs



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