Monday, March 30, 2009

Fashion Lovers: Read! Read! Read!

First, I did not write this.. This article is from one of my favorite fashion blogs

I just had to share it with all fashion lovers out there! I am guilty of that whole "this outfit is too flashy or too nice for the event/party/or wherever place I'm going to. I'll wear it some other time.." or "I might look overdressed there"

I'm also guilty of point 2.. Before, when my outfits get photographed and posted in facebook/multiply I retire it already but then I realized that the reason I bought those clothes were because I LOOOOOOVE them, so the only reason I should stop wearing them is when I get sick of them.. I remember my brother was teasing me one time, "Feeling mo artista ka?!!" (You think you're a celebrity huh???) hehe=P

Whatevs, Team OVERDRESSED all the way! Life is too short so wear fabulous heels!


Point 1: Stop saving that outfit.

You know how you have this awesome outfit that you’ve been saving for that perfect occasion? Wear it. Everyday should be a fashion fest, if only to enjoy looking great on a daily basis. On a melancholic note, you may never find an occasion that meets the standards of said outfit and the ensemble will eventually be forgotten. What a waste of perfection!

Point 2: Why not repeat? Who cares!

I’m so very guilty of avoiding wearing the same outfit again within a 6 month time frame. But in reference to point #1, if you like it enough, and if it’s super fierce, and you know you look great in it, wear it to death (pun not intended).

Ok my fashion conscience says a maximum of once a month. Haha! Trends are so fleeting and as Heidi says, “In fashion, one moment you’re in, and the next you’re out.” So use that eyelet dress, those gladiators, and that nude-colored number til summer’s end, or well past the expiration date if your inner stylist can render it Fall-able.

Point 3: Wear it out while you still can.

The whole issue of age-appropriate dressing has been thrown my way a number of times. I always think, if you can pull it, off do it! At best people who don’t know you well will think you’re younger than you really are.

On a personal note, I’ve switched to a more conservative or modest stance with regards to my wardrobe in the last year or so. After going over old photos, (my BFF was a summer girl, always in neat little minis or shoulder baring tops) I figured I have the rest of my advanced years to cover up. It’s time to ressurrect my arsenal of figure flaunting dresses; a little too edgy pieces; and sky high-heeled wonders while I can still pull them off.

Point 4: If you love it, get it.

This is a tricky one. I’m not espousing uncontrolled consumerism. I am on the otherhand saying that if you’ve been dreaming of owning a YSL Muse, or Chanel ballet flats, or even having something made by a favorite local designer, find a way to make it happen. No sense living in la-la-land forever. Life is here and now.

In the same thread, treasure and enjoy what you have while you have it. Contrary to what the Pharaohs and Emperors of bygone eras believed, you can’t take it with you when you go.

Point 5: Dress up for the girls as much as you would for any guy.

It’s always more fun to impress the girls because they give the best (and the right) compliments. You know those oohs come from their well-versed fashion-y brains, which easily rewards all the effort you put into dressing up.

Enjoy the “shopping dates” and the girly lunches you all dress up for. Now that we’re older, my girl friends have taken to soiree-style seating arrangements when we get together, demoting the guys to a different table. It makes for prettier pictures. Teehee!


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