Saturday, May 9, 2009

Favorite Couples

Lovey-dovey post because the boy and I will be celebrating our 6th year tomorrow!=P

Johnny and Kate
2 beautiful creatures
Photo credit:
Chuck and Blair

I love how they fight and make-up then fight again plus they bring out the best and worst in each other.
Photo credit: chesca_xoxo
David and Victoria

Posh and Becks are sizzling hot!
I love her because eventhough she cares so much about her looks she doesn't forget about her mummy duties..
I read somewhere that some of her Birkin bags are surprise presents from David! Lucky girl..

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Beyonce and Jay-Z
You must watch this photo collage. They are very cute and I love how they match outfits! My favorites: Beyonce in the white dress with zipper detail, Jay-Z in his all white ensemble with a striped cardigan, B wearing an Obama shirt.. And the last picture so cute!!

Ego is my current favorite song. Thank you Kanye for rapping again! Please stay away from the synthesizers..


  1. My fave couple of the moment - Chuck and Blair. I wish I was Blair Waldorf. I love these photos - epecially mid 90s Jonny and Kate. x

  2. oh man...johnny depp hands down. total girl crush since 21 jump street! kate is great cuz shes such a f*ck up sometimes and still bounces back!

  3. Hey fave couple would be blair & chuck. I am not really fond of kate-johnny, compatible...but not together anymore. Victoria is so thin!

    Another favourite real life couple was Cameron & Justin....too bad they broke up. I am now totally rooting for Reese & Jake...I think they are really nice people :)


  4. Awww congratulations! I love the images of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss especially.

    :) Allie!

  5. congrats! that is a looong time to be in love.

  6. 6 years! Congratulations and I hope you have a fantastic anniversary. And I thought my four years was long ;)

  7. the second pic of kate and johnny makes me all warm and fuzzy inside =) congrats on the 6-year milestone!

  8. omg I love love LOVE the 2nd pic! and congrats for the 6 years anniv! so cute <3

  9. Johnny Depp and Kate made the most beauftiful couple. those images of them are so beautiful!
    muah x



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