Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Fashion Police BF

I read fashionaddict's post (so interesting!!) a while ago about STRAIGHT guys having strong opinions about fashion and how we dress and I remembered the BF..

Usually he likes my outfits and compliments it most of the time.. I can not forget this outfit because he said it looked skanky!! Huh?? IT DOES NOT! He said that it looked like I forgot to wear pants.. The boy *never* tells me what not to wear but he kindly told me not to wear it again and I answered, "well sorry for you I have these in 2 more colors!!=P" And I have worn far more uhhmmm revealing outfits than this but I don't know what exactly about this dress that he did not like..

(dress: plains and prints; shoes: renegade folk; bag: Louis Vuitton)
After my sister's bday dinner, Aug '08

He finds the white button down skanky but does not think so about this one..=P

(Kate Torralba for Maldita dress; Centropel suede ankle booties)
My birthday, Nov'08
clubbing with my med friends .. I miss going out and dancing all night!=)

Oh, the boy is so weird sometimes.. i <3 him =)


  1. I love your blue sandals! They pop so well in your outfit!!

  2. Totally understand that! BF's just don't know what fashion is! And have no eye for details. Something you have worn several times, is in their eyes NEW. I already gave up, telling him it's fashion or it's not new... I also wear to blablabla :P ... men... sighs

    I think you look great! :D


  3. i love men's wear. The trick is to wear a tiny shorts up there. hihi. That one looks sooo cute on you. btw the blue fringe sandals so CUTE!

  4. hehe you're welcome!
    I think you have a great style.
    These blue shoes are adorable!

  5. oh my i have the same exact dress! so its by Kate Torralba for Maltida? i didn't know that, there's no label or anything when i bought mine in a thrift store. i think it was 2 years ago already. and mine is in different color, i haven't worn it because of the revealing front part. and i did cut the length, made it shorter. haha

    but lady you pulled this off! really nice! :)

  6. Probably because the white button-down dress could pass as a guy's polo shirt. :))

  7. mine is in dark purple color with black, dark dark pink and dark blue stripes. got it for P25-50 only i think, from my fave cheap thrift store in the province. lucky find! :)

  8. you look hot in both dresses! the blue shoes are perfect pop! i love it! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!! definitely swapping links!

  9. Thank you for your comment, dear. Great blog, I just added you on both of my Lists,


  10. um skanky?? HELL noo you look stylish hot momma. I love those shocking blue glads.. I want a pair :(

  11. eyelove your blue heels, where did you get them????

  12. @ kachuchi: The blue heels are from Renegade folk.. I bought mine when they had a booth at the Rockwell bazaar.. They have a multiply site: renegadefolk.multiply you can check it out if they still have the style!!=)



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