Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspiration: Balmain + Cary Santiago

(Cary Santiago)
Photo credits: scanned from Imagine magazine Holiday 2007

Photo credits: style.com

The best thing about graduation = I'm done with medschool!! I'm "almost" a doctor already..

The next best thing = I get to design my own gown for our Graduation ball!! I hope the seamstress will be able to execute it properly and I hope it won't be too expensive! *crossing my fingers* Ahhh I'm so excited!!

My everyday style is more subtle now than when I was younger, but when it comes to gowns I'm the more-the-merrier kind of girl!! Give me layers and layers of tulle, beads and satin!

The 1st 3 gowns are by Filipino designer Cary Santiago. I am so amazed by his talent. Look at the silhouette and the intricate layers of tulle! The next 4 dresses are Balmain.. I love the dresses they are so unique, girly and edgy at the same time. Christopher Decarnin is a genius.. I love him..=)

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