Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walking on Water//New Year's Eve

Halloooooooo there!!
Before posting my NY's Resloution post, another dose of backblogs from me hehe.. The first set of pics were taken during our Interns' christmas party. Thanks Tzi for taking these pics! As you can see, I got picnik crazy again. You guys should try it, editing is so addictive and fun!

(Men's jacket: Solo; Topshop tank; SM tulip skirt; Janylin snakeskin heels)
Here I used the HDR-ish effect because it makes my pink skirt look more metallic and foil-y. I like.

In this pic I used Cinema scope. This effect evokes the old films vibe in the pictures. So dramatic!
Lastly, I used the Holga-ish effect in this one. I loved it because it made my hair redder than usual.=)
Hope you enjoyed my editing projects..=)

Next series of pics were taken on New Year's Eve. As I said on my last post I was duty that day. This is actually my 2nd year of being on duty on NYE. It was actually fun, at around 10pm we camwhored in the hospital lobby because there weren't many patients in the ER yet.

At 12AM, there was a free buffet at the hospital lobby then we all went outside to watch some fireworks. The surgery residents brought some firecrackers too!
With my co-interns. Everyone posed in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby.

Hi Leah! I got a 50mm na..=) thanks for answering my makulit questions.

And then 2 minutes after the countdown, the nurse was fetching us already. "Doktora, me stabwound tayo, 29 times sa likod!" ("Dr. we have a stabwound patient, he's been stabbed 29 times in the back!!") Kalowka talaga ang mga lasenggo sa atin! So I hurriedly ran back to the ER and that was just the first. We ended up with lots of stabwound patients, fire-cracker related burns and of course ang walang kamatayang naaksidente sa motor (motorcycle accidents)!

Raise your hand (or comment) if you hate motorcycle riders!!
I wanna know if it's just me. I kinda hate them with a passion, especially those fathers who
ride with their little kids, like 3-4 year old kiddies. Uuuuuggghh so irresponsible.

HAPPY 2010!
I think it's gonna be a great year for all of us.


  1. Talk about motorcycles....try visiting Bangkok, worst drivers compared to the ones we have in PI.

    I super love the pictures and how you edited it, BRAVO dear!
    next is your skirt, pink much and I super love it, it really stands out in the picture.

    One more thing, your walking on the water picture is incredible, it can be used as a poster or something. Hope you had a blast even though you were on duty.

    Take care always.


  2. Bongga... 50mm!!!

    I love the effects na ginawa mo ha... fabulous! Very dramatic ang dating. Sabagay madrama din ang outfit mo kaya panalo.

  3. Hi Mads,
    How are you doing so far in 2010! wish you a wonderful year!

    I love your skirt very much and your fun pics at work!!!


    ps:I'm still on my ski trip, just stop by to say hi...

  4. yap, it'll be a great year! :)
    happy new year sweetieee


  5. cute dress!!

  6. hi madz! :D awesome skirt! i think i'll have one made in black...i haven't found any good skirts for work in ukay2x...anyway, i'd like to ask if we could exchange links..:D

    i'm placing u on my blog roll right now...

    happy new year!

  7. beautiful and fun photos. I love the pink skirt. Happy New Year!

    Motorcycle riders should not be allowed on major highways and they should always wear helmet. At least, that's my opinion.

  8. this is so hot girl ! reptile skin shoes and a hot pink skirt. love it ! hope you had yourself a great new yrs : )

    xx lue

  9. i really love your skirt! and the leather jacket plus those shoes. the second photo is very artsy. love it! aqd your New Year's eve at the hospital is not htat bad. i see you all had a great celebrating and camwhoring! haha :)

    i hate motorcyle riders too!! just 2 weeks ago, a man was rushed to our hospital because of drunk driving. grabe sirang sira yung face nya! scary! motorcycle rider sya symepre!! tsk tsk

    anyways, happy new year to you!

  10. love the photo edited madz.
    wish i spend more time in editing pero minsan tinatamad na ako mag edit. i just adjust the brightness of the photos lang and ready to post na.

    huh, sarap naman ng party nyo kahit sa hospital. masaya pa rin.

    happy new year madz!

  11. LOVE the 2nd photo and nice outfit :)

  12. yes dear, 2010 will certainly be a great year for all of us! agree agree! *big smiles*

    i love that camera scope so cool. i like how ur heel touches the water & gets reflected...really interesting.

  13. Hey Mads you look amazing in the first few photos.. photo editors are addictive no? Love the one of your shoe on the water. Happy new year! xx

  14. You look amazing in the first pics.!

  15. Happy 2010, Mads!

    Love the the first couple of piccas! Effects are gorgeous!


  16. i love the editing work!
    and ur skirt is gorgeous!

  17. btw mads, i made a new URL. im not sure if d link that u have (amorousandsunkissed) still works :s

    have a pleasant day ahead!

    xx toni

  18. Love love the effects you did with your photos!! Ohhh do try photoscape as well. Its really so so much fun too:)

    Love love the HDR effect the most,is that done from picnik too?
    And I hope the guy stab 29 times is alright now. heeee

  19. the first pose kicks ass !!
    ur hot pink skirt and the leather jacket are a great combo !

    and i agree with valencia . photoscape is quite fun :D but im a photoshop girl . hahaha

    howd u make the HDR effect ?

    your blog is a good source for inspiration .
    many thanks to the comment you left :D

    visit / comment / follow me .
    glisters and blisters

  20. love your photo effects! and your outfit is lovely :)

  21. That's a hot skirt! Love the interns photos- so cute! HAPPY 2010! xo, mel

  22. happy 2010 gorgeous! wow love the pumps! and those photos are amazing!

    cute hospital photos.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  23. wow. taray ng shoe shot! may ganong effect. winner talaga.

    happy new year. ^^

  24. I'm on picnik too! I have to play around with special effects. Love that Cinemascope frame!!

  25. Who knew you could have so much fun in the ER? LOL

    Although I love bikes, I hate accidents so I am with you there. Love the effects on the photos from the party...great outfit, too. That pink skirt is tasty!


  26. marvelous blog post !
    keep me updated with ur new posts :D id love to check 'em out !

    thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
    visit / comment / follow me back at..
    * GLISTERS and blisters *

  27. Mads, I love the St Louis Goyard...walang peeling problem sa handle. Yung Gucci ko pa ang nag-peel ang handle but sabi ng Gucci sa Greenbelt, bring it back and change it to a new one daw. Bongga!

  28. hi there! thanks for coming by my blog :)
    I love the shoes you wore, they're gorgeous. and the hot pink skirt is stunning!

  29. love the pictures and the poses as ever Mads.. just dropping by fast. REAL and longer comment will follow.


  30. fab fab fab! awesome blog u have here, im following and link-ing u, link me back?

    Tysha from Jakarta, Indonesia

  31. Hi Mads!

    Your photo edits are so cool ... of course, you're outfit kills!

    I hate motorcyclists too! Went to Saigon over the holiday and was aghast to discover the number of motorcyclists there outnumber the car drivers a hundred to one! And yes, they bring their kids all over on their laps with nary a helmet in sight. The adult motorcyclists are wearing helmets made from China (as explained to us by the tour guide ... insinuating that they were cosmetic and not protective) and by some strange reason, their kids were covered in a white mosquito net during those motorcycle rides?! Strange, right?

  32. Omg thanks for recommending the website! It's super awesome I'm addicted to it already! Expecialy love the cinematic effect! (:

  33. love love that skirt and that second picture of your shoes on the water is really awesome!!! I want a cool picture like that!

  34. my beloved! how are you doing? super missed your blog.. yah yah.. i know, i've been away.. needed a bit of a break with my very busy sched and all.. but i super missed your site. glad you're still (and even becoming more) fab!

    pop in soon!


  35. hi mads!i miss your blog. those pictures are lovely.ang galing mo nmn mgphoto-edit. ngtry ako, di nmn maganda effect nung saken.haha.
    im happy 2009 is over.that was a bad year for me...helloooo 2010!!!!

  36. I see you had a busy time...happy new year though!

  37. Hello : ) After chatting to you on twitter I had to check ur blog out : ) I luv ur skirt, u look fabulous!! Have a stunning day xx

  38. wow the picture with the shoes has major dramatic effect
    very cool
    and your pink tulip skirt is just beautiful–looks great with the jacket

  39. Hi lady! First and foremost, happy New Year! Sorry I've been MIA lately to your blog; I need to catch up. You look fabulous in these pics! I use Picnik too.. so great, and love the Cinemascope option!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    xo, Becs

  40. Gorgeous photos, I love that pink skirt and the leopard shoes!!!


    Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


  42. I really like the way these "picknik" effects tend to sublimate your "micro pin up-esque" side, on such a "Fetish Cartoon-likesque" mode, AND especially the way the third picture emphasizes your face's so graceful/enthralling features . . .
    ps: I warmly present you All my Best Wishes for the New Year Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  43. loving the edits. especially the shoe in the pool, movie-like shot.

  44. Hey there, sweetie! I love your outfit and those photos are amazing!

    Happy New Year!!!

  45. it's been a while since the last time i visited your blog and i'm still amazed! you look great in that pink skirt. the most important thing that make me impressed is that you still look so stunning with your job as doctor! fab <3

  46. Wow i love your blog! its so cool!
    i really like these pictures and the editing is really nice and edgy, looks like something i would find in a high fashion mag like vogue :)
    Check out my blog, its very ammature at the moment as ive only had it for a month but let me know what you think.
    Doctor Hobbcone In Love
    (sorry i dont know how to do links yet!)


  47. Love the shot of the shoe touching the water.

  48. I love the skirt!


  49. wow these pictures are awesome! i love picnik! looks like u had a blast with ur fellow interns:)

  50. Great photoshoot!

    xx Alex

  51. i love the shoe effects :) very creative images.

  52. You have such a fab blog, I am now following.
    Please, keep in touch doll.

    ♥ MADISON thing

  53. Love how you edited your pics! Am enjoying reading your blog! Cute skirt :)

  54. Like ur pics !

    ur welcom to my blog


    See ya

  55. very cool pictures!



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